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I admittedly had no idea it was International Women’s Day a week ago (or that it would be so celebrated on Instagram), but this month’s theme for the Thrifty Six collaboration is ‘We Are Trail-Blazers’ in honor of Women’s History Month. Since I purchased this chic blazer from Poshmark for last month’s thrifted suits theme, I decided today was the perfect occasion to style it in a new way!


Like I mentioned in last month’s post, I think this blazer would look so cool and trendy layered over a burnt orange bralette with high-waisted jeans for a night out. But since I don’t own any bralettes (and can’t ‘go out’ anyway), I opted for the next best thing available to me—this textured red top. I love how the bold color really makes the threads in the blazer pop.

I decided to style the blouse and blazer with this new pair of high-waisted denim from Express. I purchased two pairs of their jeans back in the fall and have worn them nonstop, so I really wanted to get my hands on a darker wash pair. If you haven’t tried Express jeans, they fit SO well and don’t stretch out at all throughout the day. They are pricey without a sale, but you know me—I’m very patient and just hold out ‘til they’re discounted. I got this pair for $25!

trailblazer-thrifty-thrifted-finds-spring-outfit tweed-thrifted-blazer-spring-transitional-outfit

If you have a lot of business attire or blazers in your closet, my favorite way to dress them down is with a tee and jeans. Dark wash denim is perfect for making the look a little fancier for dinner, but pairing a blazer with a white tee and lighter wash mom jeans would also be a trendy outfit for everyday wear. And how cute are these red snakeskin sandals?! I loved the outfit when I tried it on in my room, and then as I was taking pictures I began to question the shoe choice… But now I think I like it again? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

red-blouse-thrifted-blazer-darkwash-jeans-snakeskin-sandals side-braid-blazer-professional-attire-poshmark cropped-flared-jeans-express-red-top-tweed-blazer

My red top has a very conservative neckline, but a lower-cut blouse would spice up the look even more. It’s the perfect transitional outfit for those weird spring days when it’s not quite warm enough for a skirt! And now, be sure to check out how these fashionable ladies styled their own thrifted blazers this month:


Style Splash: “I found this Escada blazer in a charity shop a few years ago for the bargain price of £5.99…I couldn’t believe my luck! For a really bold colour combination I decided to pair it with bright orange trousers – a first for me! I’ve layered the blazer over a paisley blouse and added more purple with a dainty bag – both fab charity shop finds too!”

Preloved-Vintage-Handmade: “Does anyone remember Miami Vice… In this crazy Hawaiian print blazer, I could easily be a little crime-busting side-kick for Crockett and Tubes. There’s definitely something about it reminding me of that cheesy 80’s TV show. Get a load of the colours and the zany tropical print and doesn’t it look sensational against this azure sky? It’s a genuine 80’s vintage menswear piece that works perfectly for Spring / Summer 21 and it truly lifts my spirits every time I wear it!” 

Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva: “It’s trailblazer time in my wardrobe – so let me introduce you to my ‘piece de resistence’ – my very own pioneer when it comes to blazers. This versatile houndstooth beauty with a purple faux fur collar – styled on or off, was a lucky estate find of mine – seriously! I was eyeing this lady who was holding onto it for dear life, until she decided it was just too tight and put it back!! Lucky me snatched it up! It’s actually two sizes too big, but I don’t care; I moved the button and just wear it loosely, with flair. And notice those ribbon latches on the sleeve cuffs- they’re a conversation piece every time. It’s definitely my favourite blazer. Isn’t it just divine?!”

Nancy’s Fashion Style: “This is my happy blazer! It makes me think of my favorite place, Rye in the UK. Because of the cute little sailing boats on it, it reminds me of holiday, the sea, ice cream, etc. I have it for several years now but don’t wear it that often. I think blue and white are not easy to combine!”

Shelbee on the Edge: “I found this camel colored mini corduroy men’s blazer on a recent thrifting trip for 50% off its $6.99 price tag. I am not sure what decade this blazer came from but it is definitely vintage. I layered it over a black thrifted sweater dress, added some leopard print tights and thrifted leather booties to complete this easy blazer outfit. Won’t you stop by my blog for more details!”

. . . . .

Have you been thrifting at all lately? I haven’t been in person, but I’ll be in Las Vegas next week for spring break and I’m hoping my favorite thrift store will be open. My friend bought some thrifted man pants the other day and they look SO cute on her (the perfect ‘mom jean’ fit), so now I’m very inspired to go thrifting myself.

In other news, an update on the winter storm I talked about in my last post: There is a lot of snow on the ground! I can’t say how many inches but I think it’s at least a foot… In-person classes were moved online today, but it doesn’t affect me since today’s class is always virtual.

Thanks for stopping by this post, and I hope you have a great start to your week!


Miles of smiles,


Red Blouse: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Beige Blazer: Anne Klein via Poshmark, $23, last worn here | Dark-Wash Cropped Flared Jeans: Express, $25, last worn here, buy HERE | Red Snakeskin Sandals: DSW, $30, last worn here, buy HERE

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  1. Grace, I absolutely love that you restyled the suit jacket from last month’s post! That is such a great idea to show the versatility of suit separates. I love this outfit, too! Like you, I really like blazers paired with denim. Those jeans are really adorable and the sandals work great with this outfit! Looking forward to our next theme! It should be Emma’s turn to choose.


    1. Thank you Shelbee!! Blazers with jeans always seem so chic and fashion-forward.

    1. Thanks Ellie! I actually have a hard time styling these jeans sometimes because of the length… they’re so cute but shoes can be difficult every now and again.

    1. I agree Mireille! And yes, I have really been loving their jeans but they’re definitely too expensive for me without a sale.

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