Weekly Recap #1, 2023



Where did the weekend go?? I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night… My boyfriend and I are trying to decide if it went by so quickly because it’s the first weekend after a long break. Or maybe it’s because we just spent half of our Sunday at the Broncos v. Chargers football game downtown. Either way, I’m not ready for work tomorrow… It’s barely past eight o’clock and I could fall asleep right now!


Monday, January 2

My boyfriend and I had a chill day off work lounging around his apartment, watching the Banshees of Inisheren in the afternoon and then finally exchanging our Christmas presents in the evening. I just stayed in the same loungewear set I wore yesterday!

Sweatshirt: American Eagle, $18 ($2.25 per wear) | Joggers: American Eagle, $16 ($3.20 per wear) | Blush Sneakers: Steve Madden via DSW, $60 ($0.50 per wear), last worn here


Tuesday, January 3

Getting started today was a little rough after such a long break, but thankfully the work day went by more quickly than I expected. I wore this grey turtleneck and pleather jacket combo I’ve styled a handful of times before. I hate the little tie-front of the top though—I wonder if my sewing skills are good enough to cut off that part and hem it…

Grey Turtleneck: Bohme Boutique, $30 ($1.36 per wear), last worn here | Leather Jacket: JCPenney, $62 ($1.03 per wear), last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 ($0.75 per wear), last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45 ($0.62 per wear), last worn here


Wednesday, January 4

I’ve been wanting a sweater dress for a while and purchased this off-white one on sale from Express a few months back. Even though it’s a size small, I went back and forth trying to decide if I should return the dress for being too big… Obviously I opted to keep it to avoid the hassle, but I’m still not convinced if it has that cute “oversized” look or if it just seems like I’m swimming in it. Normally I would pair a pendant necklace with something shapeless like this, but I don’t like the way necklaces lay with mock-necks. Instead I accessorized with fun pom pom knee socks and my tall boots.

For one of my new year’s goals, I want to cook more—including making at least one “real” meal a week (i.e. a more involved meal than just putting a can of soup or pasta on the stove). Tonight I tried a new stuffed peppers recipe, which took most of the evening to make.

Sweater Dress: Express, $27 ($13.50 per wear) | Pom Pom Knee Socks: Gift, $15 ($3.00 per wear), last worn here | Black Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100 ($0.82 per wear), last worn here


Thursday, January 5

This would have been a festive holiday outfit back in December! I decided on the layers today because my boyfriend and I went to the Denver Zoo Lights after work. We were supposed to go in early December with some friends, but my boyfriend got sick and we had to reschedule. It was a little anticlimactic going after the holidays, but I thought the fun animal-shaped Christmas lights were unique (and we got to see an elephant, a hippo, and several giraffes!).

Striped Sweater: Banana Republic, $50 ($4.17 per wear), last worn here | Red Quilted Vest: Francesca’s, $20 ($1.54 per wear), last worn here | Skinny Jeans: JCPenney, $25 ($0.34 per wear), last worn here | Black Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100 ($0.81 per wear), last worn here


Friday, January 6

I had a much-needed quiet Friday night catching up on some chores and crafting for a friend’s birthday present. Today’s outfit was just “eh”, though—I wish the pretty hunter green color of the pants showed up more on camera.

Buffalo Check Button-Down: JCPenney, $30 ($1.00 per wear), last worn here | Leather Jacket: JCPenney, $62 ($1.02 per wear), last worn here | Green Pants: JCPenney, $28 ($0.76 per wear), last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45 ($0.61 per wear), last worn here


Saturday, January 7

Today was kind of a shite day—and I’ll leave it at that, lol. But at least I looked super cute! My aunt got me this really pretty headband for Christmas, which has an olive green velvet fabric with peachy colored flowers embroidered on it. I decided the hairpiece would be the inspiration for today’s entire look, so I styled it with this matching green bodysuit and salmon-colored cardigan. I topped the look off with my new cowgirl boots that I absolutely love! I ended up photographing the outfit, so a whole blog post will be coming soon.

Olive Green Bodysuit: Francesca’s, $20 ($1.54 per wear), last worn here | Salmon Cardigan: Gift, $30 ($0.81 per wear), last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 ($0.74 per wear), last worn here | Cowgirl Boots: Boot Barn, gift | Headband: Aspen Lane Boutique

. . . . .

Sunday, January 8

My boyfriend and his friend were supposed to go to the Broncos v. Chargers football game in Denver today, but the friend got Covid… so I was the stand-in! I’ve never been to an NFL game before, so it was pretty fun to borrow a jersey from my boyfriend and eat all the heart-clogging stadium foods. We lucked out with sunshine and shockingly warm weather after a cold and cloudy week! My boyfriend is a Chargers fan though, so while I’ve been to my fair share of sporting events, I’ve never rooted for the away team before… It was an interesting experience. Thankfully we weren’t hassled too much.

. . . . .

Which of this week’s outfits is your favorite? Are you excited for the new week or feeling the Sunday Scaries like me? Hopefully the former!

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great rest of your night.


Miles of smiles,


6 comments on “Weekly Recap #1, 2023”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing that outfit on the blog. I am trying to come up with a dressed down look this week with my velvet bodysuit. It is too cute to only wear it on special occasions. Your pom pom tall boot socks are really fun and I love your black leather jacket. That is on my list to find one this year.

    1. Ooh a velvet bodysuit, that sounds super cute! I know what you mean though, trying to find ways to dress down fancier pieces… I need to start doing that too because I have too many things I don’t wear regularly.

  2. Hey, Grace! Thanks for sharing your looks. Wanted to drop you a line about the tie front shirt. I have one and feel like it never looks right on me. I had similarly wondered if I should cut and sew to amend but at some point it dawned on me I could just tuck them in! Now I just pretend like the ties don’t exist and tuck them in. No one else knows that there’s a bit of extra fabric except me. Maybe give it a try.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Annie! I’ve tried tucking it in a few times – I’ve found it works well with skirts, but with my jeans you can sadly see the bulk!

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