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Back in the day, when I used to post “travel guides” after spring break trips and family vacations, I would always share a small section about the fashion I saw in whatever location I was visiting. Some places have a distinct style and way of dressing (for example, I would say my hometown Boise is very “outdoorsy”—lots of Patagonia, athletic skirts, etc.), whereas other spots don’t really have any sort of pattern or trends to notice regarding fashion. While Glasgow doesn’t necessarily have one distinct style that is most popular, there are definitely a few things I noticed during my past four months here!


The first thing I—and several of my non-Scottish friends—noticed about Glasgow fashion is that the girls wear very little when they go out. For example, when my friend and I went to the ABBA disco, most girls were wearing sleeveless items and skirts, with no jackets, even though it was pouring rain and February. Tights were also few and far between—it could be in the 30s and 40s and girls would be rocking bear legs (which I do too, to be fair). My friend was always so taken aback by how little layers people wore, but I understand that when you’re used to colder and rainy weather all the time, 50 and 60 degrees feels like summer.

What’s really funny is even the lead singer of One Republic, at the concert I attended a few weeks ago, made a comment about how impressed he was that Scottish girls wear so little when it’s cold outside—ha! The crowd erupted in cheers.

crazy-pants-palazzo-black-mock-neck-top-circle-purse black-top-colorful-printed-pants-summer-fashion

On the occasion that women did wear layers, I often thought they wore very stylish long coats, sometimes classic camel ones or bold printed houndstooth ones. It made me upset that I didn’t bring my fabulous long coat, but then I remembered how much it rains in Glasgow… I would hate to be out and about in a coat like that and get caught in the rain. It just doesn’t make sense to me how they could wear chic coats all the time! I never leave the house without my ugly blue puffer, but at least it keeps me dry.

Along with stylish long coats, I have seen SO many Scottish women rocking faux fur jackets. I don’t really see that many of those at home but I saw too many fur coats in Glasgow to count—and I loved it. It also explains why I found such a great faux fur coat in a charity shop my first week in the city. They’re definitely a statement, but I think they can be really cool if done correctly!

black-mock-neck-top-palazzo-pants floral-pants-black-ribbed-top-jcpenney-francescas

Along with faux fur coats, I saw a ton of really fun, funky pants. Whether that be at class or a night out at the bars, Glasgow women seem to love their printed trousers—and I’m here for it. That’s why I chose to share this outfit, featuring my favorite pants, for today’s post. I know patterned pants have become very trendy the last few months, so it’s possible that Glasgow is just keeping up with trends that I would have noticed if I was back home, too. But even then, I’m still convinced that the Glasgow style is a little extra funky in the best sort of way… lots of bold colors, prints, pattern mixing, etc. (Oh, overalls and overall dresses are also super popular here.) Back home, I consider these pants such a statement piece, but they seem pretty ordinary here in Glasgow.

The last thing I’ve noticed is heels. I don’t think I could ever wear heels in Glasgow—or really any European city, for that matter—because of all the uneven roads and cobblestone. This is definitely the type of place where I would wear tennis shoes to an event and then change into my fancier footwear once there. But surprisingly, I saw a handful of women rocking heels, even stilettos, down the streets of Glasgow. Good for them, but I could never… In fact, when I was doing my study abroad orientation way back when, the study abroad advisors informed me that the most common injury my university’s students have had while abroad is rolled/broken ankles from the cobblestone.


And there you have it! A little synopsis of the type of fashion I saw in Glasgow. There were several times where I went out and all the girls were dressed exactly the same (fast fashion cropped tops, wide leg jeans or cargo pants), but I’m sure all the girls would look like that in Denver, too… That’s just the ‘going out’ style these days. However, I still maintain that Glasgow fashion has a little extra funk in its step, and I love it!


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Black Mock Neck Top: JCPenney, $11 ($0.30 per wear), last worn here | Printed Pants: Francesca’s, $15 ($2.14 per wear), last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100 ($0.88 per wear), last worn here

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  1. I almost picked up a cool navy pair of printed pants today that make me think of these (almost as cool but not quite) but they were too long for me and I would have had to wear heels with them (hemming them would have taken some of the beautiful printed part.
    Interesting facts about what people wear. Good observations!

    1. Ah shoot! I have that problem with fun pants too – always too long. I’ll never understand that. Most ladies are shorter, why do they make fun pants and maxi dresses so long??

  2. It is pretty much the same in Ireland, Grace. Girls wear very little on their nights out even in the depth of winter when it’s freezing cold. It still amazes me to see them walking around half-naked!

    1. Yesss so crazy!! I definitely make sacrifices for outfits sometimes but I don’t think I could do that, haha.

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