Weekly Recap #30, 2021



In the olden days, before I started doing these weekly OOTD posts, I rarely ever got dressed during the summertime. I’d either stay in my pajamas late into the morning or wear athletic clothes all day. These weekly recaps have motivated me to try to put on ‘real clothes’ every day of the week, but I slumped back into my old ways these past few days and only got dressed a handful of times. Makes for a rather uneventful recap, but ah well! Here are the outfits I did wear.


Monday, July 19

I spent the morning doing chores, and then my parents and I had a mid-afternoon binge fest to finish the newest season of “Riverdale”. The show is absolute trash, but we are trying to see it through to the end. Afterwards, my mom and I made a trip to Michael’s for supplies for some decorations I’m making for my apartment in the fall, and we also wandered through DSW. I haven’t been to the shoe store in forever, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by their selection… I don’t think I’ve every walked out of there empty handed!

I also decided to try something new with my hair today. I saw an actress wearing hers like this in a TV show the other day, with two small braids at the front of her face pulled into a low ponytail. It thought it was the cutest thing, but I’ve decided I can’t pull it off—the look isn’t nearly as cute on me. Whattaya gonna do.

Boho Dress: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Brown Sandals: DSW, $45, last worn here | Printed Belt: Came with another dress, last worn here

. . . . .

Tuesday, July 20

My mom and I went for a walk this morning before I had a work meeting in the early afternoon. I spent the rest of the day watching “Law and Order: SVU” reruns while catching up in my planner, and my parents and I started a new show after dinner: “Clarice”. It’s about Clarice from Silence of the Lambs, which is one of my all time favorite movies, and I really like the show so far!


Wednesday, July 21

I accidently slept in this morning until 10:30… I can’t remember the last time I got so much sleep, but I guess my body really needed it. My mom and I went for another walk and I wasted the day away doodling in my planner again. I put on real clothes because a) I needed to take blog pictures and b) I went to dinner with one of my best friends. I felt so stinking cute in this casual summer look!

Olive Green Knit Tank: Francesca’s, $15 | Denim Shorts: Target, $18, last worn here | Sparkly Sandals: DSW, $45, last worn here | Panama Hat: Nordstrom Rack, $21, last worn here | Sunglasses: Sungait Glasses via Amazon, sent to me by brand, last worn here | Circle Studded Belt: Sundance Outlet, $80, last worn here | Brown Saddle Bag: Won in a giveaway, last worn here

. . . . .

Thursday, July 22

Another day of not getting dressed! My mom and I went for a walk again before my dad picked us up so we could go get Slurpees… Yum! They had my favorite flavor, piña colada. I spent the afternoon packing and catching up with my friend on Zoom before watching more “Clarice”.


Friday, July 23

We spent today driving to my grandpa’s farm in Utah. Once there, my mom and I made a run to the grocery store before we ate dinner with my grandpa and played Euchre. Afterwards, my parents surprised me with a very special scrapbook… Before my grandma passed away, she had spent years making scrapbooks for each grandchild that included family history, lots of old pictures, and other milestones and memories. She died before finishing four of the scrapbooks, including mine and my two brothers’, so my grandpa asked my mom, aunts, and uncles if they could finish the books for him. My mom finally completed the last one and gave it to me today so my grandpa could see it, too. I spent an hour looking through it and learning about where my family came from. It was such a special moment and I will cherish the scrapbook forever!

Floral Top: Hand-me-down, last worn here | Denim Shorts: H&M, $25, last worn here | Sparkly Sandals: DSW, $45, last worn here | Hair Scarf: Hand-me-down, $5, last worn here | Brown Circle Purse: Target, $30, last worn here


Saturday, July 24

We had a slow morning at the farm playing Euchre and sitting outside while it was still cool. My mom and grandpa also had to deal with a dead skunk on the property, which was quite the show. Afterwards, we drove back to my grandpa’s house in Las Vegas and immediately hopped in the pool, staying there all afternoon! I’ve had this swimsuit for a long time, but my mom said it needs to go… too much booty showing, lol. Isn’t it so cute with my striped sunnies, though?

. . . . .

I told myself I needed to be really productive these past few days after spending the previous week away at camp… but as you can tell, I was the exact opposite! If you’ve been reading these weekly recaps for a while, however, you probably know that whenever I’m in Vegas, I go into the office with my grandpa every morning at 4 am. At least I’ll be productive then! Getting up that early means you can complete a whole day’s worth of work by 10 am, and while the wakeup call is brutal, I love how much I get done.

Anyway, thanks for reading today’s rather boring recap. I hope you had a great week, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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  1. I hope you enjoy your week too! I have been having a hard time being productive lately too! Even though I have really enjoyed the laid back style this summer, I am ready for a routine again (and cooler weather). I think we will try to hit the pool a few times a week in August: we haven’t really gone in July.

    1. The pool sounds great! My dad and I have been swimming in my grandpa’s pool these past few days. And I agree, I start to grow restless by the end of the summer – I like that routine!

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