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I know it’s a *little* late in the summer to be sharing swimsuits, but as a true sale shopper, I tend to purchase items at the end of the season once everything is discounted. Unfortunately, my cute striped bikini from Target is almost entirely out of stock online (as is the rest of Target’s swimsuit inventory). However, Aerie has been killing it with their swimwear lately and a lot of their pieces are still in stock—and on major sale right now. I wanted to share these cute peacock pictures from a few weeks ago in Las Vegas as well as some of my favorite swim styles that help me feel most confident by the pool!


When it comes to swimwear, I am very practical and would much rather prioritize comfort over style. I like to actually swim at the beach/pool and have never been the type of girl who just lays around (although I have to admit, it was pretty nice lounging on this pool float). As such, I am extremely picky about the swimsuits I choose because I don’t want to be worried about nip slips or completely flashing people the whole time I’m by the water.

striped-sunglasses-bikini-target-swimsuit target-swimsuit-pool-day-essentials

I used to exclusively wear one-piece swimsuits because I preferred to be more modest. However, in recent years, I’ve realized that one-pieces are not the most flattering on me. I think they highlight my lower stomach in a way I don’t want (the same reason I only wear bodysuits with high-waisted bottoms now). I also think I must have a long torso because one-pieces always seem too low-cut on my chest. But with that said, there is still a time and place for one-pieces, and I’ve found that the most flattering styles of these kinds of swimsuits are either cut-out styles or belted suits.

Most of the cute cut-out one-pieces are already sold out, but this swimsuit from Amazon is a great example. The suit creates the illusion of a bikini but has all the security of a one-piece, and the high-waisted bottoms help to camouflage any tummy that might make you feel insecure. The cutout also hits at the smallest part of your waist, either accentuating or creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Belted swimsuits are another flattering one-piece option. This one and this one are good examples. Similar to the cutout, a belt or some sort of seam/design across your natural waist helps highlight your curves in the best way possible.

It can be hard to feel confident in a swimsuit… But I’ve found over the years that good swimwear is all about a great cut that highlights your favorite part of your body. That’s what I think these cut-out swimsuits and belted one-pieces do.

peacock-pool-float-striped-sunglasses-target-swimsuit striped-bikini-pool-float-lounging-las-vegas-summer-style

Even though I have now graduated to bikinis, I still prefer modest coverage—very little cheek on display over here. Finding fuller-coverage bottoms is difficult, especially while shopping online. But the nice thing about the Aerie swimsuits I’ve linked today is that they allow free shipping and returns, with the intention that shoppers will purchase multiple styles and sizes to try on at home and then can easily return them if necessary.

When it comes to bikini tops, I like to find pieces that are as close to a sports bra as possible, meaning, I like tops that can be pulled over my head or clasped just once in the back. I refuse to wear anything that is self-tie. I also don’t like triangle-style tops that move along the string that ties around your torso. When I buy a swimsuit top, I want to have as little movement and as little room for error as possible. I really love Aerie’s selection of bikini tops because so many of them are pullover style or have a single clasp in the back, rather than lots of ties or a wrap-style. Sure, those bikinis are super cute, but I just know I would never feel comfortable swimming or doing water sports in them myself.

Check out some of the tops below! Lots of them are on sale for around $12. Of course, not all the sizes or colors are always available this late in the season, but that’s the thrill of the hunt for a bargain shopper.

target-swimsuit-striped-bikini-summer-style striped-swimsuit-peacock-floaty-target-style

When it comes to bikini bottoms, I only wear high-waisted pairs. I just do not feel comfortable in low-waisted bottoms because then all of my stomach is on display, and, regardless of body positivity and all that jazz, I still feel the need to ‘suck-in’ when wearing such low-cut bottoms. High-waisted bottoms, on the other hand, hit me at the most flattering part of my natural waist and make me feel extra curvy and confident. And, I feel like I can eat whatever I want and not feel weird about my stomach—it’s all about that cut!

When I bought this striped bikini earlier in the season, I was a little on the fence about the high cut in the leg holes—meaning more thigh/booty is on display. However, after wearing this suit several times, I’m convinced I won’t go back to another style. The higher cut in the leg holes is actually extremely flattering… For one, it makes you look taller by extending the line of your legs. Two, it makes you look SO curvy, even if you don’t have that much of a booty. The high-waist combined with the high-cut leg holes make your waist look tiny in comparison to your butt, giving you the perfect hourglass shape. Most importantly, this kind of swim bottom makes me feel so confident!

I can’t attest to the cheekiness of the swimsuits I linked below, but they all have the high-waist that I swear by. Some of them even have that super trendy v-shape near the belly-button, which is also an extremely flattering cut.


So there you have it, my favorite swimsuit styles and my key to feeling confident by the pool! I’ve never shared swimsuit photos on the blog before and felt a little iffy about it, but this peacock float was too cute not to share. I also wanted to encourage anyone who maybe doesn’t love swimsuits to try out a pair of high-waisted bottoms… I’m a big fan of the old show “What Not to Wear”, and Stacy and Clinton always preached the importance of belts and the right cut/fit when it comes to boosting someone’s confidence and self-image. The same applies to swimsuits! The right style really can be transformative in how a person feels about herself by the pool.

Do you have a go-to swimsuit style? I know I shouldn’t shop anymore, but I’m really tempted by some of Aerie’s sale swimsuits! Wish me luck on not pulling the trigger…



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  1. Purchasing items at the end of the season when they are discounted is one of my favourite things to do too. I have yet to try high waisted bikini bottoms. But might give them a go next season as they are often super stylish and figure flattering. Thanks for sharing, Grace and have a good day. I hope all is well 😊 Aiva xx

  2. These are such fun pictures! You can tell you enjoy being on that float! I have a giant flamingo but I love this, have not seen a peacock before. Love the suit on you! It still is modest and looks very flattering! I have the issue with being long waisted and one pieces.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  3. This striped bikini is so cute on you! I’ve had a couple one pieces but I feel happier in a bikini too – I really need to update my swimwear though, I haven’t for such a long time and things are definitely different post-babies, haha! It’s why it’s good I have a couple different sized swimsuits in my collection 😉

    I don’t mind a low waist – I let me post baby belly all hang out, haha, as I’m just not comfortable in a high cut ones. i think choice is so important and it’s great there are so many options out there 🙂

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup. Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 We have another birthday party today!

    1. Thanks so much Mica! And yes, so true… There are so many styles and cuts out there that everyone can find something they like.

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