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For today’s blog post, I wanted to recycle some of my favorite fall outfits and showcase nine different ways to wear this maroon pleather jacket. When I first bought this BB Dakota jacket on sale for $25, I wasn’t sure how versatile the color would be—turns out, the answer was very versatile. I wear this jacket all the time, and it pairs with everything from sweaters in the winter to dresses for going out. If you’ve been hesitant about purchasing a fun-colored jacket because you’re worried you won’t get enough use out of it, this is your sign to branch away from neutrals for once… A colored statement piece can make just as much of a staple as a classic beige or black jacket!


1. Fall Flannels

One of the easiest ways to wear a colored moto jacket is to layer it over your favorite fall flannel or button-down. Squeeze into your favorite skinnies, add some black accessories, and you’re ready to tackle the day in style! You can see more of this look in my Mask Fashion blog post.


2. Jewel Tones

A fun way to style a bold jacket is to play up the color by pairing it with even more colors in the same palette—in my case, jewel tones. I layered my maroon jacket over this brown patterned dress, which has hints of emerald green, turquoise, purple, and pink. The overall mood of the outfit is on the darker side, thanks to the mix of browns, but this look would pair perfectly with a bright jewel-toned bag to bring all the subtle colors together.

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3. Bold and Monochrome

I’m not usually one who gravitates towards a monochromatic look, but I adore this bold outfit inspired by Cheryl Blossom from the TV show “Riverdale”. The key to pulling off a monochrome look, in my opinion, is to mix textures. The fringe of the dress and the pleather of the jacket are an interesting and expensive-looking combo, whereas a maroon outfit comprised entirely of the same fabric would look a little cheap.


4. Casual for Fall

When in doubt, you can never fail layering a colorful jacket over your favorite t-shirt. I paired mine with this olive green striped tee from Down East Style, and similar to the jewel tones, the olive green and maroon really complement each other. I dressed it up a bit with fun accessories—a dangly necklace, studded belt, and fringe booties—for a super cute, yet comfy, fall look.

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5. Bundled Up

A moto jacket might not be your go-to on those chilly winter days, but it can be the perfect stylish piece when properly accessorized and layered over a thick sweater. I wore mine over a brown cable-knit sweater, and while the maroon and brown are very similar in color, something about the combo just worked. I threw on an adorable Love Your Melon beanie and leopard rain boots for a day out exploring in the cold! You can see more of this outfit here.


6. Flirty in a Dress

Whenever I’m running late in the morning, my instinct is always to throw on a dress—it’s a one and done deal, requiring virtually no thought since you don’t have to pair a top and bottom together. A colorful jacket can be the perfect way to spice up a dress in no time as you’re scurrying out the door!

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7. Plaid and Preppy

Another fun way to style an edgy moto jacket is to juxtapose it with something preppy. On their own, this white sweater and plaid skirt would make a cute and work-appropriate outfit, but the edginess of the jacket and studded mules make this a more interesting look. The jacket would also look cute layered over something like, say, a tweed collared dress. Mixing and matching different styles is one of the best ways to make a unique and fashionable outfit! You can see more of this look in my fall favorites blog post.


8. Neutral and Chic

Another surefire pairing is to style your colorful jacket with a black top and pair of jeans. You can never go wrong with a black blouse, black tee, or black dress for a simple outfit, and all the different washes and cuts of jeans out there ensure your outfit possibilities are endless. Is this the most creative combo? No. But if you’re hesitant about purchasing a fun and out-there jacket, stop and take a moment to think about all the black, white, or grey tops you have in your closet… Yeah, you can make at least that many outfits with your jacket.

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9. A Night Out

Last but not least, you can throw your jacket over a skimpy top and slip into your favorite heels for a night out. I always get so many compliments when I wear this burgundy jacket, and it’s definitely a confidence booster—just what I need if I’m planning on going out and mingling with strangers. Style your hair and throw on some bolder makeup than usual and—bam! An otherwise simple outfit can be super cute for getting drinks with the girls. You can see more of this look in my casting call blog post.

While I only have a burgundy moto jacket right now (and several black ones), I would love to get a bold red jacket one of these days. I’ve also seen really cute blush pink moto jackets or even suede olive green ones! I know it’s tempting when purchasing a staple piece like a jacket to reach for neutrals… It’s instinctive because we want to get the most bang for our buck and be able to wear the piece with the greatest number of items. However, I promise you, colorful jackets can be just as versatile—and that much more stylish! When I look back through most of the outfits I shared today, several other colors could easily be swapped with the maroon and still look great. I linked a few cute + colorful jackets in the widget above… So if you’ve been waiting to take the leap and buy a non-neutral jacket, you should go for it. You will look so cool and stylish if you do!

Which of these looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and I hope your week is off to a great start.


Miles of smiles,

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    1. Thanks Natalie! The black purse with the elephant on it in look 1) Fall Flannels and look 5) Bundled Up was from Francesca’s yearssss ago. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mireille! Sometimes it doesn’t work right with loosely fitting skirts/dresses, but I think more fitted items pair great with it.

  1. Such a cute look, I have a burgundy faux leather jacket too, although not as trendy as yours. I love all your outfits, but the second one is my favorite.

  2. You wear this burgundy jacket so well! I have a cobalt leather jacket that I just realised I hit over 30 wears with this year – it’s a staple! I don’t have a lot of jackets, most are neutrals, so it’s good to see that the colourful ones work well in so many outfits. I really like that monochrome look!

    Hope you are having a great week 🙂 Another stormy spring day here today!

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