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Beginnings of Bold


Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week already…We can do this. This is kind of random but I’ve been meaning to say it: I really wish that I could post on the blog every day; there are so many more outfits that I wear that will probably never appear on the blog, and I’m always full of ideas for posts. Realistically though, I just do not have time right now to post every day. But I will keep striving for that goal and can hopefully make it come true eventually! Continue reading “Beginnings of Bold”

First Purchase


Happy Friday! I’m sure it’s been a long week for most. Unfortunately, most of these pictures turned out really dark, and I’m pretty bummed. I absolutely love this outfit so it’s too bad that you can’t really see it! Just so you know, the pants are black, as well as the boots. Continue reading “First Purchase”