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Old Favorite

Pic 4

Hey ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather is finally getting nice and I’m excited to start wearing more summery outfits, like this one! Continue reading “Old Favorite”

Collar Jewels


Okay, so unfortunately these photos didn’t turn out the best. It was super windy and the flaps on my jacket kept flying all over the place…but the outfit was SO cute, so maybe you can use your imagination a little bit? This was already the second time I shot this outfit, and I wasn’t about to do it a third time. So here it is. Not perfect, but hey, at least it’s raw. Continue reading “Collar Jewels”

Green Leopard


Made it to the weekend! Yes! I’m keeping things short today because I totally forgot that I still needed to write a post for today… Continue reading “Green Leopard”