Weekly Recap #30, 2023



I was good this week and told myself I had to get dressed in a real outfit every day, ha! For the most part, I liked what I put together, and I noticed while writing today’s post that I gravitated towards a lot of black. It also helped that my boyfriend’s family was in town the last few days, so I had to get dressed for our many outings. It was a busy and fun-filled weekend that went by way too fast!


Monday, July 24

I didn’t have any meetings today and just worked from home, so I got to wear something a little more fun and summery than my usual. I ran some errands in the afternoon and decided to snap these quick pics for Saturday’s blog post at the library before the thunderclouds opened up.

Black Crop Top: American Eagle, $8 ($0.73 per wear) | Maxi Skirt: Hope Ave, $35 ($2.92 per wear), last worn here | Snakeskin Sandals: DSW, $30 ($3.00 per wear), last worn here


Tuesday, July 25

I recently received this top from Clara Sunwoo and love it so much! I think it will look really cute with white pants, but today I just decided to pair it with my dark wash jeans. I thought the snakeskin sandals were a stylish choice in the moment because the color kind of matched the blouse. But now that I’m seeing the photo, I’m rethinking the pairing—I can’t put my finger on it, but either something about the sandals and cropped jeans together or the sandals and blouse clash.

Printed Blouse: Clara Sunwoo, gifted by brand | Cropped Flared Jeans: Express, $25 ($0.81 per wear), last worn here | Snakeskin Sandals: DSW, $30 ($2.73 per wear), last worn here


Wednesday, July 26

For some reason I really wanted to wear this pencil skirt today, but I don’t love this outfit. The black and grey are too dark together, and while my shoes are technically a very dark shade of maroon, the ‘fit is lacking in color. I love the silhouette of a peplum paired with a pencil skirt, but it just doesn’t work with these two pieces.

Black Peplum Top: Nordstrom Rack, $20 ($0.61 per wear), last worn here | Pinstripe Pencil Skirt: Hand-me-down, last worn here | Oxblood Mary Janes: Thrifted, $10 ($3.33 per wear), last worn here


Thursday, July 27

My boyfriend’s family flew in today so we grabbed dinner with them and spent the night catching up. I’ve never paired this black top (which I wore to my 8th grade graduation) with this skirt before, but I liked the chic combo, even though an argument could be made that I look like a bruise. I styled my hair up and as such decided to throw on some blue crystal clip-on earrings. I didn’t have the perfect necklace to wear with this neckline while not overpowering the earrings, but I do think the outfit needs something else at the neck. Maybe a scarf would have been cute or just a shorter dainty necklace.

Black Blouse: Dillard’s, $20 ($0.87 per wear), last worn here | Blue Skirt: Francesca’s, $10 ($1.25 per wear), last worn here | Blue Flats: DSW, $5 ($0.17 per wear), last worn here


Friday, July 28

After a quiet day at work, I got all dolled up for this month’s party at our favorite speakeasy, which was themed Americana (last month was June of the Undead). I thought this pin-up style dress, which was a hand-me-down from my cousin, would be the perfect American-themed outfit since so many people dressed up last month. But I ended up feeling rather foolish because hardly anyone attended this time!

Polka Dot Dress: Hand-me-down, last worn here | White Heels: DSW, $50 ($2.17 per wear), last worn here


Saturday, July 29

We all went to Top Golf today, followed by dinner at an Italian restaurant and karaoke at our favorite spot. It was so much fun to watch my boyfriend’s family get up there and sing! My boyfriend and I did our go-to, “Winner Takes It All” by ABBA, and then I sang “Drop ‘Em Out” later in the night (once my boyfriend’s parents left, lol). We didn’t get any great pics of the two of us up there so the cover photo for today’s post is actually from the last time I sang karaoke (hence the different outfit).

Purple Top: Francesca’s, $15 ($1.88 per wear), last worn here | Denim Shorts: Target, $18 ($0.64 per wear), last worn here | Shoes: UIN Footwear, gifted by brand, last worn here


Sunday, July 30

We all had a perfectly lazy pool day before grabbing dinner and hitting up Dave and Buster’s for some friendly competition (Piano Keys and Basketball Connect Four are my favorite games). Both this top and these shorts are really old—I wore them separately in some of my first blog posts back in 2016!—but I love them more when paired together for a simple summer outfit.

Black Top: Nordstrom Rack, $15 ($0.63 per wear), last worn here | Eyelet Shorts: Loft, $25 ($1.04 per wear), last worn here | Brown Sandals: DSW, $45 ($0.71 per wear), last worn here

. . . . .

Which of this week’s looks is your favorite? And did you do anything fun over the weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


Miles of smiles,

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