Weekly Recap #19, 2023


I wrote today’s post on the plane ride back to Denver after spending the weekend in Seattle with family. Even though I don’t consider Washington my home anymore (I was born there and moved to Boise in 2008), it will always have a special place in my heart. I love being on the Puget Sound, and we lucked out with the most beautiful and sunny weather! I only wish I had time to visit some of the old haunts while we were there. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #19, 2023”

Recap of the Denver Mini Derby


It’s been such a busy week at work that I’m only sitting down to write this post now! Last Saturday, my aunt and I attended the Denver Mini Derby, which is a Kentucky Derby viewing party with a twist—they race corgis and miniature horses (!!!). The event benefits Next Step Horse Rescue, a non-profit based in Colorado Springs that helps retrain and rehabilitate horses from across the country that have been abused and neglected. All-in-all, the Denver Mini Derby was such a fun way to celebrate Derby Day, and I just had to share more pics in a blog post for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (check out my live coverage of the event here!). Continue reading “Recap of the Denver Mini Derby”

Weekly Recap #18, 2023

Han Solo costume, Princess Leia costume, Luke Skywalker costume

This photo popped up as a memory on my phone on May 4th (Star Wars Day—May the Fourth Be with You) and I couldn’t help but re-share it here on the blog. During lockdown in 2020, my parents and I brainstormed a list of fun things to do around the house every day in the month of May, and dressing up as Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia was one of those activities. We spent quite a while searching our house for creative items to use in our costumes! I am wearing a bed sheet, my dad’s light saber is a squirt gun, my mom’s weapon is a vacuum hose, and my dad’s leg covers are Ace bandage wraps. What a time. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #18, 2023”