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Good morning! I started a lil’ series back in the summer to showcase fashionable outfits with facemasks, so it’s about time I shared the fall version. I have to admit, it was a lot harder finding outfits to match my masks this time around since my wardrobe here at school is so limited. But in the end, I think these looks turned out pretty cute!

blush-top-black-corduroy-skirt-circle-purse mask-fashion-etsy-jean-jacket-fall-style black-corduroy-skirt-jean-jacket-blush-top

For this first outfit, I tried to match the pattern of my butterfly/floral mask exactly by picking a very light pink top and pairing it with a denim jacket. I added the maroon bag for a pop of conventional fall color, and my black faux leather booties are a staple! Remember when these lace-up tops were all the rage several years ago??

You can check out my summer outfit featuring this mask here.

Pink Lace-Up Top: JCPenney, $20, last worn here | Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, last worn here | Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35, last worn here | Maroon Circle Purse: Nordstrom Rack, $50, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45 | Etsy Mask

purple-sweater-white-mules-mask-fashion purple-sweater-colorful-facemask-fall-style laceup-pants-white-mules-college-style

This second outfit is probably my favorite, and I love how edgy it turned out! I thought it would be difficult to find a fall pairing for this mask, considering its bright, spring-like colors, but I think it looks great paired with my favorite sparkly purple sweater. I paired it with these sassy lace-up pants and my white mules for an unexpected combo. What do you think?

You can check out my summer outfit featuring this mask here.

Purple Sweater: Hand-me-down, originally from H&M, last worn here | Black Lace-Up Pants: JCPenney, $11, last worn here | White Mules: Rebecca Minkoff via Saks Off Fifth, $70, last worn here | Black Fringe Purse: Gift, $50, last worn here | Mask: Gift, homemade

mask-fashion-lulu-lemon-burgundy-jacket burgundy-jacket-mask-fashion-fall-style

For the final outfit, I broke out my “professional mask”, which is this grey one from Love Your Melon. I always try to save this mask for occasions where I need to look nice/professional, since the simple grey color makes it the easiest to pair with my outfits. I opted for a classic checkered button-down and paired it with this super cute maroon moto jacket. Rather than being an accessory, like in the other outfits, the grey mask in this look almost seems to disappear! The focus definitely remains on the outfit instead of the face.

Checkered Button-Down: JCPenney, $30, last worn here | Maroon Moto Jacket: BB Dakota via Denver boutique, $50, last worn here | Skinny Jeans: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Black Booties: DSW, $45 | Black Elephant Purse: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here


Now that I’m back at school, I actually have to leave the house and wear a mask everyday, whereas over the summer I just stayed home all the time. I don’t usually try that hard to match my mask to my look unless I’m really feeling it, but now I have a couple go-to outfits for when I do want a complete look! Which outfit was your favorite?!

There are so many cute masks available on Etsy, if you’re in need of one. This Halloween Snoopy mask is adorable, this neutral set has tons of great prints for fall, and this mask has the prettiest embroidery! I currently have five facemasks, but I wish I had sewn more back at home before coming to school since I have to wear them everyday. Guess that’ll be my winter break project!

Stay tuned in the coming months for a winter version of mask fashion… but fingers crossed this series will end there. Thanks for stopping by today, and tell me—do you ever match your mask to your outfit?? I’d love to know!


Miles of smiles,


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  1. This is such a great idea, I love how you made your masks part of your outfits! All of these looks are fun, but I love the one with the burgundy jacket the best.

  2. These are cute outfits and face masks! I really like the floral one! 🙂 I don’t have enough masks to try matching to my outfits but we are lucky we haven’t had any cases here for 36 days or so, mask wearing is rare (although I did wear a mask today as I had to go to a big shopping centre and I wasn’t sure people would keep their distance). They didn’t, so I was glad I wore it!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Mica! That’s so awesome to hear that there have been no cases. Unfortunately, cases are really starting to rise where I am and in the U.S. in general… ugh.

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