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It’s the third Monday of the month, which means it’s time for another Thrifty Six collaboration to showcase our secondhand items! I chose ‘boho’ for this month’s theme, as I usually find myself reaching for flowy, printed fabrics in more neutral colors during the summertime. Keep scrolling to hear why I actually kind of struggled with this theme and to see my five blogger friends’ interpretations of boho style.


When I think of boho, I imagine flowing garments, pattern mixing, wild hair, lots of layered jewelry, crocheted fabrics, etc. I thought I had the perfect thrifted boho look in my head before choosing this month’s theme, but once I actually tried the outfit on, I realized how dumb it looked! (That happens probably 50% of the time—I think of a cute outfit in my head, try it on, and realize that it is NOT, in fact, cute.)

That’s what I get for choosing the theme before actually having my outfit prepared. I scrambled for several days, trying on different combinations of the most boho pieces in my closet to see what worked. I mostly discovered outfits that did not work before finally settling on this more subdued boho look. This outfit reminds me of something that might be fitting for a music festival, although, without all the face glitter and crazy stuff.

boho-outfit-elephant-skirt-summer-style college-fashion-blogger-thrifted-style

This elephant skirt was a hand-me-down from my friend back when I was in high school, and it’s one of my favorite flowy pieces in the summer. In fact, you may recognize it as the halter top I wore on the blog a few weeks ago! In the past, I’ve paired this skirt with a maroon mock-neck tank, so I wanted to try a black camisole this time instead. I tied it up in the back in order to give it a little crop and show a strip of skin.

Of course, the elephant print in the skirt and the matching elephant clutch felt like the perfect boho details. I wanted to layer on the gold jewelry (I was imagining lots of bangles), but the most jewelry I had here at school was a G initial necklace, a gold globe necklace, a long turquoise pendant, and a single beaded cuff. Like I said, a more subdued boho outfit than I was imagining.

boho-style-thrifted-outfit-elephant-details-summer-outfit elephant-skirt-black-tank-summer-outfit

I had the most fun doing my hair for this outfit! I imagined a kind of messy and haphazard hairstyle, so I started by parting my hair down the middle and doing French twists on either side. I added gold hair rings to the twists and then braided a few small sections to frame my face. I think it turned out kind of cute and boho, right? My only complaint is that doing the twists and small braids revealed sections of my scalp, which is not such a cute look. I’m gonna have to work on that.

layered-necklaces-black-tank-printed-boho-skirt festival outfit-printed-skirt-brown-sandals

Now, be sure to check out all my blogger friends’ thrifted boho outfits below! Click the links next to their names to be redirected to their own blog posts. I really like the variety of boho styles this month and enjoyed seeing everyone’s interpretations.


Emma of Style Splash:

“For me, boho style means long, flowing dresses, vintage floral prints, tassels and floppy hats. I’ve managed to include all of those elements in this outfit. My dress is a vintage find from eBay. It has an unusual neckline that had me a little baffled at first – I wasn’t sure if I was wearing it back to front!” 

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade:

“Musings under a cinnabar sunset… Lost in thought, relaxing in the evening sun, I contemplate my attire and the complexities of its origin. I muse upon the vintage patchwork skirt, hand-stitched by a bare-foot flower child… the trinkets and adornments collected over time, ethnic, Byzantine, Bedouin… crossing continents for me to unite them under this cinnabar sunset – my vision of bohemia…”

Lucy of Lucy Bertoldi:

“Boho fashion and styling- I’m all in! For me boho is all about flowy and reminiscent pieces filled with florals and embroidery. This lovely dress I inherited from my Mexican friend Ernestina. She completely hand-embroidered it ages ago – making it all the more special to me. Artisanal work speaks to my heart – from soul to hand, creations blossom. Precious!”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“This blouse is actually a hand me down as you name it I think. I never wear a boho look and this was the only item that came close to me. And it’s not the blouse that gives me a bit of a boho feel, it’s the hairband, which belongs with the blouse, and the mules. But I only wore the blouse for this photo a few years ago. It ended up in the give away bag.”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“I found this turquoise embroidered boho dress when I went thrifting last month with my big birthday coupon and I combined it with my brown thrifted cowboy boots for some festival hippie vibes. I accessorized with a cowboy hat and beaded jewelry. And then I added a long crochet lace vest to cover up a few tiny bleach spots on the back of the dress that I didn’t notice at first.”

. . . . .

As always, thanks for stopping by today! Have a great start to your week.



11 comments on “Boho Vibes with The Thrifty Six”

  1. I hear you Grace. I always envision something in my head only to be disappointed that it doesn’t come to life. But I do think you did a good job on this outfit. Your hair and outfit definitely adds that carefree style vibe and love your elephant clutch! I hope your week is off to a great start and happy Monday!

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks Mireille! And I completely know what you mean – sometimes taking pics is a great way to realize if something is actually flattering or not. I know if I have a hard time getting a cute pic than the piece probably doesn’t look that good on me to begin with!

  2. I think you nailed it – this is a really cute outfit on you and you can see the boho touches. I think your hair looks so good!

    I try plan my outfits in advance – as there’s not a lot of time in the mornings trying to get myself and the kids ready! And it’s always frustrating when something I wanted to wear doesn’t turn out like I hoped!

    Hope that you are having a lovely week 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! And I totally know what you mean. I used to lay out my outfits in high school on Sunday nights before the week, and whenever an outfit didn’t turn out the morning-of I would be running late!

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