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Today’s Thrifty Six collaboration is in remembrance of Vivienne Westwood. I have to admit, when Emma announced this month’s theme, I had never heard of Westwood before… After a little research, I learned that she was an English fashion designer who passed away in December and was known for her punk and edgy styles. I went straight to Pinterest and started searching for something I could recreate with the secondhand pieces in my closet!

double-breasted-blazer-professional-style-business-woman inspired-by-vivienne-westwood-runway-looks

I found myself feeling inspired by the pinstripes, dark colors, and matching sets of the runway looks above. I started digging around in my closet and remembered that I recently acquired this pinstripe suit from my mom’s cousin. I knew it would be perfect for a Vivienne Westwood-inspired outfit (shoulder pads and all!).

business-woman-corporate-style-skirt-suit-pinstripes pinstripe-skirt-suit-pearl-necklaces-thrifted-secondhand-style secondhand-fashion-pinstripes-grey-suit-power-suit

I threw the blazer and skirt on without wearing a top underneath because that felt like the edgy thing to do. Then it really boiled down to the accessories and styling… I played around with some big brooches, head pieces, knee socks, and black sparkly mesh gloves, but all of those accessories felt too costume-y. While I wouldn’t wear this outfit to work (no shirt after all, and a skirt suit is a little too fancy for my office environment), I wanted to make sure it was an outfit I still would wear, not something so out there that I was just styling it for my blog. All that to say, I forwent the extra accessories.

vivienne-westwood-inspired-pinstripes-artsy-purse-double-breasted-blazer inspired-by-vivienne-westwood-pinstripes-skirt-suit-thrifted

What I did wear to add a little edginess to the look was some layered pearl necklaces, chunky oxblood-colored Mary Janes (also thrifted!), and a dark lipstick. I’m wearing matching pearl earrings as well and thought this pop art-style purse, for lack of a better description, would be a fun addition. I attempted doing a messy curly updo a la my inspiration photos, but of course I am very untalented when it comes to hair…

pop-art-purse-pinstripe-skirt-mary-jane-shoes-work-outfit berry-lipstick-pinstripe-skirt-suit-secondhand-style-double-breasted-blazer

Overall, I absolutely love how this outfit came together and felt like such a boss in it. I kind of wish I had worn pantyhose though because I didn’t realize *just* how pale my legs are until seeing these photos… But I guess my ghost-like qualities kind of match the models in my inspiration pics. Funny enough, I completely forgot until after taking these photos that this set actually comes with pinstripe pants as well! The blazer and pants would have been a more accurate recreation of Westwood’s runways looks, but the skirt is a cute feminine twist.


This was such a fun theme—it was really inspiring to create an outfit based off a person and type of style as opposed to a specific article of clothing, which is often what we do. My themes have been so boring in the past, it’s really giving me some fun ideas for what to choose next time it’s my turn! Be sure to check out my thrifty friends’ Vivienne Westwood-inspired outfits at the links below.


Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“When Emma suggested a Tribute to Vivienne Westwood, I was super excited to get back to some of my punk rock/Goth roots with a thrifty twist! When I think of Dame Westwood and her personal style, I think punk, plaid, and fierce femininity. So I grabbed some punky preloved plaids in pink and purple and began my layering magic ala Dame Vivienne Westwood. I think she would approve!”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“I immediately thought of tulle and lace-up boots. Because when I think of a tribute to Dame Vivienne Westwood, I immediately think of punk. Of course this Lady is much more than that. But I wanted to keep it punky. I admired her so much in the 80’s when she and Malcolm McLaren had their shop SEX in London. I loved those plaid skirts and jackets and searched for that. As I didn’t own a pre loved one. And this, to me is the perfect one, a plaid jacket a la Vivienne Westwood!”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade:

“I curtsy to the Queen of Fashion!… Vivienne Westwood sadly passed away on 29th of December – a massive loss to the fashion world! Icon, legend in her own lifetime and personal hero of mine! The Thrifty Six are proud to celebrate Vivienne in our January post. I’m wearing three of her pieces but more than that, I’m channeling her spirit… rebellious, fearless and totally original – alive with anarchic attitude! Visual architect of the punk revolution, a game-changer for me and so many others…”

Emma of Style Splash:

“When I think of Vivienne Westwood I instantly think of tartan/plaid, punk and the iconic orb symbol. (I once owned a Vivienne Westwood purse, but sadly it was the victim of a rather wild night out.) I’ve combined the infamous Sex Pistols T-shirt with a tartan jacket and pencil skirt (a nod to Dame Vivienne’s classier designs). The spike jewellery and studded bag reference the punk era of the late seventies, which I just about remember!”

. . . . .

I enjoyed learning a little more about Vivienne Westwood through everyone else’s blog posts, and while I’m not sure I quite captured the rebelliousness and fierceness of her signature style, I so enjoyed this theme nonetheless. It makes me think I should start doing “inspired by” blog posts more often!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today, and I hope you have a great rest of your Monday (especially if you have the day off!).


Miles of smiles,



Pinstripe Blazer: Hand-me-down | Pinstripe Skirt: Hand-me-down | Oxblood Mary Janes: Thrifted, $10 ($5.00 per wear) | Purse: Envy Boutique, gift, last worn here

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  1. OMFG! That’s an AWESOME outfit! VERY stylish and SO in trend atm! However, just a thought! may I suggest that you also wear white socks to go with the stripes as well?

    1. Thank you!! I tried on white knee socks with the look and decided my particular pair looked bad, but I think shorter white socks would look super cute with the shoes

  2. Grace, you did a fantastic job creating a Vivienne Westwood inspired look! This suit looks fabulous on you but I am really drooling over those amazing shoes! And the bag! Yes, please. I am also loving that you wore the blazer with no top, you daredevil! The last time I did that, I lost the 2 middle buttons on the blazer! Hahaha. I, too, am appreciating these more creative themes!


    1. Hahaha I feel like you always have the best fashion stories, Shelbee! Like something out of a movie! Thanks. 🙂

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