Midnight Mass Halloween Costumes: Bev Keane and Father Paul

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Happy (early) Halloween! If you’ve been following my blog for a while or know me in person, you know I love costumes—my dream job is to be a costume designer. Since my boyfriend and I have both had a busy October of travel, we needed something easy for this year’s outfits and decided last minute on Bev Keane and Father Paul from the Netflix show Midnight Mass. It’s directed by Mike Flanagan, the same guy who did Haunting of Hill House, Bly Manor, and, most recently, The Fall of the House of Usher.

I think Midnight Mass is by far his creepiest series, but I was also raised Catholic and attended Catholic school… so I think it packs an extra punch. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it for your next spooky show, and you also might want to skip out on this costume tutorial as it does contain a few spoilers.


I’m so pleased with how these costumes turned out. I was literally throwing mine together the hour before our Halloween party started on Saturday—I think they look much more complicated than they really are! My boyfriend decided to do Father Paul as seen after attacking Joe Collie (hence the blood on his face and the everyday priest outfit).

My depiction of Bev is in the last episode of the show, while she’s wearing a religious garment bloodstained after feasting on Riley’s mom. I also cheated a little by adding the candle, which she actually only holds in the ninth episode in a different outfit. I thought the cassock and candle together would be the most iconic look, though. You can see a few of our inspiration pics and the show’s poster below.

midnight-mass-halloween-costumes-show-poster-netflix-mike-flanagan bev-keane-father-paul-midnight-mass-halloween-costumes-vampire midnight-mass-halloween-costumes-bev-keane-father-paul

For Father Paul’s outfit (or Monsignor Pruitt, if you’re in the know), my boyfriend just wore a black button-down, sweater, and jeans that he already owned. He made a little white priest collar out of printer paper, and used this fake blood set from Amazon to do his makeup. So all he had to buy for the costume was the blood—very economical!

I helped him grease back his thick, curly hair using hair gel, texturizing spray, and hair spray to achieve Father Paul’s voluminous, tousled look. I also colored in his eyebrows with a brow pencil, which I think made such a difference in making him look more like the actor (red wine for a prop, of course).


I had to buy a few more things for my own costume, including a white graduation gown from Amazon and some fake candlesticks. My gown isn’t a perfect replica of Bev’s cassock, but it was the closest thing I could find for cheap and that would arrive in time for the party. I added three buttons to my right shoulder for that extra detail that Bev’s garment has.


I used the same fake blood from Amazon on my dress as I did on my face. It’s very sticky and messy! But way more realistic looking than paint, so even though using it was kind of a hassle, I think the effect was worth it. I tied my hair back in a plain braid, wore no makeup, and added a bunch of freckles across my face with a brown eyeliner pencil (again, a small detail, but I think it went a long way in making me look more like Bev). I made the little wax holder on the candle out of paper and added one of my cross necklaces as a final touch.


Most people didn’t know who we were because they hadn’t seen the show, but no matter—I’m really proud of how these costumes turned out. It was also so fun taking and editing these spooky pictures! I even tried to achieve the terrifying glowy eye effect in one of the pics. Originally I envisioned taking these photos outside of a church-like building, but as you can see, we got our first snow on Saturday! It was way too cold to attempt more than this one photo outside.


Have you seen Midnight Mass? Did you/are you going to dress up for Halloween this year? My brother and sister-in-law went as two of the jurors in Jury Duty and their costumes are hysterical. My brother is on crutches right now, so he made use of them being the awkward gadget guy, ha! Another little-known costume like mine, but amazing nonetheless.


Miles of smiles,


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