The Summer to Fall Transition



Is it too soon to start talking about fall fashion?? While I’m not nearly as excited for the back to school season as I usually am, I am still SO pumped for fall fashion. Chunky sweaters, suede booties, and rich jewel tones are my favorite. Not to mention, I just think there’s so much more you can do with fall fashion compared to summer style… Did someone say, Layering? Today’s post is all about tips for styling “late summer” outfits—basically when you want to wear fall clothes but it’s still too hot—and some other ramblings about my fall plans. And of course, we can’t forget about this cute outfit!


Style Tips for the Seasonal Transition

I would love nothing more right now than a 65-degree overcast day, where I could snap some blog photos in the morning (gotta catch that diffuse lighting) and then cozy up in a light sweater in the afternoon. But alas, no matter how much I’m dreaming of fall weather and fashion, it’s still in the 90s everyday where I live, exacerbated by lots of smoke in the air from the fires. It has just been so muggy lately! Ick.

So until I can return to my sweater and boot collection, here’s what I’ve been wearing to get me through the hot days of late summer, while dreaming of fall:

  • Richer tones. While it may not be cool fall weather just yet, one thing I love about fall fashion is the rich, earthy tones (like mustard yellow, burgundy, olive green, etc.). I chose this burnt orange dress for today’s outfit because it’s light and airy—very necessary in this heat—but the dark orange hue satisfies my cravings for autumn tones.
  • Chunky accessories. In the middle of the summer, I usually opt for dainty jewelry and light accessories, perfect for the heat and general ease of the season. But once I get itchin’ for fall… I like to swap out some of my daintier accessories for bolder hardware. A thick belt, brass choker, etc.
  • Leopard! While leopard could certainly be worn year-round, I most often associate it with the fall season. Something about the browns in the pattern feel so “autumn” to me! I added this cute leopard circle bag to my outfit for some visual interest, and it helps blend my black and brown accessories together.

You can browse the widget below to check out some cute “late summer” pieces that can be worn now and later! I love that first lace cami and the leopard purse is super stylish.

aviator-sunglasses-leopard-circle-purse-brown-beltleopard-bag-red-dress-black-sandalsThe Summer to Fall Transition

Life Ramblings

In other news, I am feeling very overwhelmed. I’m moving back to school over Labor Day weekend, which means my time at home is now very limited. How have I been here since MARCH but have accomplished so few projects?? Granted, I have done a lot this summer (worked more than I ever have, invested a lot more time in my blog, learned to sew!), but I haven’t spent much time tackling my project to-do list. This always happens to me… I say I’m going to do so much at the beginning of the summer and then blink and it’s already over. Grrr!! It’s my own fault, I know.

But I made a prioritized to-do list of all the fun/project stuff I would like to accomplish before Labor Day weekend. The list includes, but is not limited to, sewing my first full outfit (blog post hopefully coming soon!), cleaning out/reorganizing my craft space, practicing parallel parking, starting my college scrapbook, and researching how I can start monetizing my blog. All of that on top of my regular work and blog schedule… Can it be done?! I don’t know, but I’m sure as heck going to try! Hopefully by sharing a bit of my list here it will make me more accountable.

The other thing I’m trying to do before the summer ends is stock up a bunch of blog photos. When I’m at college, I take almost all of my blog photos on my beautiful college campus. But now, we are required to wear masks at all times on campus, and while I’m all for wearing masks, I prefer to take my blog photos without one (don’t worry, I always find a secluded spot for my photoshoots). So far, I think I have four outfits photographed! I’d like to get another five or six done, but as you can imagine, I’m not particularly keen on putting on a sweater and jeans in the 90 degree heat so that I can take fall pics that will go on the blog in October. See why I’m longing for cooler weather?


Anyway, I wore this outfit around—you guessed it—the house, but it would be just as cute for classes or any other regular day once things go back to normal. What about you, are you excited for fall fashion? Ready for cooler weather? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have a great Thursday!


Miles of smiles,



Orange Dress: JCPenney, $28, last worn here | Brown Belt: Cabi, $76, last worn here | Black Sandals: Dillard’s, $30, last worn here | Leopard Purse: DSW, freebie, last worn here | Aviator Sunglasses: Icing, $16, last worn here

24 comments on “The Summer to Fall Transition”

  1. It’s never too early to talk about fast approaching autumn days! I’m ready for cooler days and can’t wait for seasons to change. Best of luck with going back to school. We are nearly ready, and Ericeira, who goes back to preschool this year, is super excited! As usual – I love your outfit, Grace. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva xx

  2. This color is gorg on you!! Ahh, good luck with the photos at college. That is hard with a mask mandate, but I’m sure you’ll find some secluded areas to sneak in some photos!


  3. Loving this dress!! And I am definitely wishing for that fall weather as well! Wishing you the best as you get ready to return to school!

    1. Thank you so much Mireille! I was trying really hard to spice up my poses in this post, so I’m glad you noticed. And I honestly think that’s the smartest thing you can do as a blogger. I’ve been blogging for four years and am only NOW experiencing real growth, and that’s because I’m finally putting in the time to engage and build a readership. I wish I had done that years ago, so you’re so smart to be focusing on that first!

  4. I love your outfit! Very pretty Grace and yes please to cooler weather. I am not really a fan of summer to begin with and the fact this year has been so hot, can I just bleh? Good thing, I have been mostly stuck at home with an AC! I feel overwhelmed too. It’s just getting a bit much and with my son starting distant learning soon, I am not sure what will happen. At least you are trying to plan ahead. I just don’t want to get dressed up! Then we have the fire in our area that’s keeping us on our toes so let’s just say I am trying to keep my mind off of things. Anyway, hang in there and I know you’ll make things happen with moving and checking off things on your to do list. I hope your week is going well so far and happy Thursday.

    Maureen |

    1. Wishing you all the best Maureen! The fires are super scary… Good luck with your son’s online learning, too. Hopefully it’ll all work out nicely. Hope you’re having a good week!

    1. Woohoo!! And yes, these sandals are the comfiest pair I own. They’re my go-to travel sandal because I can easily walk miles and miles in them!

  5. Fantastic outfit! I love it! Both the design and colors are fabulous! You have a long to-do list, but in reading it, it seems to me that it’s because you have lots of interests – and that’s a good thing imo. It does make prioritizing necessary, because I have a feeling your to-do lists are always going to be long.


    1. Hahaha you are SO right Michelle!! Read me to a tee. I have sooo many interests and am definitely the type of person to have a page long to-do list, constantly. 🙂

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