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Weekly Recap #25, 2021


Coming at ya’ late again this weekend! I had a true summer week these past few days in the sense that I was super lazy and a little restless… but that’s how it should be at the beginning of summer, right? I started packing this week, had several work meetings, and lounged by the pool with my friend. It was a fun last (full) week in Denver, but I’m ready to go home now. And with that, here are my summer outfits! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #25, 2021”

Weekly Recap #24, 2021


Boy oh boy, this week has been all over the place! I spent most of it house/pet sitting (introducing the most adorable pup above), took my finals on Monday and Tuesday, and have been having a little too much fun this weekend celebrating my boyfriend’s and his best friend’s graduation. Needless to say, I will be spending the next few days catching up on sleep and exercising to burn off all the good food from the last several meals, ha! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #24, 2021”

Weekly Recap #22, 2021


Long time no see, eh? I hate having to miss both blog posts in a week, or really any blog post… but you know how it is, some people say schoolwork is most important *shrugs*. I had an essay due on Thursday that kept me busy most of the week, but thankfully that was really my last big assignment due before my final exams! I take my last test on June 8 and I am SO excited for the break. Now enough chit-chat, here are this week’s summery outfits! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #22, 2021”