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I didn’t have a cover photo for this week’s weekly recap, but I finally remembered to log onto Facebook to download a few photos from the pub crawl we did on St. Patrick’s Day. I thought this one turned out super cute and wanted to share, even though it’s a little late! As for the last week, I finished up my dog-sitting duties and then spent the weekend celebrating some of my favorite people—my boyfriend and one of my best friends had birthdays on Friday and my mom’s was Saturday. Busy birthday season but so much fun!


Monday, March 27

I know this outfit looks like something a 2010 Pinterest girl would wear in the fall, but it was so cold today that I could not be bothered with looking more professional or springy. This was a comfy look and kept me warm, which is all that really matters!

Sweater: JCPenney, hand-me-down, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 ($0.68 per wear), last worn here | Blush Sneakers: Steve Madden via DSW, $60 ($0.48 per wear), last worn here | Plaid Blanket Scarf: Gift, last worn here

Tuesday, March 28

I left work a little early today for a doctor’s appointment and then took the doggo on a run with me. The red blouse and houndstooth pants are a simple business casual outfit I’ve worn several times before. I threw on a plain black cardigan over top, but I think the sweater is kind of frumpy (I hate the boring white buttons). I’m thinking I should swap the buttons for pearls or something sparkly to spice up this otherwise bland sweater. I remember searching and searching for a black cardigan in high school, a simple staple piece to go with everything, and this was the only option I could find at the time.

Red Top: JCPenney, $18 ($0.51 per wear), last worn here | Black Cardigan: JCPenney, $22 ($2.44 per wear) | Houndstooth Pants: JCPenney, $19 ($0.90 per wear), last worn here | Red Shoes: Rothy’s, $100 ($33.33 per wear)

Wednesday, March 29

My boyfriend came over after work today so he could join me for taking the dog on a long walk. I wore this short sleeve sweater and polka dot pants, which is a cute combo on its own. However, my office is always so cold that I have to wear a layer. I grabbed this grey duster while rushing out the door, but I hate the way it looks with this outfit—the proportions are all wrong with the long sweater, high neck, and capri pants. I was just going to share the photo on the right (the ideal outfit) but I wanted to be honest about what I actually wore. Why are offices so cold?! Killing my style, man.

White Sweater: Bohme, $30 ($2.50 per wear), last worn here | Grey Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack, $10 ($0.53 per wear), last worn here | Polka Dot Trousers: JCPenney, $19 ($0.95 per wear), last worn here | Red Shoes: Rothy’s, $100 ($25 per wear)


Thursday, March 30

Today was my last morning of dog-sitting, and then I had a ton of errands to run after work (which I hate doing on weeknights)—one of which was buying ingredients to make a rum cake for my boyfriend’s birthday. I was baking well into the night, but the cake turned out to be a big hit with everyone, thank goodness!

I didn’t love today’s simple outfit—it was compiled entirely of what clothes I had left on the floor of the guest bedroom in my aunt’s house. The red shoes and blue sweater aren’t terrible together, but I think the brightness of the flats clashes with the subtle blue-grey tint of the top.

Blue Sweater: Sundance Outlet, $45 ($6.43 per wear), last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 ($0.67 per wear), last worn here | Red Shoes: Rothy’s, $100 ($20 per wear)


Friday, March 31

It was such a fun and busy day celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday! I took him to breakfast before work at our favorite spot, Snooze, and I ordered the GF Monte Cristo French toast—highly recommend if you love the blend of sweet and savory.

I’ve been reading Stacy London’s book The Truth About Style all week and feeling so inspired to try new outfit combos, but since I was house-sitting at my aunt’s most of the week, I had limited options. This was the first day I got to get dressed out of my closet, and I put together this new look! I wasn’t sure about the black and white cowl blouse with the grey blazer at first, but I ended up absolutely loving the outfit. I feel so chic in it. The snakeskin booties really tie it all together, and I definitely plan on breaking out these rich purple pants more often now. I think Stacy would be proud!

Striped Blouse: Nordstrom Rack, $20 ($1.25 per wear), last worn here | Grey Blazer: JCPenney, $35 ($2.33 per wear), last worn here | Purple Pants: JCPenney, $35 ($2.69 per wear) | Snakeskin Booties: Thrifted, $11 ($2.75 per wear), last worn here

After work, I went to my boyfriend’s apartment to meet up with all his friends. He opened presents and then we Ubered downtown to his favorite steak spot, STK. It’s expensive but a really fun atmosphere for celebrations.

I decided to wear this ombre velour dress that I thrifted. I’ve only worn it once before and struggle with how to style it—I opted for a leather racer jacket and snakeskin booties this time, although I’m not sure if I think the boots cut off my legs too much. I also have on a chain necklace (barely visible in this pic) and dangly black earrings. Not pictured: my curled ‘do and a fun purple eyeshadow look. I’ve been loving experimenting with crazy colors recently, like the green eyeshadow I did for St. Patty’s.

Ombre Velour Dress: Thrifted, $13 ($6.50 per wear) | Leather Jacket: JCPenney, $62 ($62 per wear), last worn here | Snakeskin Booties: Thrifted, $11 ($2.75 per wear), last worn here


Saturday, April 1

I stayed up *way* too late last night and ended up sleeping until noon today. Usually I hate sleeping in because I feel like I wasted the day, but I really needed the rest in this case. After finally crawling out of bed, I spent about an hour making a special birthday pancake for my boyfriend—I always grew up with the tradition that on a birthday morning, my dad would make one of my brothers or me a special piece of art out of pancake that signified a big life moment that happened in the past year. I wanted to share that tradition with my boyfriend and made him a pancake of a pic from our December trip to Nashville. It was a lot of fun—but also a lot of effort. I don’t know how my dad used to do it so quickly on a school morning!

After breakfast, we lounged about and watched “Better Call Saul” most of the afternoon before walking to dinner nearby—it was such a gorgeous day. I’ve worn this outfit a few times now and love it as a go-to for lazy Saturdays.

Black Crop Top: American Eagle, $9 ($8.89 per wear) | Cardigan: JCPenney, $18 ($1.29 per wear), last worn here | Cropped Flared Jeans: Express, $40 ($0.83 per wear), last worn here | Black Booties: Vivaia, gifted by brand, last worn here

Sunday, April 2

It was another incredibly beautiful day! It’s been such a long and dreary winter here in Denver, and this was the first day it really felt like spring—70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. I never got dressed in real clothes, but instead my boyfriend and I got out to play tennis for a few hours.

. . . . .

Which of this week’s looks is your favorite? Did you like that I shared a couple of photos of some of the outfits, with and without layers? I don’t usually do that, but I wanted you to see the intended look and the practical look, since I always need a layer in my chilly office. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and have a great evening.


Miles of smiles,

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  1. I love how you change up your daily looks Grace (and I’m so excited that the email thing is working now).
    I never worry about ankle boots cutting off my leg line because who is going to think I’m tall when they meet me in person, haha.
    I haven’t read that book yet, but now it’s on my list,

    1. Thanks Allie! The pub crawl was very fun but didn’t end up being very St. Patty’s Day-esque – I was expecting lots of Irish music, ha!

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