Weekly Recap #35, 2021



Check out the new site!!! I finally published my website redesign yesterday, complete with new fonts, colors, and logos. What do you think? Of course, as is the case whenever you get coding and WordPress involved, there are still a few issues I’m working on fixing. I also really need to take a new profile pic, since my current one is three years old. But for the most part, welcome to the new Graceful Rags! I’m really happy with this cleaner, more sophisticated look, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. Now, onto this week’s casual outfits and activities!

Monday, August 23

After staying out late at the drive-in movies the night before, I slept in this morning and had a lazy start to the day watching an episode of “The Handmaid’s Tale” with my dad. No, I did not get dressed at all today… Long live summer, amirite? My blog post took embarrassingly long to get published, but once it was finally finished, my dad and I played tennis together in the afternoon. Following dinner, I dragged my mom to the grocery store with me because I didn’t have cereal to eat in the morning… we avoided a near disaster. Grace with no breakfast = a problem for everyone.


Tuesday, August 24

I worked this morning, went on a walk with my mom, and hopped on Zoom for a short work meeting. I offered to make dinner for the fam and cooked chile relleno casserole, an easy, impossible-to-screw-up recipe! We enjoyed it on the couch as we watched a three-episode docuseries called “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”. It was dark… as expected.

Striped Flamingo Tee: JCrew, $25, last worn here | Denim Shorts: H&M, $25, last worn here | Beaded Sandals: Resort gift store, $20, last worn here


Wednesday, August 25

I spent the entire afternoon today taking blog photos. The lighting was perfect initially because there was a lot of haziness/clouds, but of course it started to burn off, making some of the photos too bright and shadowy. Then my phone crashed… it was an ordeal, per usual. I’m happy with the results though! After photos, I decorated a fruit tart that my mom made (first picture in today’s post) and then my brother came over for dinner.

I used to never wear these denim shorts because of their length, but I recently decided to cut the seams of the cuffed part at the hem and unroll the legs. That made the shorts a little longer, and now I wear them all the time! (I do need to iron out the wrinkle at the hem, though.)

Lavender Peplum Top: Francesca’s, $15, last worn here | Denim Shorts: H&M, $25, last worn here | Beaded Sandals: Resort gift store, $20, last worn here


Thursday, August 26

My friend and I went on a bike ride this morning! We leisurely road on the Boise Greenbelt along the river, through several parks, and then onto the Boise State University campus. We had time to kill, so we ended up riding over to a cute neighborhood for mimosas and brunch. It was so much fun! I had to rush home for a quick Zoom work meeting before spending the afternoon exploring an antique mall with my mom. I’ve never been to an antique mall before, and while I love thrifting for clothes, I don’t think antiquing is for me. I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff—and how weird a lot of it was. What purpose does someone have for a small taxidermy groundhog with a missing paw? Although, the experience did make me realize how much shelf-shit I have in my own bedroom… I think I could open an antique store of my own.

Leopard Dress: JCPenney, $11, last worn here | Black Sandals: Dillard’s, $30, last worn here | Black Elephant Purse: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here


Friday, August 27

My mom and I went for a walk in the early afternoon before I made an impromptu trip to the DMV to get a new license (mine was still the wrong orientation, even though I’m 21—it has been the source of lots of teasing). Even late on a Friday, the DMV was packed! Later in the evening, my parents and I decided to meet up with some family friends for a last-minute dinner. Of course, I had to throw on a dress and heels for the ‘occasion’! This green plaid dress was one of my $1 thrifted dresses from a few years ago. I thought the yellow heels and lavender purse were fun pops of color, although I didn’t get the chance to take a pic of my outfit before leaving—I snapped this when we got home, which is why the lighting is so bad.

Green Plaid Dress: Thrifted, $1, last worn here | Yellow Sandal Heels: Sole Society via DSW, $20, last worn here | Lavender Purse: Kate Spade Outlet, gift, last worn here


Saturday, August 28

My brother came over for breakfast so we all ate scrambled eggs and toast out on the patio. The weather has been so perfect lately! I then spent most of the day working on my website’s new look and chatting with WordPress support. One guy finally had to tell me, “Uh, you’re asking too much of us.” Lol. After dinner, my parents and I watched the new movie Reminiscence. My dad and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and then the three of us played Bananagrams—shockingly, I crushed them all four games!

Seafoam Green Tee: JCPenney, $20, last worn here | Denim Shorts: H&M, $25, last worn here | Beaded Sandals: Resort gift store, $20, last worn here

. . . . .

As you can see, I kept my outfits mostly casual this week, wearing the same denim shorts and beaded sandals combo three of the five days! Since I don’t leave the house much or really do anything, I don’t have a problem rewearing my shorts several times between washes. I’m definitely the type of person who throws them on the floor at night and then picks them up and puts them on again the next morning… Oops.

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!



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  1. Congratulations on your new site, Grace, it looks very neat. I love the soft colours and eye-catching — yet timeless — design that will let your work and posts shine. Take care xx

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