Weekly Recap #21, 2021



Hey y’all! I’m going to try to keep things short and snappy today as I need to leave in the next few minutes for a backyard barbeque at my aunt’s house. This week has been filled with lots of family time and I couldn’t be more grateful! I’m so excited for the summer and that things seem to be shaping up pandemic-wise, so I have been soaking up every second of fun. Here are this week’s outfits.


Monday, May 17

I had a super busy day today with an orientation for my study abroad in Scotland next spring, registration for the fall quarter, a doctor’s appointment, and a midterm exam for my statistics class. It’s so nice being an (almost) senior because registration was finally a breeze! It’s usually such a stressful process, but I’m excited to say I got all of the classes I wanted (including an elective that is a wine tasting course—woot woot). I just threw on this lime green collar blouse and some jeans for the day. I kind of forgot about this shirt from high school, but I have been loving wearing it casually this spring.

Lime Green Collared Shirt: JCPenney, $20, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here | Sparkly Espadrilles: White Mountain via DSW, $40, last worn here


Tuesday, May 18

I chose my housing for fall quarter today and am so excited about where I will be living! After my two classes, my dad (who is in town this week) got takeout Indian food with my boyfriend and me. It was rainy all morning, but thankfully the clouds cleared by the late afternoon. We sat at a picnic table in a nearby park and enjoyed our delicious dinner! Afterwards, my dad and I went on a walk and of course, we couldn’t resist getting a scoop of ice cream at our favorite local place, which has gluten-free cones—yummm.

I think I have probably worn this outfit several times before, but today I created this look entirely around the booties. This is one of only two pairs of rain-resistant shoes I have with me at school right now, so I picked those first and then built an edgy (and warm) outfit to go with.

Pink Sweater: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Black Leather Jacket: BB Dakota via Local Boutique, $25, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45, last worn here


Wednesday, May 19

I had my usual classes in the morning and a work meeting in the afternoon. This week was the May Days celebration at my school, so I also swung by an event on campus for a few minutes to see what free goodies I could nab (this is what one does while in college—tries to get as much free food and free t-shirts as possible). This scarlet dress is a longtime favorite of mine, and the first pic in today’s post is just one of many ways I styled the piece last summer.

Scarlet Dress: JCPenney, $28, last worn here | Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, last worn here | White Espadrilles: Dolce Vita via DSW, $45, last worn here


Thursday, May 20

It was another day of same-old same-old classes, but afterwards, I drove out to see my dad and we got Mexican food at a cool new restaurant. I ordered the chorizo enchiladas and they were DELISH. Afterwards, we went for a walk through a nearby park before I drove back to my apartment for the night. I’ve really been enjoying after-dinner walks lately… they make me feel less “bleh” after stuffing my belly with good food. Also, how cute is my hair today?! I was finally able to pull off the double buns look! I’ve tried it several times before, but usually the buns end up lopsided. I know you can’t see the hairstyle that well in this pic… so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was super cute.

Green Stripe Tee: Down East Style, $18, last worn here | Eyelet Shorts: Loft, $25, last worn here | Brown Sandals: DSW, $19, last worn here | Brown Belt: Sundance Outlet, $80, last worn here


Friday, May 21

I purposely wore something kind of drab because I thought I might be helping my dad move some stuff today. I went to my lab and then attended another event on campus—where I tie-dyed a knapsack and got a free fanny pack (my fave)—before heading back to my dad’s place to spend some time with him and his best friend from high school, who happened to be in town. Afterwards, my aunt invited me over and I ended up staying the night. I used to go to my aunt’s house all the time during freshman year, but I’ve been trying to stay away during the pandemic since I have been attending in-person classes and didn’t want to bring anything to her. Thankfully, we’re all fully vaccinated now, and it felt so good to hang out like normal again!

Grey Tee: JCPenney, $6, last worn here | Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, last worn here | Black Shorts: JCPenney, $16, last worn here | Blush Sneakers: Steve Madden via DSW, $60, last worn here | Snakeskin Belt: Francesca’s, $9, last worn here


Saturday, May 22

After driving home from my aunt’s house, I finally sat down to get some work done. It’s been such a busy and fun-filled week that I’ve pushed aside a lot of my schoolwork, ha! After a productive afternoon, my dad invited me over for dinner again, except this time he made a huge salad full of goodies. We chatted for a few hours before going on another walk, and then I drove home for the night. It’s been lots of driving back and forth these last few days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pink Sweater: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45, last worn here

. . . . .

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I’m off now to pick up some ice cream to bring to the barbeque. There’s a tornado warning in effect today (silly Colorado weather) but thankfully it doesn’t look too stormy out… yet. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!



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  1. It’s nice to see the weather is warming up for you! I love shorts outfits in summer! 🙂 And it’s good you have had so many fun and family filled days! 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend! It was a busy one here! 🙂

  2. It’s quite interesting how you make the same clothes look so different and cool. Everytime I find myself picking out clothes, I end up wearing the same t shirt I wore the day before yesterday! I have to salvage so many things! You’re such an inspiration!

  3. With 12’C, we are still miles away from being able to wear flowy summer dresses and shorts, but I remain hopeful. It’s still only May! I love your red dress, Grace; it’s such a beautiful colour tone. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Aiva 🙂

    1. Thank you, Aiva! It’s been so rainy here this spring that I haven’t been able to wear as many spring clothes as usual yet either. But I know soon it will be too hot and I’ll be wishing for the rain again! Haha.

  4. Aw, Grace, I really enjoyed reading about your week! I love how much time you are spending with your dad, too. That is so special! I remember how much I enjoyed time spent with my dad when I was in college. Sadly, he passed away my junior year, but this post really just warmed my heart and gave me all the nostalgic dad feels! So thank you for that, my friend. Also, I love all of your outfits in this post. That red dress is spectacular!


    1. Thank you Shelbee! I’m sorry to hear about your dad, but I’m glad this post brought back some fond memories. I hope you are having a great start to your week!

  5. All of these looks are super cute! Love how you change your hair with your outfits! Your study abroad in Scotland is going to be amazing! So glad you are able to spend time with family again!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

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