Category: Weekly Recaps

Weekly Recap #9, 2023


It was such a busy week! As is always the case before going on vacation, it seems. I did a lot of prep at work and at home trying to get ready for my weeklong vacation to Puerto Rico. I’m SO excited and can’t believe it’s already happening! I’ve been to the island once before, when I was 12—so pre-drinking age and before I knew any Spanish. I’m excited to put both skills to the test, ha! Piña coladas, here I come… Continue reading “Weekly Recap #9, 2023”

Weekly Recap #8, 2023


Another week of crazy Colorado weather… It’s now a pattern that we get snowstorms and temperatures in the single digits on Wednesdays, followed by spring-like temps on the weekends. It’s currently 60° and sunny! Even though I took Monday off, it was a busy week at work, and I didn’t do anything blog related. I’m excited to do a little catch-up today and hopefully make a Reel or two this evening. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #8, 2023”

Weekly Recap #7, 2023


Boy, it’s been a weird week! I was sick Monday, celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, and had a “snow day” on Wednesday, just meaning I worked from home. It’s hard to believe the Super Bowl was only a week ago—I feel like I’ve lived two or three weeks in the last few days. And to top it all off, today my boyfriend and I are heading out on a mini getaway to a nearby hot springs resort for the long weekend (pictured above). I’m so excited! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #7, 2023”