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It’s time for another Thrifty Six collaboration! This month’s theme was monochrome… well, more specifically, boldly colored monochrome sets. As you all know, I have a very limited wardrobe with me here in Scotland and an even more limited selection of thrifted items (especially because I sent a whole suitcase home with my parents a week ago!). So I had to get a little creative for this month’s collab.


Usually, I would never consider a one-piece like a dress or a jumpsuit to be monochrome, since it’s just a single garment. But as I mentioned in yesterday’s weekly recap, I went to every charity shop within walking distance last week and couldn’t find any boldly colored sets. It was actually kind of difficult to hunt for multiple pieces at once—I kept my eyes peeled from store to store for colorful items that might pair well together, but without seeing similar shades next to each other, I never *really* knew if pieces would complement or clash.

Feeling a little frustrated and crunched for time, I went thrifting again the next day—with a different goal in mind. I figured, if I could find a cute dress that was a bold color and a few accessories (purse, headband, shoes) in the same or a similar shade, that would be monochrome enough for me.

I went back to my favorite charity shop and immediately spotted this orange/red jumpsuit. I was very hesitant about it at first—it said it was a size extra small but looked like a tent on the hanger. I tried it on, and it still kind of looked like a tent! I know it’s supposed to have that billowy, oversized feel, but I’ve found that those types of garments are never very flattering on me. I went back and forth in the dressing room several times before deciding to pull the trigger… but I had a vision in mind—the jumpsuit definitely needed a belt.

plunging-jumpsuit-french-connection-spring-outfits orange-jumpsuit-springtime-thrifted-outfit

At the same store, I found these fabulous orange wedges. They are more of a true orange compared to the jumpsuit, but I figured they were close enough in color for the monochrome theme—and the t-length of the jumpsuit definitely required heels. I really told myself I couldn’t buy any more shoes here, since I will already be so limited on space in my suitcase when flying home… but I mean, look at these… I just couldn’t say no! Plus, orange is one of my favorite colors to wear in the summertime, and I have tons of pieces in my closet that will pair perfectly with these shoes. Packing them is a problem for later me to figure out.


Okay—so I left the first thrift store with a jumpsuit, a pair of shoes, and a vision. I wandered about a few other stores to see if there were other orange accessories to be had, but nothing really stood out to me. I was also browsing for belts. I very quickly realized that charity shops don’t tend to have belts—I’m assuming because so many of them are cheaply made these days that they have to be thrown out before they can be donated. Luckily, I remembered seeing a mannequin wearing a really cute dress, paired with a belt, in one of the stores. I headed back there, and thank goodness the belt was still there!

As a sidenote, the charity shop world is crazy here—if you’re even considering buying something, you have to purchase it right away. Otherwise it will be gone by the end of the day! The merchandise changes so quickly, which on the one hand, is really nice for frequent shopping trips, but on the other hand, is very bad on the wallet. In a perfect world, I probably would have chosen a lighter colored belt to match the bottom of the wedges, but this belt got the job done.

orange-jumpsuit-french-connection-secondhand-orange-wedges orange-jumpsuit-thrifted-belt-secondhand-spring-brunch-outfit

I rushed home, tried everything on, and was so excited by the full outfit! My vision really came to life, and now that I see the jumpsuit styled with the belt, I think it is so chic. This is the type of outfit that made me feel like a model, jetting off to a summertime networking brunch on the roof of a skyscraper. Of course, the pockets are a fun touch, but I also like the deep neckline—a little scandalous for me. It’s just low enough that I couldn’t wear a regular bra, but I think I’d be able to wear my favorite sticky bra in a different orientation than usual (or maybe I should just invest in some nipple petals).

The wedges are also very out of my comfort zone. They weren’t that hard to walk in, but I did walk a few blocks to take these photos and had to take it very slowly on the uneven, cobblestone streets. They also became uncomfortable pretty fast, since the arch is so high… but hey, I wasn’t planning to run a marathon in them.

thrifty-secondhand-charity-shop-glasgow-red-jumpsuit-wedges orange-jumpsuit-monochrome-outfit-springtime

Overall, I’m really excited about this outfit and think it could be worn for a lot of different occasions—brunch, a bridal shower, a summer wedding, or even just a nice dinner out. For some reason this outfit gives me tropical vibes. I think it would look so perfect strolling to a sunset dinner next to the beach! I can also imagine dressing down the jumpsuit with a denim jacket and wicker flats. It definitely makes me excited for summer.

And now, onto my thrifty friends’ monochrome looks. Be sure to click the links to see their full outfits—lot’s of orange this month!


Lucy Bertoldi:

“This adorable royal blue knit set is perfect for this time of year, when the weather just can’t make up its mind. Got it in the 80s from Sears (remember that place?). It was super stylish and trendy – and everyone wore something like it… so nothing that special. These days, when I wear it, the compliments just won’t stop because of everything about it! Vintage has a way of doing that, wouldn’t you agree?”

Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“The skirt is pre-loved and from the shop I used to work for. I buy a lot of that brand pre-loved because I know the quality is very good and sizing too. Although this skirt didn’t work for me, it’s too short and the pink in the blazer and shirt don’t work for me at all. I wore it once, when we went for pizza at my sister’s! Didn’t feel as me, so sold both the skirt and the blazer. Bold colours aren’t really my style, but I do love them.”


“Is this a tangerine dream?… or is it more like manic mandarin!?! I’m calling it sun-kissed satsuma – a whole eyeful of orange! I love a 90s classic suit and this one is a genuine vintage piece. It’s far from high-end but what it lacks in class, it definitely makes up for in colour!”

Shelbee on the Edge:

“I found this pink embroidered sundress on a thrifting adventure last spring but it was a tad too tight. I have lost some weight and now it’s just right! And it’s perfect for a bright monochrome outfit paired with lots of other pink things (that were not preloved but have been loved much by me)!”

Style Splash:

“I was limited to my holiday wardrobe for this month’s theme, but you know me – I’ve always got plenty of colourful clothes on hand! I bought this orange jumpsuit in a charity shop last summer for about £6. It’s such a great fit… and of course I love the colour! I added my orange fedora which I bought in a local boutique and some orange earrings to complete this tangerine ensemble!”

. . . . .

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your week is off to a great start.


Miles of smiles,



Jumpsuit: Thrifted, $13 | Orange Wedges: Thrifted, $13 | Belt: Thrifted, $2

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  1. Oh my goodness, Grace, I am so sorry you had to go running all around trying to find something, but it really did turn out to be one hell of a fabulous outfit! You definitely have Hollywood vibes and I love the color on you. Those shoes are super fun and I wouldn’t have been able to resist them either. This is definitely one of my favorite ever looks on you! Well done, my friend!


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