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3 Ways Fashion Lovers Can Support People of Color


Like so many people, I spent the first week of June listening, learning, and taking a break from my usual Instagram posting in order to amplify the voices of people of color on social media. As someone who follows a lot of fashion bloggers and influencers, one of my big takeaways from the muted week was how I, and every person who loves fashion, can be more conscious of our purchasing choices and which brands we choose to support. Today, I wanted to share three simple methods that we can all start practicing to combat racism in the fashion industry. Continue reading “3 Ways Fashion Lovers Can Support People of Color”

Denim Day 2020: Wear Jeans, Support Survivors

sexual assault awareness month, denim day

Happy Wednesday! As you well know, I don’t usually post on Wednesdays (at least, not anymore after my month-long hiatus a few summers ago). But today I had to stray from my usual posting schedule to participate in and tell you about Denim Day, which is today, April 29th. For those of you who don’t know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Denim Day is an international campaign that aims to bring awareness to and protest victim blaming and other misconceptions about sexual violence. Read on to learn more about this powerful movement and to see how I styled my jeans in solidarity with survivors. Continue reading “Denim Day 2020: Wear Jeans, Support Survivors”

Giving Back This Year with Friends for Life Guild

Christmas presents, Christmas tree, ornaments, childhood cancer

Today I want to talk about a cause (and Christmas present idea!) that is very close to my heart. Every year, an organization called the Friends for Life Guild sells beautiful glass-blown ornaments and candle votives to help raise money for pediatric cancer research. These ornaments and votives make a wonderful Christmas present, especially for mothers, and they do more than just look pretty—they help fight childhood cancer. To read more about the Friends for Life Guild and where to buy these stunning glass pieces, keep scrolling! Continue reading “Giving Back This Year with Friends for Life Guild”