October 2023 Month in Review


Does it even count as a monthly recap post if it’s already halfway through the next month? I swear it was Halloween yesterday. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I’m going to have to make a change with my blog. I just can’t keep up with my posts the same way I used to anymore… I’m not sure what exactly things will look like yet, but I definitely won’t be gone permanently. Just a heads up that I know I’ve been majorly slacking and plan to make a change soon. Continue reading “October 2023 Month in Review”

Weekly Recap #45, 2023


Got up to lots of birthday shenanigans this past week and am definitely feeling the love! My parents came to town to celebrate 24 with me, and I took Thursday and Friday off work to really soak it up. It felt like the longest weekend in the best way possible—I’m not ready to head back to reality but am grateful that the next holiday is only 10 days away. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #45, 2023”

Weekly Recap #44, 2023


I think this week’s batch of outfits is a bit of a letdown compared to last week’s… I tried very hard to be stylish last week, challenging myself to wear a new combo every day, and this week it was a feat to get dressed at all. I’ve never understood those fashion bloggers and influencers who look so cute all the time. I’ve watched their vlogs—even their lazy, throw-on-and-go ‘fits look trendy and effortless. As much as I love fashion and clothes, there are days where even I just don’t care what I put on. I was feeling that more often than not this week. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #44, 2023”