Weekly Recap #22, 2021



Long time no see, eh? I hate having to miss both blog posts in a week, or really any blog post… but you know how it is, some people say schoolwork is most important *shrugs*. I had an essay due on Thursday that kept me busy most of the week, but thankfully that was really my last big assignment due before my final exams! I take my last test on June 8 and I am SO excited for the break. Now enough chit-chat, here are this week’s summery outfits!


Monday, May 24

In between my two online classes today, I attended a fun Zoom meeting for an exciting upcoming blogging opportunity. I spent the afternoon doing chores before driving out to visit my dad, playing tennis, and eating dinner. I ended up staying the night over there and we watched the movie Sound of Metal, a 2019 film that was nominated for Best Picture. I’ve worn this outfit before but haven’t styled this red and beige skirt in quite a while. I love its breeziness for those hot summer days!

Red Blouse: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Patterned Skirt: Down East Style, $30, last worn here | Brown Sandals: DSW, $19, last worn here


Tuesday, May 25

Since I slept over at my dad’s, he made us yummy breakfast burritos before we played tennis again in the morning. I had to rush back to campus to shower and make it to class on time, so I quickly threw on this beachy turquoise dress! I think it definitely shrunk since the last time I wore it though… It seems shorter. Usually I have dinner with my boyfriend on Tuesdays, but I spent the night working on my essay and other homework instead. Boo.

Turquoise Dress: Hand-me-down, last worn here | White Espadrilles: Dolce Vita via DSW, $45, last worn here


Wednesday, May 26

After my classes today, I motored back over to see my dad and ended up spending the night again. The two of us ate a yummy dinner outside, we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and then I worked more on my essay. I haven’t worn this outfit before but I liked the casual vibes for a busy day, and I thought the hair scarf made for a cute pop of color.

Black Dress: Hand-me-down, last worn here | Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, last worn here | Blush Sneakers: Steve Madden via DSW, $60, last worn here | Hair Scarf: Craft fair, $20, last worn here


Thursday, May 27

Today was super busy! I drove back to my apartment in the morning and finished my essay before attending class. I dealt with some unpleasant ‘adult’ chores in the afternoon before my dad came to my apartment to help me pack up a few things. We celebrated the end of the week and his last night in town by going out to eat at my favorite restaurant! We then walked around the park and got ice cream, too. Boy, was I full. It’s been so much fun having my dad around these past two weeks and I was sad to say goodbye!

In other news, I thought this outfit was really cute, but it definitely felt more fall-like than spring-like. Especially with a denim jacket? Wouldn’t that be perfect for the fall?

Olive Bodysuit: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here | Polka Dot Skirt: Francesca’s, $23, last worn here | Taupe Booties: Sam Edelman via DSW, $70, last worn here


Friday, May 28

I had my last lab of the school year today before my boyfriend and I hit the road to drive to his home about five hours away. Once there, we headed into town to go to the speakeasy bar with his parents! It was a really cool atmosphere and we all enjoyed chit-chatting late into the night. I just wore this heart-print dress during the day but changed into a nicer dress to go to the bar. It’s really a shame because I didn’t bring any cute night-out clothes to school this quarter. I figured ‘going out’ wouldn’t be a thing due to the pandemic, but now I really wish I had brought more of my fun, sparkly outfits that haven’t been worn yet.

Black Heart Print Dress: Hand-me-down, last worn here | White Espadrilles: Dolce Vita via DSW, $45, last worn here


Saturday, May 29

We spent the whole day today at a car show. I wore this navy polka dot two-piece set (which looks like a romper) because I thought it would have slight retro vibes to fit the car show atmosphere. I really wish I would have dressed up like a pin-up girl, however, because there were lots of other women dressed like that at the event. I would have worn this dress if I had the chance. Afterwards, we all ate dinner and watched a movie before heading to bed early.

Navy Polka Dot Blouse: Kohl’s, $36, last worn here | Navy Polka Dot Shorts: Kohl’s, $36, last worn here | White Heels: DSW, $50, last worn here

. . . . .

Did you do anything fun this weekend?! My boyfriend and I will be driving back to school tomorrow, so I imagine tomorrow’s blog post won’t be posted until late, either. But anyway, we spent today in beautiful Ouray, Colorado, at some really cool hot springs caves. We had barbeque ribs for dinner and then played Cards Against Humanity with my boyfriend’s whole family and grandparents, which is always a hoot.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post, and I hope you had a great weekend!



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  1. Hi, Grace! I love your summer dresses and skirts, especially polka dot ones, they are super cute 🙂 Wishing you an ocean of good luck and success in your upcoming exams. Cheers and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

  2. I like your casual style – your skirts are lovely, especially the white one, Grace.

    I highly recommend that when you have a slight thought of dressing up – do it! I have never regretted putting on a fancy dress or outfit, I only regret when I think of it and don’t.

    1. Yes definitely! I love dressing up and will take any excuse to do it! The problem is that all of my fancier pieces are at home right now instead of here with me at school… boo. Thanks for stopping by, Sheila!

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