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As I was sitting down last night to start working on today’s blog post, I realized I’m wearing the same mom jeans in today’s outfit as I did in Monday’s post (whoops). Usually I try to space out sharing similar items on the blog so that it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing the same outfit over and over again. But then I realized, why shouldn’t I post these jeans back-to-back? In real life, I usually wear the same pair of jeans a couple of times in the same week before washing them, so it shouldn’t be any different on my blog (which is about, of course, affordable and ‘realistic’ fashion). So here’s to seeing double and not being ashamed of rewearing stuff!


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the real topic of today’s blog post—why I’m not a trendy shopper. I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing my favorite influencers rocking the latest trends. Sometimes I love the trends, sometimes I hate them, but either way, it’s fun to keep up with what’s “cool” and current in the fashion world. However, that’s about where my ‘trendiness’ dies. While I have always loved fashion, I’ve never considered myself a trendy shopper. In fact, in the last few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that my style is frozen in the colorful, preppy era of Pinterest fashion of the early 2010s, which is when I first became interested in fashion blogging.

blue-earmuffs-faux-fur-winter-fashion-college-blogger trendy-fashion-college-style-faux-fur-earmuffs

I realize that not staying updated with trends is counterintuitive to the role of a fashion blogger. After all, aren’t influencers supposed to advertise the latest and greatest styles? If you want to be “successful” in terms of having the most brand deals and making the most money through affiliate marketing, then the answer is probably yes. But my mission as a blogger has always been to showcase and advocate for rewearing the items in your closet over and over again. Not only is it more environmentally friendly (and more friendly on your wallet), but it’s just the most realistic way to be stylish! I don’t know any women outside of fashion blogging who are constantly buying new clothes. Surely those women exist, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I like to make style more accessible by inspiring outfits rather than providing access to exact reproductions of my looks.

blue-fur-vest-mom-jeans-earmuffs-grey-turtleneck earmuffs-faux-fur-vest-target-finds-turtleneck

Wow, I didn’t expect this blog post to turn into rambles about my general fashion blogging philosophy. So, to shift gears a bit, here are the specific reasons I’m not very trendy, which is what I intended this post to be about in the first place:

  • Being trendy means constantly buying new clothes. While there are certainly ways to dress trendily without buying new clothes, trendiness usually means purchasing the latest styles. And considering how fast the fashion cycle moves, keeping up on every trend means you have to buy a lot of clothes. Not only do I not want to spend that kind of money, but I also just don’t have the need for more clothing.
  • Trends go out of style so quickly. This is usually how the vicious cycle works: I see a trend on another fashion blogger or on social media, and I initially feel lukewarm about it. After seeing it a million more times, I decide I actually love the trend. Then I mull it over for several weeks, deciding if I can’t live without that particular item and if I’m willing to pay the price for it. And then?! By the time I decide, “Yes! I want that trend and I’m willing to pay for it!” the trend has already gone out of style. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me. While I’m not one to shy away from wearing trends after they’re no longer trendy, it usually results in my deciding not to buy a trendy piece in the first place.
  • Trendy items are usually more expensive. You all know by now that I’m a sale shopper and rarely, if ever, pay full price for an item. But waiting for sales means being patient, and being patient is counterproductive to being trendy. I usually wait to purchase items until they’re out of season because that’s when the price is lowest, but that just doesn’t work with trends. I’d rather pay the sale price later on for something less “current” than paying a lot more money up front.


So what do you think about trends?? Do you love trying out the newest pieces? Or are you like me and usually stick to what you know? Like I said, I still really enjoy keeping up on what’s trendy and what’s not, I just don’t usually follow them myself (these mom jeans are an exception—I finally pulled the trigger to try them out, as discussed here!).

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Miles of smiles,



Grey Turtleneck: Bohme, $30 | Indigo Faux Fur Vest: Target, $15 | Mom Jeans: Express, $40, last worn here | Black Knee Boots: Gift, last worn here | Blue Ear Muffs: Loft, $30

23 comments on “Why I’m Not a Trendy Shopper”

  1. I think it’s good to show what you are wearing, even if it is the same trousers. Everyone wears their clothing more then once! And I love the fact that a yong woman like you wants to wear pre loved!!

    1. I love the thrill of thrifting and it’s great for so many reasons! I know of a few bloggers who get sent so many clothes that they don’t wear them more than once… which is mind boggling!

  2. I am so with you! Probably a reason why i won’t really make my money of my blog is that i want to be real and real means styling clothes different ways, buying on sale (and only sometimes full price) and saving for better things such as family vacays (even if only in the US!). Missing abroad trips but making the most of what we do have! Will go thrifting with my mom next week and will be the first time I buy clothes in 30+ days and money used is from stuff i sold from my garage this month!

    1. Yes exactly Mireille! Now that I’m getting older and more able to start planning my own trips, I’d much rather save money for that. Can’t wait to see your thrifted finds!

  3. I’m with you on this, Grace! I try to be very careful in what trends I invest in. If there is a new trend that I love and have to have, I try my best to find the most inexpensive way to achieve it – which is a lot of what my blog is about.

    Also, I love those jeans! And the ear muffs!


  4. I like the vest and ear muffs together! I don’t shop a lot of stores and I think you need to do that regularly to build up a wardrobe of trendy pieces – I tend to stick with what I like and most of that is wardrobe basics like shorts, tees, skirts and I just mix it up with colour combinations and different accessories. I agree with you I couldn’t constantly try all the different trends as it means I’d buy a lot of clothes but at the same time I’m aware I did an awful lot of clothes shopping in the past, haha!

    Hope that you are having a great week! 🙂 We are looking forward to having a picnic today, making the most of the warm weather 🙂

    1. Haha yes so true Mica! I still have way too many clothes but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the trendiest bloggers, haha.

  5. I don’t usually follow trends at all, instead, I work with what I have. Believe it or not, but I haven’t bought anything for a few years now. I keep my money for holidays and family adventures. 😀 One of the things I like to do is to keep an eye out all-year round for pieces that I love and make a note of the things that I am lacking when I realise it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

  6. I usually only buy what I like – trendy or not. If I still like it, I wear it even if it is not trendy any longer. I’ve never cared and no one has ever been critical (except maybe in 6th grade – and that doesn’t count!) I love seeing your outfits and this vest reminds me I have a similar thrifted pink one in my closet I still love. I love mixing things up in new ways too. Your blog is perfect for that. I sew for myself and adapt the trends to my own style too. If you start sewing, it opens up a lot of possibilities.

    1. Same here, I wear stuff long after it’s no longer ‘trendy’! Your pink thrifted vest sounds super cute. I started to learn how to sew during quarantine, and I’m excited to become good enough to start altering things how I like! Thanks for the comment, Stefanie.

  7. Interesting perspective Grace. I think we all like to look at the trendy influencers but we wouldn’t steal their style except maybe for little touches we can add to our own style. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday

  8. Grace, first I have to say how much I love this outfit! I have a similar navy furry vest and I think I need to recreate this look! Second, my fashion blogging philosophy is so closely aligned with yours! In fact, I just finished writing a post for tomorrow that talks about the way I approach certain trends as well using the shacket as an example. Mostly I just wanted to share me new thrifted shacket and I went off on a tangent about trends as well! Thanks for linking up!


    1. Haha I love it Shelbee! Thank you! Great minds think alike, and I can’t wait to see your outfit recreation!

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