You may have noticed that at the bottom of some of my older posts, there is a little line that reads “Link-Ups: …” and then gives some links. If you’re not a blogger, you may wonder what this means. Even if you are a blogger, you still may wonder what this means! (I didn’t know what a link-up was until months into blogging.) So, this page is designed to provide a definition and a list of the link-ups I participate in weekly.

So what is a link-up? A link-up is basically just like what it sounds. A blogger “hosts” the link-up “party” and provides a place where you and many other bloggers can insert a link to a recent post. Most link-ups require you to do something in return, such as follow the host or comment on a certain number of other linkers’ blogs. The point of these is to network–you want link-ups so others can discover your blog and you can gain more traffic, but at the same time you help others with their own blogs and make online friends. Below are the link-ups in which I participate, separated by day.







Have any questions or want to be added to this list? Shoot me an email at!

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