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School is almost out and I’ve got summertime on my mind! Since I’ve been feeling uninspired by the wardrobe I have here at college lately, I decided to round up some of my favorite past summer outfits to create a lookbook of everything I will be rewearing this year. And because I’m a big daydreamer and can’t wait for all of this year’s fun summer activities, I included a place/event to wear each of these looks! Here’s to a more normal summer that actually requires getting dressed up—woot woot.

Dressed Up for Dinner with Friends

Something I’m really excited for once I get back home is having dinner with our family friends! We usually take turns hosting, but it’s always more fun to go to someone else’s house for dinner. Even though this brown dress doesn’t feel that summery, I wore it a few years ago in Toronto and loved it paired with these edgier black accessories.

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Graduation Parties Galore

Grad parties are all about looking cute and being comfortable at the same time. Since these sorts of events usually include backyard games and possibly lounging/eating in the grass, I prefer to wear shorts in a dark color—that way I can play at will (without the fear of flashing someone when I bend over to pick up the spikeball) and sit wherever I want without worrying about grass stains on my booty.

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Margaritas on the River

I love wearing orange in the summer, and something about this outfit makes me feel like I should be sipping margaritas with some chips and salsa on a cool patio by the water. I used to spend quite a bit of time in high school running on the trails along our city’s river, and this outfit seems like the perfect look to explore some of the restaurants I used to run past.

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Flaunt It for the Festivals

I always love all the different fairs and festivals that happen in the summertime, such as lavender festivals, Art in the Park fairs, cherry festivals, etc. This bold turquoise and striped outfit is the perfect base look to deck out with the unique jewelry and accessories from craft fairs! Plus, I’m just a big skirt- and dress-wearer in the summer instead of shorts, which you’ll quickly notice from this outfit roundup.

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Trendy Tourist in Your Own City

So maybe you still don’t have travel plans this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your own city. I’ve worn this outfit several times in the past (including on my trip to New York) and I love the breeziness of it for a summer day. I would argue that looking cute while being a tourist is extra important because vacation is when you take all sorts of photos, including family pics for holiday cards and what-not—you don’t want to reminisce on your great vacation only to realize you were dressed solely for comfort! The most important thing to remember when dressing cute as a tourist is to pick comfortable shoes… If you do that, you’re golden.

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Boho for an Outdoor Concert

Remember how I styled this boho printed skirt as a halter-neck top last summer? I think it would make the cutest outfit for an outdoor concert! Nothing screams summer time like a little (or a lot) of shoulder showing. Check out my favorite sticky bra here to wear with all your sleeveless and strapless summer tops.

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A Day at the Museum

People act like museums are soooo boring, and while that’s sometimes the case, I generally really enjoy museum exhibits. I’ve been to an awesome shark exhibit at our local discovery center and the incredible Dior exhibit when it was in Denver. I think this cute white top and colored jeans combo would be the perfect casual outfit for spending the day at a museum, which would probably include getting dinner afterwards!

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Shakespeare Festival in Style

My city back home always has a big Shakespeare Festival/outdoor theater program in the summer, and they’re supposed to be reopening this year. I love wearing a maxi skirt for that sort of thing because they keep you cool while it’s still hot out (at the beginning of the play) and they act like big blankets once the temps drop later in the night. Plus, it’s good to cover your legs from the mosquitos… Just make sure to bring a jacket, too!

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Tropical Drinks in a Tropical Skirt

I imagine wearing this outfit out to a bar with my friends from home, now that we’re all 21. I may not get to have a tropical vacation this summer, but at least I can still dress like it! This flowy orange skirt has been a favorite since middle school and always reminds me of a sunset on the beach.

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Stylin’ at the Sporting Event

Team colors? Nah… I’m much more concerned with looking cute at the local baseball game. This floral jumpsuit is the perfect comfy piece for lounging in the bleachers, and my black denim jacket serves as a stylish and necessary layer for when the temps drop later in the night. And you can’t forget the shoes! These black sandals are super comfy, which is critical for those long walks back to wherever you parked your car…

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stripes and polka dots, summer outfit, how to pattern mix

Flirty for Frisbee Golf

I love the bold pattern mixing of stripes and polka dots in this cute outfit, and because everything is the same shade of navy and white, the prints aren’t too ‘in your face’. With the right pair of shoes, I think this flirty look would be an adorable outfit for a frisbee golf date night. I always forget disc golf is a thing, but it’s so fun!

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Old Fashioned for Brunch

I love this retro light green dress I purchased thrifting a few years ago—something about it feels very ‘1950s housewife’ to me. I think it would make for the perfect summer brunch outfit, sipping mimosas on a patio with fragrant flowers all around! Can you picture it?!

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Polka Dots for a Car Show

Does this polka dot set look familiar? I wore it to a car show last Saturday! Nothing pairs better with cool old cars than some polka dots, in my opinion.

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retro outfit, blue bandanna, red lipstick, old car

Festive for a Backyard BBQ

This is probably my favorite 4th of July outfit that I’ve ever shared on the blog. It feels like the right mix of red and blue without seeming ‘forced’, and the bandanna and stars + stripes sunglasses make for the perfect summery accessories! Now, who can point me towards the BBQ food?!

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Purple outfit, lavender, Francesca's, freshman 15

Ice Cream Date

Whether with the girls or someone special, I love this girly, floral outfit and think it would make a cute ‘fit to stop by your favorite ice cream place on a hot summer night. Although, I might leave the pink lipstick at home—don’t want to get it all over my ice cream.

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Lounging by the Pool

This turquoise dress just SCREAMS pool day, since it matches that teal shade of chlorinated water perfectly. It makes for a great swimsuit coverup, and I love it paired with my white platform espadrilles. Now, if only I had a pool…

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Roadtripping in Style

I admit that I usually wear grubby loungewear on long car rides to maximize comfort. But for those short little summer day trips, when photos will be taken along the way? I like to opt for something a little cuter without sacrificing comfort, such as this flowy black and white top and fuchsia lounge shorts. This outfit is basically pajamas!

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Wine Tasting in ‘The Coolest Pants Ever’

I have yet to experience wine tasting since I turned 21, but it always seems like a romanticized event that calls for a stylish outfit. What better time to break out these fabulous flowy pants? My dad always comments that they are ‘the coolest pants [he’s] ever seen’.

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floral graphic tee, polka dot shorts, yellow purse, jean jacket

Picnic in the Park

Back with these polka dot shorts! They’re a favorite, if you couldn’t tell. I wore this outfit out to lunch my freshman year of college and loved the bright colors and pattern mixing so much. I think it would be the perfect cutesy picnic outfit to eat lunch in a park with your girlfriends.

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Stripes on stripes, pattern mixing, Barcelona, Mediterranean Sea

Boho Beach Day

Nothing says a beach day to me like a long flowy maxi skirt, and this striped one fits the bill. I wore this outfit a few summers ago while in Barcelona and absolutely LOVE the stripes on stripes—I will definitely be wearing it again this summer, even if I have no beach at which to wear it.

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Florals? For Date Night? Groundbreaking.

I wore this floral romper a few weekends ago to a happy hour with my friend, but it would make the cutest date night outfit, too! Or really the perfect outfit for any sort of summer event. That’s how much I love this floral cut-out romper.

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Flirty for the Drive-In Movie

I’ve never been to a real drive-in movie but I have been wanting to go so badly. I think this girly outfit would make a super cute contender to lounge back in the car and enjoy the film, with a big bowl of popcorn and candy, of course.

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Sunsets and After Dinner Walks

I love walking around downtown after eating out to people watch, check out any new murals on nearby buildings, stumble across fun and random events, etc. My city also does First Thursdays at the beginning of each month, where you can tour art galleries and get deals at various places downtown. This crochet top and blue patterned skirt made for a fun summery outfit walking around Finisterre, Spain, and I figure it would be just as cute for walking around downtown in my own city this summer.

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Casual for the Saturday Market

Like I said, I’m not a big shorts person in the summer, so a casual dress + denim jacket combo is my go-to. Add some trendy white sandals and a pop of pink in the purse, and I’m ready to explore the Saturday Market! I haven’t been to any sort of weekend farmer’s market in ages, so it would be fun to check out what flowers and yummy veggies are available.

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Graduation Celebration

My boyfriend’s graduation ceremony is next weekend, so of course I am going to take the excuse to dress up! I wore this festive navy dress and red bag last summer for photos (’cause where else did I have to go?), but it’s not a super realistic outfit for 4th of July celebrations. Usually the holiday entails BBQs and lounging to watch the fireworks, so I would prefer something a little comfier. However, I still love this look, and I thought it would make a cute outfit as a graduation guest!

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. . . . .

What fun plans do you have for this summer?! Are there any outfits or items that you are most excited to wear? Man oh man, I cannot wait to go home and see my closet. I know it sounds dumb, but probably one of the first things I’m going to do when I get home is try on a bunch of my clothes and see what new summer outfits I can brainstorm. What can I say… that’s just my idea of fun!

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16 comments on “25 Outfits I’ll Be Repeating This Summer”

  1. I’m so happy there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will be getting back to somewhat normal this summer. I love how you paired each of these outfits with a summer activity! I think my favorite is the wine tasting in the coolest pants ever! Congrats to your boyfriend!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  2. Grace, I love this look book of summer outfits. My favorites are definitely your boho and picnic looks. Also, the margaritas on the river outfit is insanely cute and perfect for that kind of outing. I am looking forward to a bluegrass festival that we are attending in 2 weeks! I need to start planning my outfits. We will be camping from Friday until Sunday! Cheers to a much better summer!


  3. these are great summer outfits and it’s nice you have so many fun things you can do in them this summer! It must have been so hard on you all not being able to just have a normalish life for so long, you definitely deserve a fun filled summer! 🙂

    I like playing dress up and coming up with outfit ideas in my wardrobe too – even if I don’t get a lot of time for it, sometimes if the kids are busy I’ll sneak away for a few minutes to try outfit plan for the week ahead, haha!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! It’s a fun one here with kids birthday parties 🙂 Thanks for the link up.

    1. Haha I love that you spend some of your spare moments trying on outfits! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Love all of your outfit ideas! I need to use your idea of creating a look book of options so I don’t rewear the same two things over and over. My fave was the skirt as a halter top combo! Def inspired to find some new outfit ideas in my closet now.

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