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Like the majority of us, I’ve been living in loungewear recently—but despite being a fashion blogger, my loungewear usually consists of old athletic shorts and a toothpaste-stained t-shirt. Cute, I know. I’ve just always been more excited to spend my money on a sparkly new dress rather than some comfy drawstring shorts! Well, not anymore. I think I’m finally ready to invest in some cute summer loungewear that I can wear everywhere from my living room, to class, to cozied up in my bed. And I wanted to share these finds with you, too!


But first, my outfit. This look is the one stylish exception to my loungewear collection, featuring these magenta soft shorts from Francesca’s and this super cozy black top from Nordstrom Rack. This outfit is really just pajamas that you can legally wear out and about! So, so comfy. The only downside is that my shorts got a little wrinkled after lounging all day.

I feel like the pattern of the top and the scallop trim of the shorts add just enough detail to make this look daytime appropriate (although, my dad still thought my shorts were PJs). Add some dainty layered necklaces, a trendy headband, a purse, and voila—an extremely comfortable AND stylish loungewear look! I love that I could wear this outfit to class, to run errands, or to just sit around all day like a slug (which is what I did).

Also, please ignore my freakishly shiny forehead. Not sure why it looks like I buffed it right before taking these photos, but I swear my skin isn’t oily.


Now onto some shoppable loungewear! I recently saw someone wearing a matching set of a cropped tee and high-waisted drawstring shorts, and I thought the combo was so cute (not to mention, perfect for the summer heat). The outfit looked like a romper, with the benefit of not having to get completely naked to go to the bathroom. The look inspired me to start pairing cropped tees with high-waisted shorts, so that’s what I rounded up today.

Most of these tops are slightly cropped pieces from American Eagle. I tried to find shirts with some sort of interesting detail—like a drawstring waist or criss-cross front—in order to spice up the loungewear a lil’ bit. I really love the first, slightly tie-dyed top and the second striped tank top! And the best part is that a lot of these pieces can be dressed up with jeans/jean shorts and some fun accessories (like in my outfit) so that the pieces aren’t just reserved for lounging. You know I love my versatility.


And now onto the shorts. Some of these pieces are simple drawstring shorts, and some of them are a little dressier with a paper-bag waist or fun floral pattern. Either way, all of them will be cozy for lounging or heading out of the house!

The final category of summer loungewear I’ve been craving are rompers. I think they’re so cute and easy to throw on when you’re in a rush, which is perfect for weekends at college or lazy summer days when you sleep in too late. I couldn’t link my favorite pieces in a widget for some reason, but I love this sleeveless romper, this tee romper, and this high-neck romper. All of them are from Amazon. I’m always a little weary of ordering clothes from Amazon, but my two big tips are to search for items with 4 or more stars and items with lots and lots of ratings/reviews. These three rompers check both of those boxes! I haven’t decided which one I’ll order yet, but I definitely plan on buying a striped version of either the tank or the tee romper. So cute and cozy!


All of these rompers, shorts, and tees could be easily dressed up with a jean jacket, jewelry, and wedge sandals. Not to mention, I love this type of clothing for when I’m traveling because it’s so easy and comfortable! What do you think of my legal pajamas in today’s outfit? And how often do you wear and invest in cute loungewear?

I hope you all are having a great start to your week so far, and thanks for stopping by!


Miles of smiles,


Black Top: Nordstrom Rack, $15 // Magenta Shorts: Francesca’s, $15 // Brown Sandals: DSW, $45 // Brown Circle Purse: Target, $40 // Magenta Headband: Francesca’s, $5

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  1. Those shorts are the cutest! i have a similar pair in black that I love in the summer heat – they would be comfortable loungewear options! It was all about the pyjamas and old clothes that have been demoted to loungewear for me over Iso, haha! I don’t have any cute lougnewear pieces either. Only my kids and hubby see them anyway! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week 🙂

    1. Haha such a good point! And yes, I’ve been wanting a good pair of black lounge shorts to go with everything. Hope you’re having a great day!

    1. Thanks so much! The lavender has bloomed SO much since these photos were taken. 🙂

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