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Weekly Recap #38, 2023


It was another busy busy week—and it doesn’t help that work has been insane lately! I really need to start saying no to more social events because I feel like I’ve been drowning the last few weeks… I’m so looking forward to the two trips I’ll be taking in October (Philadelphia for fun and Indianapolis for a work conference) but for now I just have to grind to catch up on alllll the things. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #38, 2023”

Weekly Recap #24, 2023


It was another week of June Gloom in Denver, but I managed to escape the rain this weekend by visiting one of my best friends (and freshman year roommate) in Grand Junction, where it was sunny and 80 degrees. I visited her in Boston this time last year and saw her in Denver during the holiday season, so we were right on schedule for our six-month get-together. I never really considered how hard it would be to maintain friendships after college once everyone gets jobs and goes their separate ways. I was so grateful we both have Monday off work and that the timing of this trip worked out so well! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #24, 2023”

Review of Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort


Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I made the two and a half hour drive from Denver to Nathrop, Colorado, to spend a night at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. We had such a relaxing time, so I wanted to share a little review of the hot springs on the blog in case any other Coloradans or visitors are interested. The Centennial State has a ton of hot springs to choose from, so I put a lot of research into deciding which one to visit (not too far of a drive, somewhat of a natural setting). I was really happy with our decision to go to Mt. Princeton, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t smell like sulfur at all! Continue reading “Review of Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort”