Weekly Recap #3, 2020


Tinker bell shoes pom poms

Happy Saturday! Aside from one measly and optional assignment, I’m finally done with fall quarter. It was a long time coming but I’m so excited for the chance to relax. I spent the week finishing up my finals and embracing the holiday spirit with my parents whenever I felt the urge to procrastinate. I was pretty pleased with most of this week’s outfits, too!


Monday, November 30

How cute is today’s look?! It’s been a while since I’ve worn this fabulous blue peacoat on the blog (two years to be exact!), but the first photo in today’s post was from the last time I wore it. I spent today getting schoolwork done and running errands with my mom. I also had my last optional Zoom meeting with one of my professors, and I was the only one who showed up—we just chitchatted for the hour.

Flannel: Hand-me-down, originally from American Eagle, last worn here | Blue Peacoat: Francesca’s, $40, last worn here | Black Pants: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Pearl Belt: Francesca’s, $5, last worn here | Blue Flats: DSW, $5, last worn here | Pom Pom Shoe Clips: Gift, last worn here


Tuesday, December 1

I took my sustainability final from 10 to noon and then finished my sociology final essays, which took all afternoon. After dinner, I finally started decorating the Christmas tree! I always love unwrapping my ornaments and reminiscing on all the fun memories they represent.

Grey Hoodie: Hand-me-down, last worn here | Black Pleather Jacket: Gracie’s Boutique, $25, last worn here | Jeans: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45, last worn here


Wednesday, December 2

My big task today was taking blog photos. I made a deal with my mom that I would go to the grocery store with her if she helped me take photos, and before I knew it we were parked outside our friend’s house, hoping to snag some pics on their cute front porch. After texting them with no reply, my mom decided we should just help ourselves to their front door! We sheepishly walked up there and, thankfully, the lighting was perfect. But a chair was in the corner of the shot… So my mom boldly picked it up and moved it. Just then, with the chair in her hands, a car slowed down on the street, and who should get out but our friend! She looked at us confused and we stared wide-eyed back at her, caught red-handed. She then exclaimed, “I know times are tough, but I didn’t paint you as the porch-pilfering type!” We shared a good laugh and I stood there awkwardly as we finished taking photos, ha!

Beige Jacket: Francesca’s, $60, last worn here | Green Pleather Skirt: Francesca’s, $15, last worn here | Bedazzled Socks: Unknown | Brown Booties: DSW, $35, last worn here | Plaid Blanket Scarf: Gift, last worn here | Red Purse: Kate Spade New York, gift, last worn here


Thursday, December 3

I woke up to discover an internet outage—ugh! But once we got the WiFi back, I hastily published today’s blog post and then worked on my last final, an essay for my Hindu class, for the rest of the day. When I finally finished, my parents and I celebrated by doing face masks!

Brown Sweater: Banana Republic, $40, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here | Leopard Belt: Francesca’s, $8 | Leopard Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW, $35, last worn here


Friday, December 4

I slept in and didn’t feel guilty about it!!! I spent the morning working on revising a paper, which is my last (albeit optional) assignment of the quarter, and I played tennis with my dad before dinner. Afterwards, my parents and I scrolled through my list of December activities and decided to dress up as each other. My mom and I both dressed up as my dad, and my dad dressed up as my mom. It was equally hilarious and disturbing!

Striped Sweater: Banana Republic, $50, last worn here | Black Vest: JCPenney, $15, last worn here | Straight-Leg Jeans: JCPenney, $40, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45, last worn here

What’s the most exciting thing you did this week? And which of my outfits is your favorite? As always, thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and I hope you have a great weekend.


Miles of smiles,


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  1. Ha ha, you seem to have quite hilarious parents! Fantastic, how fun! I’m so in love with that gorgeous blue jacket! And now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy, isn’t that just great!

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