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It’s time for another Magnificent 8 collab, and this month my blogger friends and I are showcasing how we style vests. I have a few quilted vests in my closet, but I almost exclusively layer them over sweaters with jeans for a cozy, après-ski kind of outfit. That felt too boring for a blog post, so I wanted to challenge myself to create a fancier look with my black vest. I love how the outfit came together!


This outfit is giving me all the preppy, collegiate vibes—slap on a headband and I might even call this a Blair Waldorf inspired look! This outfit is a totally new combination for me. I have never even thought to pair this polka dot mesh sleeve top with this plaid skirt, let alone with a black vest over it. Usually new outfit ideas come to me while doing laundry (I love seeing random pieces next to each other in the dirty clothes hamper, only to realize they pair quite nicely), but for some reason today’s outfit just came to me with no sort of inspiration.

fall-outfit-quilted-vest-plaid-skirt-knee-boots preppy-fall-outfit-plaid-skirt-black-vest

What I like about this look is that it’s subtly interesting. The polka dots and plaid are a fun way to do pattern mixing, but the colors are so subdued that it’s not in-your-face like a lot of prints can be. I also love how chic and put-together this outfit looks—as I said, I usually wear vests exclusively with casual outfits, so this feels like a huge step up. The gold zipper and buttons of the vest add a little glam to the look, in my opinion, as do the green dangly clip-on earrings. I thought the clip-ons might look funny with the outfit, but I loved the subtle hint of green! It paired perfectly with my Cabi plaid skirt, which just screams fall vibes to me.

fall-college-style-preppy-outfit-plaid-skirt quilted-vest-plaid-skirt-polka-dot-top-preppy-style vintage-clip-on-earrings-polka-dot-shirt-mesh-sleeves

I completed the look with my trusty maroon circle bag (and a little lip color to match), as well as my white knee socks and black knee boots. I think the socks and boots are what really pull this look together because they make the color scheme a lot more cohesive. Without them, the stark white (or I suppose, crème) of my top would be a little jarring against the black.

My only complaint is that I do think this look needs a necklace—but only a very specific kind of necklace. It needs a gold pendant that hangs narrowly, so that it can be seen hanging in the opening of the vest. I think the long, adjustable, tie-type necklace style that was popular a few years ago would work perfectly (something kind of like this).

knee-socks-black-vest-circle-purse-fall-outfit how-to-wear-a-vest leaf-throwing-fall-outfits-autumn-stye-college-blogger

In the four falls that I have now spent in Colorado, this year is by far the most beautiful. I can’t get enough of all the gorgeous colors and leaves around campus! I know they won’t last much longer, so I was very excited to snap these pictures in front of one of my favorite buildings before class yesterday. I don’t know why, but I think this outfit would be SO cute to wear in Scotland when I study abroad there in the spring! Something about the plaid and riding boots make it feel very British and overcast-worthy to me.

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As always, thanks for stopping by today! Are you a big fan of vests or do you find ‘sleeveless jackets’ to be a rather useless clothing item? Let me know in the comments! And I hope you’re having a great week so far.


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Polka Dot Sleeve Top: Loft, $20, last worn here | Black Quilted Vest: JCPenney, $15, last worn here | Plaid Skirt: Cabi, $89, last worn here | White Knee Socks: DSW, $15, last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Clarks via DSW, $100, last worn here | Maroon Circle Purse: Nordstrom Rack, $50, last worn here

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  1. Grace, I adore this outfit so much on you! It does have lots of fun collegiate vibes from days gone by and it totally suits you. I love the subtle pattern mixing as well as the fall hues in this outfit. I recall wearing similar styles back in the 90s when I was in college and on the days when I felt more preppy than goth or grunge! I think that lariat style necklace that you linked would be really cute with this outfit, but I am also picturing a neckerchief of some sort!


    1. Ooh a neckerchief would be fun, I didn’t even think of that! And yes, I could totally see this skirt taking on a grungy vibe as well. Thanks for your comment!

  2. How cute! I wouldn’t think of pairing a polka dot top with a plaid skirt. It pairs beautifully and the vest adds that casual laid back vibe. Obsessed! The leaves where I live hasn’t turned yet. Well, let me take that back, but at least the temperatures have gone down. So excited for your study abroad next Spring. That’ll be awesome.

    Maureen |

  3. Oh, Grace. Just look at how we were thinking along the same tracks with the sheer blouse under the vest.
    I adore how you’re trying new things and this came together perfectly.
    I’lI admit that I’d add a necklace too OR statement earrings!!

    1. Thanks Mireille! I only brought one vest to school with me this quarter but am excited to wear my other ones once I get home.

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