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11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack

Happy Friday! I was browsing through the clearance section on Nordstrom Rack’s website, and I just had to show you guys all the super cute, inexpensive dresses I found. It got me thinking that I should always buy stuff when it’s out of season so that it’s super cheap. Why don’t more people do this?! Continue reading “11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack”

Formal Attire


Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m sharing some photos of what I wore to my homecoming dance. I love getting dressed up but it’s not very often that I have a reason to. That’s why I’m so excited about sharing this post! Continue reading “Formal Attire”

Blue Accents


Happy Wednesday! My week is thankfully going by pretty quickly, how about you? You may notice while reading today that instead of spreading out the writing throughout the pictures, the bulk of it is at the end of the post. It’s just something I’m trying out, but I’d be interested to know if you guys have a preference. Continue reading “Blue Accents”