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It feels like forever since I published a good ol’ fashioned outfit post, so I’m excited to share today’s “Tropical Paradise” look with y’all. I got to thinking about it, and I realized that the only time I’ve ever had a true tropical/beach vacation was in 2012 when I visited extended family in Puerto Rico. I would love to go to Hawaii at some point and visit PR again!


Since I don’t often venture to islands, the resort wear section of my closet is severely lacking. I have a few pieces that I would characterize as ‘tropical’, such as this orange flowy skirt and this palm print top, but neither are secondhand. Then I remembered that my mom’s cousin gave me some hand-me-downs last summer, which included a very tropical-looking two-piece set. I figured it would be perfect for this month’s collaboration!

wicker-purse-halter-neck-round-sunglasses black-halter-tropical-style-mom-jeans-beaded-sandals summer-date-night-round-sunglasses-halter-neck

I decided the top and skirt together were a little too tropical for me to wear in a landlocked state—I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a costume. Instead, I opted to try the halter top with my Express mom jeans for a more casual date night look. This was one of those outfits that I had been imagining in my head for awhile but had no idea if it would actually look cute on… It took a little convincing in front of the mirror, but in the end, I love how the outfit came together! Even though the top is technically decades old, it feels very trendy and of the moment, especially with the lighter wash, looser fit jeans.

halter-top-hand-me-down-thrifty-secondhand-style tropical-outfit-thrifty-six-secondhand-style-summer-outfit tropical-hair-flower-halter-neck-hand-me-down

Since the top is a little on the plain side, I wanted to bring out some of the fun, tropical colors in my accessories. I decided on a bold pink lip to do just that. Originally I imagined my little wicker slides for this outfit, but then I remembered I have these beaded sandals from a resort gift shop—turns out, the colors of the beads match the top perfectly. In addition to the shoe choice, I was torn between a little pineapple phone purse and this wicker bag, but since the top doesn’t have any yellow in it, I figured the wicker purse would be chicer (plus, it was thrifted).

It’s been so hot in Denver lately that I wanted to put my hair up and show off the pretty scarf details on the back of the top. It was the perfect excuse to wear these fake flowers in my hair; I was worried they’d be too costume-y tucked behind my ear, but I think they were a cute little touch in the bun. The only thing this outfit is missing are big, colorful earrings!


Overall, it’s not the most tropical outfit ever, but I think it’s the perfect amount of island vibes for a landlocked state. Be sure to check out my thrifty friends’ tropical outfits at the links below!


Jane of Preloved Vintage Handmade:

“Paradise under grey skies… This month’s Thrifty Six theme is ‘Tropical Paradise’… immediately I reached for these 1970s palazzo pants in all the vibrant colours of a parakeet! Styled with vivid yellow and opulent turquoise, it’s a dangerously
intense look… on a sunny day it’s nothing less than resplendent! I wanted sunshine for my pictures; I waited and I waited but it never came so here I am on this cloudy day… still smiling as my outfit radiates ‘Tropical Paradise’ even though the skies are grey…”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“I found this green slip dress with a big bold tropical floral print during a winter thrifting adventure, so this is the first chance I am getting to wear it. It had ties on the sides to cinch the waist, except the ties were oddly placed on the hips. So I cut them off and
tied them in my hair! I styled it with a non-thrifted kimono and platform espadrille sandals for an easy breezy summer look.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“Tropical paradise cocktail! That’s what I represent today! Lol. I shall explain. Years ago we went to Ibiza every year with friends. And in the evenings we always drank the Mediteranee there, a cocktail of piña colada with pineapple juice. Every evening my girlfriend and I were looking forward to drinking that delicious cocktail! And we drank a lot of those! We often made it ourselves afterwards at home! And look, today I am the
pineapple! The green top is pre loved, bought at Vinted. Beautiful color, huh. I really liked the whole color combination of my outfit!”

Lucy of Lucy Bertoldi:

“Ahh the tropics and that hot, delicious sunny weather that all Northern girls crave… Le Sigh! Even if I can’t get to a tropical island for a get-away, I can still get dressed up for that sunshiny vibe anyway! A girl can dream and play the part even in hot sticky Montreal. Here’s me with Jamaica on my mind in a totally pre-loved look.”

Emma of Style Splash:

“I bought this kimono jacket on eBay years ago but rarely wear it. I don’t know why because it feels so comfortable and I love the tropical print. I will challenge myself to find more ways to wear it over the summer!”

. . . . .

Have a great rest of your Monday!


Miles of smiles,


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  1. Grace, this outfit is so stinking cute on you! I love the subtle bit of tropical print and the flowers in your hair. And these mom jeans look incredible on your butt! You look fabulous as always, my friend!


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