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Today I am teaming up with the Magnificent 8 again to show how we style our yellow pieces! For those of you who don’t know, the Magnificent 8 is a collaboration of eight different fashion bloggers across the generations to show that style is ageless. While I am the youngest member, I have often found that if I love an outfit, it doesn’t matter if the woman wearing it is 20 years old or 60 years old. I truly believe that fashion inspiration can come from anywhere and be easily adapted to satisfy the styles specific to our own generation. So while being stylish has no age limit, I also believe there are no restrictions on getting inspiration from across the generations!


In the past, the Magnificent 8 has showcased how we style our spring florals, heirloom pieces, animal prints, and white dresses. For today’s collaboration, we’re sharing our sunshine yellow outfits for summer. Unfortunately, I think the color yellow gets a bad rap… My high school’s colors were black and “gold” (AKA a mustard yellow shade), and my girlfriends always used to complain about the color. But why?? What’s so wrong with mustard/yellow?

I think one of the major complaints some women have with yellow is that it “washes them out” or doesn’t look good on fair complexions. I agree that some colors don’t work with some skin tones; for example, one of my absolute favorite colors to wear—blush—makes me look like a zombie. But even if a color is unflattering when worn close to your face, there are still plenty of other ways to wear a shade that won’t wash you out, such as wearing yellow accessories or wearing the color on your bottom half instead. This mustard yellow scarf is one of my favorite accessories, and I styled mustard pants in last week’s blog post!


Another common worry is that “wearing yellow will make your teeth look yellow”. I’ve heard this a lot… but is it even true? It seems to me that wearing yellow might make your teeth look less yellow when compared to wearing something like a white garment. But hey, I’m no expert… What I am an expert at is using Crest 3D white strips. If yellow-looking teeth is really your biggest concern when it comes to neglecting yellow from your closet, then I highly recommend using whitening strips. I’ve been using them for years now and have seen incredible results! You can read my full review of them here or feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below. (By the way, this is not sponsored. I just truly love their products!)


Personally, I love the color yellow. I think it’s such a fun and happy color, and it can be really pretty while worn in the spring and summer. And mustard yellow is a fall favorite of mine! However, I have to admit that I don’t own a ton of yellow items. I have my mustard pants, a pale yellow ruffle blouse, my bright yellow purse from Charming Charlie, and now some new shoes from DSW. Oh, and of course the dress I’m wearing today. I am picky about the shades of yellow I choose to buy when shopping, but I still really love the color.

I was thrilled to find this pastel yellow BCBG dress while thrift shopping last fall—and it only cost $1! (You can read more about my incredible thrift shopping experience in this post.) I absolutely love the flowy-ness of this dress and the gorgeous color, even though some people might argue it washes me out. It just screams spring/summer to me, and the Marilyn Monroe halter style is so fun!


When I first bought this dress, I thought it would be perfect paired with some silver block heels for a wedding. However, it is a size too small, so the top half would get a little dicey if I started dancing too hard… That’s why I wanted to find a more casual way to style this dress for everyday wear. I decided to pair it with a denim jacket—my go-to trick for dressing down any item—and styled the dress with some girly white flats. While this look is still on the dressier side, I think it would be a perfect outfit for going to dinner or even brunch. And, knowing me, I’d even wear this look to class! What can I say… I like to dress up.


Let me introduce the other seven ladies of The Magnificent 8.

Mica of Away from the Blue   //   Roxanne of Glass of Glam   //   Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge   //   Rena of Fine Whatever   //   Eugenia of Age of Grace   //   Lesley of Jodie’s Touch of Style   //   Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style

We are showing that you can’t put a number on style!

What do you think of this girly outfit? And more importantly, what do you think of YELLOW? Love it? Hate it? Need help styling it? Leave all your questions and comments below! And be sure to swing by the other bloggers in today’s collaboration to see how they styled their yellow pieces. While mustard items may conjure thoughts of spilling mustard from your hotdog at a baseball game, I still love the color and paler shades of yellow, and I’m sure you’ll see much more of it as we start to enter fall. I linked some of my favorite yellow items in the shoppable widget below, as well!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday, and thanks so much for stopping by.


Miles of smiles,



Yellow Halter Dress: Thrift store, originally from BCBG, $1 // Denim Jacket: JCPenney, $19 // White Bow Flats: Payless Shoes, $20 // Pink Polka Dot Purse: Kate Spade Outlet, gift // White Polka Dot Sunglasses: Unknown, $15

34 comments on “Hello, Yellow!”

  1. Grace, this dress is so gorgeous on you and what a steal for $1! Wow. I love it with the denim jacket which is usually how I would wear yellow near my face (it is not very flattering on me). If I add some navy or other colors closer to my face, I am usually good with the color. Although I didn’t do that for today’s post and just went full on yellow, flattering or not! My high school’s colors were black and gold as well and I was not a fan! Haha.


    1. Haha sounds like you and my high school girlfriends would get along then! What bothers me is the fact that they call the color “gold” when it is in fact a mustard yellow, haha. I love navy and yellow together though!

  2. that’s a beautiful dress on you and it was such a bargain! It does look so good with your denim jacket and it’s a beautiful shade of yellow 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I really like the soft yellow shade… It would be especially good for the spring time!

    1. So smart Mireille!! That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind but I definitely need to try it now.

    1. Thanks Roxanne!! And I know, such a steal! Let me know how you like the white strips if you end up trying them. 🙂

  3. Girl, you are so stunning! I saw this on insta, but I just wanted to come on here and say that I LOVE your dress! I think I own one yellow shirt and that’s it because I’m low-key afraid of the color, but maybe I’ll have to start shopping again : )

    1. Haha thank you so much Emily!! And yah I get that, yellow can be hard to style but it’s still super cute I think. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Maureen! These are definitely one of my favorite pairs of sunnies. 🙂

    1. I completely agree! All my friends in high school were wrong for disliking the color, haha.

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