Happy Monday! I wore this outfit two weeks ago to school, but it would be great for a meeting or just a day at work. These pictures are much better than the ones from this post, so now you can see the gorgeous green color of these pants. I didn’t realize until looking through these photos that I wore the same hair clips as the last time I wore these pants. I also didn’t notice that my bun was coming undone… Figures. Continue reading “Geometric”



Happy Friday! I think these are the last of the photos taken with a different camera than usual (mentioned in this post), so that’s why some of them are a little fuzzy. Continue reading “Trendy”

Not Sweater Weather


Good morning! I wore this outfit a few weekends ago while in Portland for a day of exploring, thinking it would be perfect for a chilly, overcast day. Boy was I wrong. It ended up being a really nice day and I was roasting in my layers. Continue reading “Not Sweater Weather”