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Polka Dots and Lace

Pic 2

Happy Friday! These are finally the last photos I had stored with this navy lace dress. I mentioned in this post how I gave the dress away. I’m happy to have finally used these photos, but I’m also missing the warm summer weather from when these pics were taken… Continue reading “Polka Dots and Lace”

11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack

Happy Friday! I was browsing through the clearance section on Nordstrom Rack’s website, and I just had to show you guys all the super cute, inexpensive dresses I found. It got me thinking that I should always buy stuff when it’s out of season so that it’s super cheap. Why don’t more people do this?! Continue reading “11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack”

Vision in Navy

Pic 16

Happy Monday! Today’s outfit is actually one of the first photo shoots I ever did for the blog, way back in July. I was giving this navy lace dress away (worn as a skirt today), so I wanted to create and shoot as many outfits as I could with it. It’s finally appropriate weather for me to share this look. (I was sweltering when I took these pics in the summer, haha.) Continue reading “Vision in Navy”