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Camo Outfit Two Ways


Back in August, I shared two ways to style the same white tank and polka dot shorts just by switching up the accessories. Since one of my favorite parts about fashion is rewearing items in new ways, I decided to take the same concept and do a fall version of the blog post! Check out my two super cute camo looks below, both featuring the same button down and skinny jeans but styled completely differently. Can I get a “whoot whoot” for that versatility? No? Okay. Continue reading “Camo Outfit Two Ways”

Shabby Chic

Pic 2

Happy Friday! I mentioned a few posts back that I recently got a camo shirt, and here it is. It was actually a part of my brother’s girlfriend’s donation pile that I also mentioned, so it’s only new to me. I’m really excited about it though! Continue reading “Shabby Chic”

Orange Camo

Pic 13

Happy Wednesday! It’s been one of those weird weeks where the days seem really slow but at the same time it’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday. You know what I mean? Continue reading “Orange Camo”