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Happy Hump Day! Already halfway through the week…I wore this dress (one of my favorites!) last Friday to school. I was in the mood for dressing up a bit. 🙂 It’d be cute for work too or a nice dinner out. Continue reading “Classic”

Green Leopard


Made it to the weekend! Yes! I’m keeping things short today because I totally forgot that I still needed to write a post for today… Continue reading “Green Leopard”

11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack

Happy Friday! I was browsing through the clearance section on Nordstrom Rack’s website, and I just had to show you guys all the super cute, inexpensive dresses I found. It got me thinking that I should always buy stuff when it’s out of season so that it’s super cheap. Why don’t more people do this?! Continue reading “11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack”