Kickin’ Off the Thrifty Six in Pre-Loved Shoes



Today’s post is all about these brown peep-toe booties! I’m teaming up with a group of five other bloggers to start a new monthly collaboration where we showcase our thrifted items. I never really used to thrift, but ever since I was introduced to the world of thrifting—after stumbling across the perfect Calvin Klein dress for my first high school dance at a consignment shop—I’ve been hooked!


Technically, these wedge booties aren’t actually “thrifted” in the sense that they didn’t come directly from a thrift store. But, on a whim, a good family friend allowed me to try them on (she was planning on donating them to a thrift store) and what do’ya know, they fit! My lucky day. And really, I think receiving hand-me-downs is just a different form of thrifting.

I knew these lattice peep-toe booties (would you consider these booties? Or are they sandals?) would be the perfect transitional piece for summer to fall. And as soon as I heard the Thrifty Six collaboration theme for this month would be pre-loved shoes, I automatically started planning outfits around these brown wedges!

thrifty-affordable-style-green-blouse-old-favoritesskinny-jeans-scarf-blouse-brown-booties-thrifted-shoes fall-outfit-fall-style-scarf-shirt-thrifted-shoes

I feel like peep-toe booties are a special kind of shoe in that there’s a very narrow window during which you can wear them—those crisp autumn days where it hasn’t gotten too chilly and is still warm enough to show some toes. While my outfit isn’t quite fall-material yet (it’s still too hot!), I tried to stick with fall colors by wearing darker jeans and a green and brown patterned blouse.

boho-blouse-flowy-top-wavy-hair-fall-stylebrown-peeptoe-booties-transitional-outfit-thrifted-shoes-wedges skinny-jeans-affordable-style-thrifted-fashion

I actually wore this top back in 2012 when I sold my art at a kid’s arts and crafts fair. I very distinctly remember one customer saying, “I love your blouse! And it would be so easy to make—just fold over chiffon fabric and do 2 stitches down the sides to make the sleeves.” Now that I know the basics of how to sew, I can’t stop thinking about making more of these tops on my own! But anyway, that’s clearly a project for another day. I haven’t worn this blouse in quite some time (I’ve almost had it for so long that it could be considered thrifted from my own closet, ha), so it was fun to break out an old favorite. I think these booties would look just as cute with white jeans and a brown sweater for another fall transitional outfit.


I love thrift shopping because it’s often more affordable, you can find fabulous and unique styles, and, most importantly, it’s so much better for the environment. Now check out the other lovely bloggers of the Thrifty Six below to see how they styled their pre-loved shoes and to get some inspiration to shop secondhand!


Emma of Style Splash: “I bought these shoes in a charity shop for just £1! They’re really good quality and super comfortable. I’m guessing they were quite expensive new so I got a real bargain!”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade: “Cinderella’s Diamond Slippers…I found these beautiful gold and diamond party shoes on eBay and it was love at first sight! A while back, I wore them for a really glitzy night out and I felt like a princess…I stayed at my friend’s house but the next day I had to work and in my rush to get ready, I left one shoe behind. I was devastated when I realized it was missing but all was not lost…My friend’s brother (who I fancied like mad) drove all the way to my house to return the shoe. And guess what – he asked me out on a date! We had a few dates but sadly he wasn’t my prince charming – good Cinderella story though, eh!”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style: “I actually bought these boots especially for the kick off [of the Thrifty Six collaboration]! Because I didn’t have any pre-loved shoes! I was a bit afraid of wearing them, but these are not worn! Haha, yes I am a daredevil! They are from Tamaris, my favorite shoe brand! And I think they are real sitting shoes! And having said that, the circle is round as this series is the third that Shelbee and I host, and we started off with sitting Shoes, 3.5 years ago!”

Lucy of Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva: “Bling is my thing- so when I saw these cute (brand new for $7!) Aldo mule-booties at my local charity store, Nova – I just had to get them!  And then I remembered having a little silver gem of a dress in almost the same shimmer!  The dress is vintage late 60’s and super cute.  This glitter girl is super thrilled with the combo.”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge: “I recently found these adorable combat boots at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. They were $5.99. The brand is Vito Rossi which is an Italian men’s shoe line. But they were my size, the price was right, and they are so darn cute, I couldn’t resist. Other thrifted items in this outfit are my white denim skirt and my snakeskin bag.” 


Do you like thrift shopping? And what’s your favorite/best item you’ve ever found in a secondhand store? That’s a tough question for me to answer, after getting so many beautiful $1 dresses at a store in Vegas last winter!

As always, thanks for stopping by today’s post, and I hope you enjoyed this fun new collaboration.


Miles of smiles,



Green Blouse: JCPenney, $16, last worn here |  Skinny Jeans: JCPenney, $25, last worn here | Brown Peep-Toe Booties: Hand-me-down, originally from Dress Barn | Rust-Colored Clutch: Francesca’s, $20, last worn here

22 comments on “Kickin’ Off the Thrifty Six in Pre-Loved Shoes”

  1. Grace, I am so excited about this collaboration! Everyone did such a fabulous job with the preloved shoe theme! And I agree with you completely that hand me downs still qualify! While they may not have been technically “thrifted” they are second hand or preloved and that is the focus! They are such great shoes, too. I love open toe booties and will wear them with cute socks peeking out when it gets too cold. I am loving your whole outfit. That blouse is so pretty! I can’t wait to see what you decide to make for yourself now that you have mad sewing skills! Happy Monday, my friend! I hope you have an amazing week.


  2. Hand me downs are even better! Nothing paid for! And it are perfect transiting shoes. I love brown anyway. Very nice to too! What a lovely start to kick off these series isn’t it!

  3. I love these adorable sandal/booties!! They really are the perfect transitional shoe. I would have been so thrilled to find these- oh the thrill of the thrift! That blouse is too cute- and now you’ve given me the perfect idea to create one too! I think thrifting a great scarf and turning it into this kind of blouse would be sooo good. Love your post Grace – looking good!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! I didn’t even think of that, but making another one of these blouses with a thrifted scarf is genius.

  4. I love your blouse and those little brown boots; they look so comfy! I love hand me downs as much as thrift store finds especially if they come from one of my sisters. When I was in my teens, I couldn’t stand wearing hand me downs from my eldest cousin, but back then, the money was scarce and that was the only way people lived. But now I appreciate when my little one can wear her cousins favourite dresses, it makes it so much more special. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    1. That is so true, Aiva! I always wore my brothers’ hand-me-downs growing up… not my favorite. But whenever I get to wear hand-me-downs from other girls, I love it! One of my prom dresses was a hand-me-down from my cousin and it was so much more special to wear her dress. 🙂

  5. I’m ALL about thrifting, In fact, you should join us (at least next month) for our #thriftedchicstylechallenge on Instagram (it’s only 3 days out of the month) and you can win a prize too!!
    But back to the theme at hand…I call them booties!! And I just love it when friends give me hand me downs like that.
    And this blouse is nothing less than spectacular!! You definitely need to wear it more. And now that you can sew, you could make a couple more!!

    1. Thank you for the invite!! I definitely consider them booties, too. And yes, I’ll have to make some more tops like this! Thanks for stopping by, Jodie.

    1. So true!! I don’t really have any designer items but I have this favorite little consignment store in Las Vegas where they have so many gorgeous vintage Chanel pieces and what-not.

    1. Yes exactly! I really like the look of open toe booties with jeans, too. Too bad yours aren’t super comfy. Thanks for stopping by Mireille!

  6. They are such pretty shoes and how nice you could get them before they went to the thrift shop! My sister lets me check out her pieces when she has a wardrobe clear out, and I do the same when I do it, but we are sadly not the same shoe size 🙁 Not even the same shoe size as my mum, I have tiny petite feet! So rare for me to find any shoes in my size in opshops!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    1. Oh no! I don’t wear my mom’s shoes size (mine are way smaller too!) but I’ve always wanted to fit into her shoes. That’s so fun that you get to check out your sister’s pieces!

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