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For the first week since I’ve been here, I spent more time inside doing schoolwork than out in the world exploring. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress this week to figure out what exactly I want to get out of my study abroad experience, and I’ve realized I feel guilty when I just stay in doing the same things I could have done back at school in Denver. It’s really important to me to try new activities and get the most out of this adventure! But I have also been trying to give myself grace and recognize that it’s okay to have rest days. After all, I’ve been blowing off most of my school work since I’ve been here, so I had to catch up at some point!


Monday, January 31

After a late night on Sunday following last week’s quidditch social, I had a slow day today taking blog photos in the morning and attending my Celtic Civilization lecture online. In the evening, I went to my usual Scottish dancing class. It’s been a very frustrating experience because I just don’t jive with the teaching style, but I’m committed to learning these complicated dances so that I can attend the ball in March (any excuse to dress up, right?).

Checkered Top: Charming Charlie, $13, last worn here | Black Pleather Jacket: Blank NYC via Gracie’s Boutique, $25, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here | Maroon Circle Purse: Nordstrom Rack, $50, last worn here


Tuesday, February 1

My friend and I got brunch this morning at a place we’ve been trying to eat at that always has a really long line. Thankfully, we scored a spot this time, and I enjoyed an eggs benedict—something I can never eat in the States due to the bread and flour they put in the hollandaise sauce (if you haven’t heard—I’m allergic to the wheat in the U.S. but not the wheat in Europe!). After my class in the afternoon, I went to the grocery store and spent the rest of the day chipping away at schoolwork.

I thought this outfit was really cute, and this skirt is one of my favorites. Something I realized about my capsule wardrobe is that I definitely should have packed another pair of pants instead of so many skirts… I don’t wear my skirts nearly enough in the chilly weather here. Whenever it’s dry outside in the morning and there’s even a fleeting lick of sunshine, I break out a skirt—gotta wear them when I can.

Maroon Mock-Neck Top: JCPenney, $11, last worn here | Black Pleather Jacket: Blank NYC via Gracie’s Boutique, $25, last worn here | Plaid Skirt: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | White Knee Socks: DSW, $15, last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here


Wednesday, February 2

I grabbed coffee with a friend this morning and then watched a few lectures for my art history class. In the afternoon, I went to my first salsa session on campus. I did a little salsa-ing through a club my freshman year of college, but I haven’t done it since. When I heard there is a salsa nightclub in town and a salsa society through the uni, I knew I had to try it out! Unfortunately, I got stuck as a lead… so it wasn’t nearly as fun as I was hoping. But now I know to be more assertive next time—I just have to go straight to a boy instead of let him come to me, ha!

I was trying to go to bed earlier this week, but I had to stay up late today for a Zoom call with the other bridesmaids of my brother’s wedding. I didn’t realize this before, but I will have an absolutely crazy first week of May! On Tuesday, I will leave Glasgow to fly back home, arriving Wednesday… followed by a bridal shower and the bachelorette party on Thursday, the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and the wedding on Saturday! Phew, it’ll be so much fun, but I will probably need to sleep for all of the following week.

Collared Sweater: Gift | Skinny Jeans: Express, $42, last worn here | Leopard Rain Booties: Ralph Lauren via Macy’s, $60, last worn here


Thursday, February 3

I had my three-hour Stained Glass class this morning, which was equally frustrating as it was fun! Even though certain aspects of the class are difficult, I am really enjoying it—working with stained glass is just such a different form of art than I’ve ever done before, and it requires a unique kind of creativity. I’m almost done with my first project already and can’t wait to have three beautiful works to take home at the end of the semester.

After my in-person seminar, my friend and I got dinner in the evening and attended the Art Society’s pub quiz. Pub quizzes are a big thing here—nobody calls them trivia. Another girl joined our team, but considering the quiz was art and Glasgow themed, my friend and I didn’t expect to know anything. However… our team ended up tying for first place! It was really cool to realize all the museums and exploring we’ve been doing has really paid off—sometimes we knew more about Glasgow than the locals. The experience definitely made me more comfortable with having a lazier week, since I’ve already learned so much about the city in the short time I’ve been here.

I also loved today’s edgier outfit. If I were at home, I would pair this look with black booties instead of my more proper riding boots, but I like the combo nonetheless. I will definitely be wearing it again while here.

Grey Cropped Sweater: Hand-me-down, last worn here | Maroon Moto Jacket: Boutique, $25, last worn here | Black Skinny Jeans: Express, $42 | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here


Friday, February 4

I had my art history class today in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which is the first pic in today’s post. I had to give a presentation on a painting by Monet. Afterwards, I spent most of the afternoon on Zoom—talking to two different friends and then catching up with my dad. I liked today’s casual outfit to keep warm, since it was windy and rainy when I left for class.

Blush Lace-Up Tee: JCPenney, $20, last worn here | Maroon Quilted Vest: Francesca’s, $45, last worn here | Grey Mom Jeans: Express, $19, last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here | Grey Beanie: Love Your Melon, $30, last worn here


Saturday, February 5

Today’s outfit was only a slight variation of yesterday’s outfit, as they have very similar vibes. I am starting to think of myself as a paper doll when I do these weekly recap posts—my pose is always the same in these photos, and only a few clothing items ever change at a time.

For the most part, I have been pleasantly surprised by the weather since I’ve been in Glasgow—it hasn’t rained nearly as much as I expected—but the last couple of days have been pretty miserable. I walked in the rain to meet up with some friends from the Taylor Swift Society to grab lunch at Nando’s, which is apparently a big deal here and used to be one of Niall Horan’s favorite restaurants (so I’m told). I can say that it definitely was delicious. I went back to my flat in the afternoon and forced myself to work on more school stuff for the rest of the day.

Blush Tee: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Maroon Moto Jacket: Boutique, $25, last worn here | Grey Mom Jeans: Express, $19, last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here | Grey Beanie: Love Your Melon, $30, last worn here

. . . . .

In other news, after some thought this week, I have decided to end my linkup… I started the linkup as the College Creator Linkup almost exactly a year ago in the hopes of building a community for college-aged bloggers like myself. However, when it didn’t catch on with people my age, I decided to open the linkup up to everyone.

Aside from trying to comment on everyone’s posts, I haven’t been willing to do any of the things that would make me a “gracious host” and haven’t been that committed to the linkup, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Reading Carrie’s recent post for why she stopped hosting her linkup after more than six years gave me the final boost I needed to give it up—since linkups probably are dying out anyway. Yes, it’s a little embarrassing to quit since I never even tried that hard to get the linkup going, but as my entrepreneurship professors have taught me… it’s important to fail early and fail often, and my heart was never really in it anyway. With that said, I do want to thank Mireille from Chez Mireille for always being such a great supporter of the linkup!

Anyway, my plans for today changed last minute, so I think I will spend the afternoon exploring the Riverside Museum of Transport and going to bachata lessons tonight with the Salsa Society. Let me know which of this week’s outfits is your favorite, and have a great Sunday!


Miles of smiles,

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love you and your blog so i thought it was important to show support but i totally understand. It would be difficult to keep a link up going solo especially with everything on your plate. I like reading your outfit recaps post because they show all little changes can create new outfits especially with a limited wardrobe and it’s so fun hear about your week!

  2. Sounds like you are having heaps of fun in Glasgow, Grace 🥰 and I’m glad to hear you discovered a salsa community 😊 thanks for sharing and have a good day ☺️ Aiva

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