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Weekly Recap #16, 2022


Hard to believe this is my second-to-last weekly recap from Scotland… As excited as I am to see my family and fly to Las Vegas for my brother’s wedding, I’m really starting to feel the sadness of leaving this beautiful place! I’m trying to schedule time with all my friends to say goodbye while squeezing in a few last adventures. This week, for example, my friend and I went to Dublin and had an absolute blast! Check out my outfits and other happenings below. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #16, 2022”

Weekly Recap #3, 2022


This week has been so long, but truly in the best way possible. From getting my hair done (which already feels like ages ago), to lots of events on campus, to my first day trip out of the city—oh, and some school in there too—it was another busy week here in Glasgow. I’m trying to maximize my days, but I kind of feel like I need a weekend after this weekend! Anyway, here are this week’s capsule outfits—lots of pieces on repeat (mainly my jeans), but I love how different the outfits look regardless. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #3, 2022”

Weekly Recap #49, 2021


After spending the day driving, my mom and I finally made it back home with (almost) all of my college stuff! I had to leave a few of my school items at my grandpa’s farm, but I was quite proud of myself for the pack job I did. I love puzzles, and the best kind of puzzle is trying to fit as much crap as possible into a small car. This pic may not look like much, but boy was my trunk full! It was a fun week filled with lots of exciting activities, and it feels so good to finally be back home. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #49, 2021”