Flower Girl


Happy Wednesday! I wore this summery outfit to school the other day, which probably wasn’t the best choice. I was paranoid I would get dress coded all day because the shirt is meant to be a crop top, which we aren’t allowed to wear. Thankfully, I didn’t get in trouble. Continue reading “Flower Girl”

Another Summer Outfit


Hi guys! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I know that fall officially starts this Thursday, but I’m still trying to squeeze in as many summer outfits as possible. Fall weather hasn’t started yet where I live, so I have some summer outfits that are still waiting to be posted. But fall outfits are coming soon! Continue reading “Another Summer Outfit”


Pic 1

Happy Friday! This week has seemed to go by sooo slow…but it’s finally the weekend now, so that’s exciting. Does anyone have any fun plans? I’m doing this community scavenger hunt with a bunch of friends on Saturday. I can’t wait! Continue reading “Mustard”