Weekly Recap #43, 2022



Happy Halloween! There were so many festivities this past weekend that I completely forgot today is the actual holiday—I’m not even wearing anything spooky (although my hair was pretty scary this morning). I had a packed week with lots of work meetings, dog sitting, and costume planning, so I’m looking forward to some calmer nights ahead. Without further ado, here are my OOTDs! 


Monday, October 24 

I had a very busy start to the week, with several projects due at work and a handful of chores to complete at home—including making a run to the nearby mall to search for a black bodysuit for one of my Halloween costumes (an unsuccessful search, at that). I’ve been in such a mood for blazers recently, so I broke out this hot pink one today. The only thing I would change about this outfit is the shoes… I didn’t realize it until I took this photo, but these lace-up shoes combined with my cropped trousers really cut off the line of my leg. I think either black heels or my white mules would have looked much better. 

Black Blouse: Dillard’s, $20 ($0.95 per wear), last worn here | Pink Blazer: JCPenney, $35 ($5.83 per wear), last worn here | Houndstooth Pants: JCPenney, $19 ($1.06 per wear), last worn here | Black Lace-Up Flats: Nordstrom Rack, $40 ($1.21 per wear), last worn here


Tuesday, October 25 

I was really nervous (and excited) for work today because I facilitated my first big meeting, the white affinity space. My company has relatively new, optional racial caucuses to discuss race and equity in the workplace, so I decided to volunteer to lead the group for this month’s meeting. There isn’t a lot of structure or guidelines for these meetings yet, so I had to brainstorm ways to fill an hour and a half block of time! I’m very pleased with how my “lesson plan” turned out, and I think people were really engaged in the conversations. Woohoo! 

As for my outfit, it wasn’t anything special. I wore this old-fashioned dress that is one of my favorites, and while the black coat was initially just to wear into the office, I kept it on all day because our building is freezing. After work, I grabbed dinner with my girlfriends near my old campus, and then my cousin invited me to play soccer last-minute—it worked out perfectly that the game was at the University of Denver and I just happened to be there already for dinner! 

Patterned Dress: Nordstrom Rack, $40 ($1.82 per wear), last worn here | Black Coat: Fair trade boutique, $120 ($7.06 per wear) | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100 ($0.85 per wear), last worn here


Wednesday, October 26 

Today was another busy day at work but an absolute blast… We recently learned that our boss is a fan of the rapper Pitbull, so for weeks we have been planning a Pitbull-themed surprise for today’s usual Wednesday staff meeting. We all dressed up as Pitbull to the best of our abilities (black blazers, white jeans, aviator sunglasses, etc.) and then had a dance party to kick off our staff meeting, complete with disco lights. I put together a few Pitbull trivia questions for our warm-up, and some of us also cut out little pictures of Pitbull to tape onto our boss’s family photos in his office. It was hilarious!! 

I don’t have a plain black blazer, so I wore my black pleather jacket instead… It was good enough. This is not an outfit I would wear on a normal day, though! 

Black Peplum Top: Nordstrom Rack, $20 ($0.63 per wear), last worn here | Black Pleather Jacket: Blank NYC via local boutique, $25 ($0.57 per wear), last worn here | White Jeans: JCPenney, $25 ($3.13 per wear), last worn here | White Sneakers: Primark, $10 ($1.00 per wear) | Aviator Sunglasses: Icing, $16 ($0.21 per wear), last worn here


Thursday, October 27 

It felt so much like winter this morning that I decided to break out the winter clothes—dark colors and my Christmas-y plaid pants. I think the grey sweater and black quilted vest are too similar in color, so I might try wearing my maroon vest next time instead. I never know what to pair with these pants, but I do think they’re fun around the holidays! 

After work, my boyfriend came over for the coziest fall night—I made us chili dogs for dinner and then we watched football as we carved pumpkins. So fun! 

Grey Sweater: Gift, $24 ($0.77 per wear), last worn here | Black Quilted Vest: JCPenney, $15 ($0.38 per wear), last worn here | Plaid Pants: Gift, $40 ($2.11 per wear), last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45 ($0.64 per wear), last worn here


Friday, October 28 

This was definitely my favorite outfit from the week! I love the polka dots, olive green, and velvety magenta shoes together (although the pretty color of the flats never shows up in my OOTD pics). I had SO many chores to do after work today, including cleaning my aunt’s house in preparation of her return and finishing painting my couples costume. Later in the evening, my friends came over to my apartment to get ready together before we went to the bars downtown for a fun Halloween night out (two of us were Playboy Bunnies and the third was Hugh Hefner). 

Polka Dot Sweater: DR2 by Daniel Rainn, gifted for collaboration, last worn here | Olive Green Pants: JCPenney, $35 ($2.19 per wear) | Velvet Shoes: Sundance Outlet, $60 ($10.00 per wear), last worn here


Saturday, October 29 

My boyfriend always hosts a Halloween party, so I spent most of the day helping him set up for that. I forced him to take blog photos with me and then we partied all night long! It was a super fun time, and I loved seeing everyone’s costumes. Although I definitely decided I can’t go out two nights in a row next year… You can check out more of my Starry Night and Van Gogh couples costume in this blog post. 

Starry Night Dress: Thrifted dress (hand-painted by me), $43 | Black Heels: DSW, $40 ($3.33 per wear), last worn here

. . . . .

Sunday, October 30 

The downside to hosting a party is the clean-up after the fact, and it took the two of us most of the day to finish cleaning his apartment. We grabbed a late dinner together and then finally finished watching “The Midnight Club”. I, unsurprisingly, stayed in lounge clothes all day. 

. . . . .

How was your Halloween weekend?? Still recovering? Ha, I know I’m definitely not as well-rested as I was hoping to be entering the new week. I had a great time Friday and Saturday, but I’m feeling really sad the holiday has so quickly come and gone… I’m already getting excited about and planning our costumes for next year! Let me know which of these outfits is your favorite, and have a great Halloween. Stay safe out there. 


Miles of smiles, 


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  1. We all dressed up as Pitbull that is hilarious sounds like you work somewhere fun! I did not do much for Halloween though my friend’s daughter won a costume contest she went as Jared from Laberynth and my friend won a contest she dressed as a dead bride. Both costumes were very creative.

    Allie of

    1. Oh how cool that they both won costume contests! I love costumes so much – I used to want to be a costume designer. Maybe someday I could still pursue it, ha! And yes, I’m very grateful to work at a place with a great environment and fun coworkers.

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