January 2021 Month in Review



Welcome to February! Hard to believe it’s already the second month of the new year—have your new year goals and resolutions already worn off? Or are you still staying motivated? Hopefully the latter! Today I’m sharing my usual monthly recap, including some of my favorite products lately, my favorite outfits from January, and the goals I’m setting for the new month. Hope you enjoy!


What’s New?

  • Today marks the first day of week 4 of my university’s winter quarter. The quarters are 10 weeks long and by the time March rolls around, I’ll be officially done with my Criminology major!
  • I crossed off my first bucket list item of the new year last Friday, which was going to a hot springs in the wintertime. Now that I’ve done it, it was kind of dumb having the ‘winter’ specification—going to a hot springs in the winter is NO different than going in the summer. Oh well, it was still a blast!
  • I got a lavender Instax polaroid camera as a late Christmas present and it has been SO fun taking pictures of everything (and then immediately taping them to my bedroom wall—finally getting all the college Pinterest vibes).

Favorite Outfits from January

  • I loved the mix of edgy and preppy vibes in this blue and grey outfit from my New Year, New Goals blog post. I’ve worn this outfit several times outside the blog and was excited to finally get real pictures in it.
  • I think this 70s inspired look was my favorite of the month! I always get so many compliments on these pants, and it was an overall really fun photoshoot, styling the outfit with the 1970 Volkswagen Fastback.

Most Popular Posts from January

camel-red-elephant-purse-leopard-booties-faux-fur faux-fur-cuffs-scarf-whbm-camel-leopard-belt

What I’ve Been Loving

  • I am obsessed with this Bed Head hair crimper that my brother got me for Christmas. It takes a lot longer than curling my hair (as expected), but it lasts SO much better than curls. When I use a curling iron, the curls mostly fall out by the end of the day or definitely by day two, even with hairspray. But crimping my hair lasts until I get it wet, even without any sort of spray. Plus, I just love the big hair vibes!!
  • I’ve been wearing my new black knee boots nonstop, which you can buy here (although they’re pretty expensive when not on sale!). I used to have a pair of knee boots from Nordstrom Rack, but I wore them to death—literally, the soles fell out. I was picky about the boots I wanted to replace my old ones, and the Clarks ones I received for Christmas are perfect. They go with so much, and I’ve missed being able to style my knee socks.
  • I’ve also been wearing a new perfume lately, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. I’m horrible at describing scents, but it smells so good! It has tuberose, jasmine, and tonka bean (as if I know what those individually smell like).

What I Watched

  • The Midnighters—Entertaining and very suspenseful, but lots of plot holes!
  • Wonder Woman 1984—I was disappointed with this sequel. It also had plot holes, I thought, and was rather cheesy. But hey, Gal Gadot is SO cool!!
  • Just Mercy—Been wanting to watch this for so long and finally did with my dad when he dropped me off at school. It was so good and I highly recommend it! It aligns a lot with the kind of stuff I learn about in my Criminology major, and the film really inspired me to do something meaningful with my education after graduation.
  • “Gilmore Girls”—I finally finished this! I think Rory is so annoying and I don’t understand the hype about her, but I still loved the show. It was good for watching in the background while doing other stuff, and I love the extravagance of the East Coast life.
  • “Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life”—Did not love this so much… especially the ending!
  • “The Crown”—It’s taking a long time for my boyfriend and me to get through this, but it’s so interesting.

crimped-hair-red-accessories-camel-elephant-purse-affordable-fashion ribbed-camel-sweater-leopard-belt-red-accessories

Quote of the Month

  • Last Month’s Quote: “Don’t let ‘perfect’ be the enemy of ‘good’.” I’ve been reminding myself of this quote constantly and have found it so helpful.
  • February’s Quote: “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy,” said by John Mason. A good ol’ self-love quote to kick off this month of love.


  • I fell SO short on January’s goals. I finished the month with 1,144 Instagram followers, gaining only about half of the number of followers as I was hoping. I had such a good start to the month but then hit a stagnant spot about two weeks ago! However, I did have my best blog views ever in the month of January, which is exciting and worth celebrating.
  • In February, I need to hit 1,255 Instagram followers to stay on track for my goal of 2,000 by the end of the year… That seems like a very unrealistic number, though. If I have any hope of hitting it, I need to bump up my engagement on others’ posts a lot this month. For number of visitors on my blog, I need to hit 1,800 in February to reach my yearly goal, which will definitely be doable by linking up diligently, engaging on others’ blog posts, and getting back into my Pinterest grind. I also plan on pitching to my first brand and starting a college linkup this month—stay tuned!

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What I’m Looking Forward to In February

  • Donating blood for the first time. (Okay, so I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m looking forward to crossing it off my bucket list!)
  • Registering for spring quarter classes.
  • Working towards my goals!!!


Isn’t this outfit so fun?? The camel sweater and faux fur link scarf and cuffs are all borrowed from my mom. I thought the camel and red made a really unique color combination, especially for Valentine’s Day coming up. The red accessories are sold out, but White House Black Market still has the scarf and cuffs available in several colors! So cute.

What are you looking forward to or hoping to accomplish in February? Leave me a comment below! Hope you have a great start to your week and month.


Miles of smiles,


Camel Sweater: Borrowed from my mom | Skinny Jeans: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Faux Fur Scarf and Cuffs: White House Black Market, borrowed from my mom | Leopard and Black Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW, $35, last worn here | Elephant Clutch: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here | Leopard Belt: Francesca’s, $9

24 comments on “January 2021 Month in Review”

  1. I reached 300 lol! Steady at 312 right now. But I am giving myself a break right now: do not want to be consumed with my numbers and being on the phone. I took a 5 day break from insta and it was good! Love this cute outfit and the hair. You are on a roll! Such great pics and locations too.

    1. Thanks Mireille!! Breaks from social media are so necessary… I took such a long break last fall! And I’ve started to set a timer for 15 minutes each day and that’s my dedicated time to engage on Instagram, that way I’m not constantly mindlessly scrolling. I still waste too much time on there, though! And keep up the great growth! 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to exercising more outside this month. It’s been a cold and rainy winter and I can’t wait to be able to ride my bike or walk the neighborhood soon. You look so cute in this look. I’m obsessed with those fun cuffs!



  3. Your hair looks amazing! Is that done with the new iron? Love that sweater too! Oh Instagram, what can I say. I had a few months were my numbers dropped by 50 a week! And now Iam slowly getting back. I want 10.000 by the end of this year,, and that took me about 6 years!!

    1. It’s such a struggle and followers are so fickle sometimes! 10,000 would be amazing – I want the swipe up feature so badly! And yes, it is with the crimping iron. Thank you Nancy!

  4. Hi, Grace. Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s already the second month of the new year with St Valentine’s day just around the corner. I love your outfit, it’s so well put together and your beautiful curls, girls! Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

  5. Need to check out Just Mercy. Congrats on being almost finished with your Criminology classes! Instagram is a lot of work and can be so frustrating but you have a great account and you’ll get to where you want to be!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  6. There’s so much I could comment on in this post. I’ll start with the outfit. I love the pops and red and I can see why you’re wearing those boots so much! I chuckled to myself on your comments about Rory. I felt the same way. I loved the Gilmore Girls but I so felt the same way. lol Anyway, I love that your brother bought you a crimper for Christmas. How sweet! Now I need to go check out your IG account! IG is such a battle and you pay for growth either in dollars or precious time – or both! lol

    1. Thank you so much Chrissy!! Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about Rory…

  7. Grace, I am missing too many of your posts! Shame on me! I love this cute outfit with the contrasting fur trim. So cute and sassy! I also was not that excited about Wonder Woman 1984. I found it rather dull actually. And I really need to check out this crimper that you are using! I want my hair all crimped, too!


    1. I totally agree about WW84! And the crimper is SO fun, I highly highly recommend it. 🙂 Thanks Shelbee!

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