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Have you been seeing all those ‘Unpopular Opinion’ question boxes on people’s Instagram Stories lately?? If not, it’s an Instagram trend where people are posting a type-in response box for their followers to share any unpopular opinions that they may have. I always think the opinions are so funny and entertaining to read through! So I figured it might be amusing to do my own version of unpopular fashion opinions here on the blog. Full disclosure, this blog post is entirely lighthearted and for fun; it is not designed to call anyone out about their fashion choices! These are just my opinions, and I invite you to share your own unpopular opinions in the comments (or to try and convince me otherwise!).


But first, let’s talk about today’s outfit. I realize this look seems a little out of place now that’s it May… I took these photos a few weeks ago when it snowed and just haven’t gotten around to sharing them yet! But I wouldn’t put it past Colorado for there to be a mid-May snowstorm—I think one has happened every year since I’ve lived here. It makes it impossible to try to cut down in my wardrobe because I always need by snow boots—it could dump snow at anytime!

Anyway, I really love how this outfit came together. It’s very different than my usual attire and definitely makes me feel like a cool streetstyle kinda person. I was inspired the other day when I saw someone on Pinterest wearing houndstooth trousers in a casual, edgy sort of way, so I figured, “Hey, I can do that too!” I wore my trusty light pink sweater underneath this leather jacket, and I threw on my pink slip-ons to match. These sneakers are super dirty (and impossible to clean) so I really think it’s time to replace them. I finished the look with this cute grey National Geographic X Love Your Melon beanie and my John Lennon-esque trendy sunglasses! You can buy these exact shades here and use my code “gracefulrags” for 30% off your order.

black-leather-jacket-grey-beanie-houndstooth-pants leather-jacket-grey-beanie-round-sunglasses

And now, what you all came for, my unpopular fashion opinions:

  • I think Gucci anything is ugly and overrated. Especially the $400 Gucci slides??? I could buy any other pair of rubber slide-on shoes at a sports store for $10 and just paint the Gucci logo on myself…
  • I love big, chunky statement necklaces and will continue to wear them forever; I don’t care how ‘out of style’ they have become.
  • I will never, EVER understand biker shorts. I am shocked the trend has lasted this long. And when people try to ‘dress them up’ by wearing a black pair with a blazer and lacy bralette? Whyyyyyy?
  • I prefer to shop in person. I know a lot of people hate shopping in a real store and would much prefer to online shop in PJs from the comfort of their own home, but there are so many reasons that shopping in person is far superior!
  • I think fake/acrylic nails are kinda gross… I can get on board with some tasteful short ones, but the inch-long fake nails?? Especially the pointy and coffin-shaped ones? Not my style. They’re very X-Men Wolverine-esque. I’m also just so curious how you can possibly wash your hair when you have an inch-worth of acrylic hanging off the end of your fingers.
  • I love turtlenecks. I don’t care if people think they are ‘dumpy’… They are so warm during the winter! And don’t even get me started on mock-neck tops. Mock-necks are super spicy (according to every guy I know) and they are a staple in my closet year-round.

round-sunglasses-leather-jacket-pink-sweater-houndstooth-pants sungait-discount-grey-beanie-love-your-melon

  • I don’t understand what the deal is with bucket hats. Why are they so popular? I think they make the wearer look like a kindergartener who went on a fishing trip with their grandpa.
  • Y’all already know this if you read this blog post, but I am not a fan of going braless. I know this is sorely disappointing to my #freethenipple generation.
  • I hope the sweater vest trend dies very soon. Again, I am shocked that this old man/grandpa look has lasted so long! Do people actually think it’s stylish or is it more ironically trendy?
  • I am a believer that Birkenstocks and Uggs are ugg-ly. Thankfully neither shoe is as popular in college as they were in high school. I was reading a thread of unpopular fashion opinions last night on Reddit and one person said something along the lines of, “It’s not that Uggs are necessarily ugly, it’s that any girl who wears them seems incapable of picking up her goddamn feet when she walks,” and I thought that was hysterical.
  • Another lasting trend I will never understand: Layering t-shirts underneath spaghetti strap dresses. All I can think of when I see this look is grade school. Remember those days where you wanted to wear your favorite t-shirt but it was too cold outside, so your mom made you layer a long-sleeve white tee underneath? Yah, that’s what this style looks like to me. I actually used to own shirts with that undershirt layer built in… It looked like a long-sleeve t-shirt layered underneath a short-sleeve t-shirt but—surprise! The fun part was that it was really just one top. Yah, you know the type.
  • Lastly, white combat boots look like clown shoes and I will never be convinced otherwise. In fact, I think all Doc Marten boots (and Doc Marten knock-offs) look pretty clown-like, but the white ones that seem to be trending right now are particularly so. All I can picture when I see them is Ronald McDonald!

pinterest-outfit-recreation-checked-pants round-sunglasses-black-leather-jacket-round-sunglasses

So there you have it. My unpopular fashion opinions. What do you think?? Do you agree with some of them or disagree? Disagree with a fiery passion? I would love to hear your thoughts! Like I said, this post was just for fun, so hopefully it made you laugh (or snort) instead of feel attacked.

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Pink Sweater: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Black Leather Jacket: BB Dakota via local boutique, $25, last worn here | Houndstooth Pants: JCPenney, $19, last worn here | Sneakers: Steve Madden via DSW, $60, last worn here | Grey Beanie: Love Your Melon, gift, buy HERE | Sunglasses: Sungait, gifted by brand, last worn here, buy HERE | Black Elephant Purse: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here

26 comments on “Unpopular Fashion Opinions”

  1. Grace,

    Great post and fabulous look. Edgy and yet very approachable. Just yesterday I posted in IG that I don’t wear flip flops unless I’m within 100 feet of a body of water or because it’s pedicure day. That got me thinking about other fashion phobias/rules I follow which then got me thinking of doing a blog post about them. I guess I’m not the only one (was sure I wasn’t). I’m going to quote you in that post when I get around to writing it.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Rena! I will definitely check out the post once you write it – I’m exciting to hear your own opinions.

  2. Haha! This was a fun read! I actually agree with a lot of your opinions. I just can’t fathom having such long fake nails! In fact I hate the feeling of fake nails on me. I can’t take biker shorts either!

    1. Same here! I’ve never had fake nails; I just know I would hate them. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I agree with every single one of these, so not sure these are unpopular opinions 🙂 Your outfit is cool btw.

  4. I agree with every one of them, Grace! I know that Princess Diana rocked bike shorts out and about way before any of the Kardashian sisters even knew what fashion really was. But then again, how did items that we once thought of as ‘ugly’ such as biker shorts become so fashionable? Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Aiva! That’s so interesting about Princess Diana rocking biker shorts. It is funny how things come and go and become trendy so randomly! Hope you have a good day as well. 🙂

  5. I laughed out loud at some of these! I do agree with most too. Love your warm outfit (I tried to spend some time outside as it is so pretty but it is 57 and a cold wind is blowing: I didn’t last long in my bermuda shorts and kimono! Brr! Just a thought: add link up in your title on Thursday to grab bloggers attention to linking up!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Mireille! I’m glad you found them amusing. 🙂 And that’s a good idea about adding the linkup into the post title… I’ve considered that in the past but ultimately decided I didn’t want the linkup to distract from the blog post themselves.

  6. I agree with some of these (nails – ugh!!, biker shorts, in-person shopping, turtle/mock-necks, Birks and Uggs, and going braless – never gonna happen for this old broad!), but I disagree on tees under dresses (which I did as an adult in the 90s, 00s and even today!) and white Docs (mine are white floral). I’m ambivalent on sweater vests, lol – I haven’t worn one in over a decade, and really don’t care that much about them one way or another! However, how boring if we all liked/disliked the same thing, right?

    Love your cute outfit – I have almost exactly the same houndstooth trousers! If the shoes are dirty, they have to go.

    Thank you so much for the link-up, Grace! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I love hearing your opinions Sheila!! The tee under dresses look is super popular, and I understand why you like it. I do enjoy hearing everyone’s different opinions. Hope you have a great week!

  7. I like this outfit with the pink knit with the black and white! 🙂

    And I’m with you on the statement necklaces – i love that there are so many cute options around in opshops right now. I’m not someone who thinks you should get rid of things from your wardrobe just because the trend is over – statement necklaces will always be a staple for me, haha! 🙂

    Thanks for the link up 🙂

    And thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup 🙂 Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

    1. I completely agree, Mica! Seems so silly to get rid of things if they’re still in perfect condition. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  8. Hi Grace! I recently found your blog and you are wonderful! Super useful advice for when I go to college next year. Your style is what Is like mine to be as soon as I leave my house and these sweatpants behind. 🙂

    Anyway, I agree with so many of these. Long nails seem like a pain, and they don’t seem cute to me! Like, do people want to scratch me??

    I’m curious if you agree with this dislike of mine…babydoll dresses. They feel very infantilizing imo, yet they seem SO popular. I really don’t understand it. When I’m in a dress, I want to look mature and possibly sexy, depending on the occasion. I don’t want to remind people of a plaything.

    1. I hope you have a great time heading off to college next year!! Such a fun stage of life, I love college 🙂

  9. Hi Grace! I stumbled onto your blog last month while looking for college capsule wardrobe ideas, and I love your fashion advice! Your style is what I want mine to be as soon as a venture into the world again 🙂

    I so agree with many of these. Especially the long nails.

    I’m curious if you agree with one of my dislikes: babydoll dresses. They feel very infantilizing to me, like I’m a plaything, which is the opposite of what I’m going for when I put on a dress. Yet, they’re so popular!! LOL

    1. Thank you so much, Marie!! And it’s so funny you say that because I considered including baby doll dresses on this list! I dislike them for a different reason than you, though. I do think they’re cute in theory, but I think they’re so unflattering on pretty much every body type! I think they’re called ‘baby’ doll dresses because they make you look pregnant, lol.

  10. Funny blog that I enjoyed. T shirts under spaghetti straps just screams 1990s to me, and they probably belong right there forever. I like short gel nails – a treat I get sometimes. Also, chunky necklaces – what’s not to like? Let’s hope we can keep shopping for them in person… Samantha, a new reader of your blog

    1. Thanks so much, Samantha! And I totally get the appeal of short nails. It’s only the super long ones that get to me! Yes, the t-shirt and spaghetti straps are SO 90s, it makes me giggle.

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