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Weekly Recap #45, 2022


And just like that, I made it another trip around the sun! It was such a fun week full of family, friends, and birthday celebrations, and thank you to everyone who wished me well on the big day. I kept my outfits pretty simple since so much was going on, so lots of casual looks with jeans and sweaters… Thankfully, the weather was surprisingly nice the last few days—my first Colorado birthday where it didn’t snow! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #45, 2022”

Weekly Recap #39, 2022


What a fun week! It definitely feels like the type of weekend where I need another weekend to recover, though. I flew to Las Vegas after work on Tuesday to surprise my grandpa and celebrate his 90th birthday (!!!). My grandparents used to surprise me with a visit on my birthday when I was in grade school, so I figured it was about time I return the favor. I’m so grateful I have the flexibility to work from home and could make this trip happen—he was so surprised, and it was so much fun to see all my cousins and celebrate my amazing grandpa! This is the cake I decorated for him, since he owns a construction company. I enjoyed decorating it way too much. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #39, 2022”

Weekly Recap #6, 2022


Beach day in Scotland! I snapped the above photo yesterday while on an East Coast tour to Aberdeen (more on that in tomorrow’s blog post). Since I grew up in Washington state around the Puget Sound, I love being by the water and find so much peace in it. A little relaxation by the North Sea was the perfect way to recharge after a long week—one I am now realizing involved an unusually high amount of dancing! No complaints here. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #6, 2022”