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One of my blogger friends Mireille, of Chez Mireille, recently shared a blog post featuring the top five words that come to mind when describing her style. I thought it was such a fun idea, so today I’m brainstorming five words to describe my own sense of fashion and sharing examples of each! I’ve always considered my style to be very eclectic—I dress in all sorts of outfits rather than sticking to one theme or type of clothing—yet I still had a hard time coming up with words that best describe my mixed bag of a closet. I’ve decided that my taste in clothes is similar to my taste in movies—there’s no rhyme or reason to what pieces I like and dislike.


After scrolling through a few lists of fashion-related adjectives, the first word (or phrase, more like) that really jumped out at me is old-fashioned. I’ve been called an old soul several times in my life, and I think that sense of thoughtfulness and reverence for the past translates in the way I dress. From brooches, to vintage clutches, to retro fit-and-flare dresses, I’m a sucker for any outfit that reminds me of something my very stylish grandma would have worn back in the day.

old fashioned dress, fit and flare dress, Nordstrom Rackmagenta-dress-vintage-style-white-handbag-hair-scarf-thrifted-stylepolka-dot-top-dr2-by-daniel-rainn-magenta-skirt


On a very contrasting note, I can’t live without my black, studs, and faux leather. I dressed up as a goth for Halloween several times in grade school and have always had a love for the macabre… watching murder shows, wishing for more gore in movies, and studying criminology in college. I’m not sure where this dark side came from, but you can definitely see it in the way I dress—black is my most-owned color. I have fond memories of my mom rocking her Harley Davidson leather jacket as a child, so maybe I just always wanted to grow up cool and edgy like her!



Annnd swinging back to the other side of the style spectrum, I also have a love of blazers and all things workwear. I always used to joke with my friends in high school and college that I should get some bigwig corporate job after graduation just so I would have an excuse to wear pantsuits every day. I actually considered wearing a suit on the first day of my current job as an evaluation specialist, but I knew that would be too much… (We have a business casual office, emphasis on the casual). There’s just something so empowering about wearing a good blazer!

pink-tweed-blazer-polka-dot-pants-tea-kettle-purseblazer-two-ways-pantsuit-workwear double-breasted-blazer-professional-style-business-woman


The word “chic” doesn’t really encapsulate a specific style, but I needed an adjective to describe my love of dressing up. When I think of chic outfits, I picture fancy dresses, fun details like pearl buttons or fringe, Kate Spade purses, glamorous heels, etc. Obviously this blog post isn’t comprehensive, but here are a few of my favorite chic outfits that came to mind.


A Little Bit of Boho

I wouldn’t say my sense of fashion is overly bohemian, but every now and again I incorporate a flowy piece or tiny floral pattern that is representative of the free-spirited style. The outfit below made me feel like I was starring on the cover of the Sundance catalog.

shoulder-pads-thrifted-outerwear-circle-purse-mid-calf-bootselephant-print-halter-top-green-shorts-summer-outfit floral-romper-blush-bow-purse-yellow-heels

So there you have it, five words that describe my style. Do you feel like I missed anything, or does a specific word come to your mind that I didn’t use? Also, let me know in the comments which words best describe your sense of fashion—I’d love to hear what kinds of trends and clothing items you gravitate towards most.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and have a great rest of your Thursday!


Miles of smiles,

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  1. That’s really a great variety of words. But it truely fits to your style and it is what makes your blog so cool to visit. There is every week something new and it just never gets boring.

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