The Best and Worst Summer Fashion Trends



I’ve never really been a trendy shopper—in fact, I’m just now realizing that much of my style is stuck in the early-mid 2010s era of fashion—but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love seeing the trends of each season and determining whether or not I would wear them. Since I’m very indecisive about spending money, I have often contemplated buying a trendy item so long that by the time I finally make a decision, the trend has already gone out of style. Was this indecision helpful or hurtful? You can be the judge of that… But as we enter summer, I’ve been craving a major summer wardrobe re-fresh, so I thought I would share my favorite (and least favorite!) trends of the season that have really been tempting by wallet lately.


Best Trends: Smocking

For those of you who don’t know, smocking is a form of fabric manipulation where the fabric is gathered and sewn in tight rows to create a “stretchy” material—the top of the palm print tank I’m wearing is smocked. You likely wore a lot of this smocked-style clothing as a kid! At least, I know I did, and I’m very happy to be bringing it back. I bought this palm print tank from H&M last summer (one of my favorite stores for inexpensive trendy items), and I’m so glad to see that smocking is just as popular this summer. Not only is the fabric super flattering, but it’s also extremely comfortable—as in, it’s the kind of thing you want to wear when planning to eat a lot of food because it allows for expansion. Smocked tops like this palm print one are very popular right now, as are smocked bodycon dresses, and you can shop some of these cute styles in the widget below!

Best Trends: Puffed Sleeves

Another trendy style right now is puffed sleeves, which go hand-in-hand with smocked tops as the two styles are often paired together. While I do think the puffy sleeve look can quickly turn too Victorian-era for my liking, a little bit of puff can be a cute and feminine way to dress up an otherwise plain summer outfit.


Best Trends: Peplums

I’m so excited that peplums are coming back in style! While this season’s peplums are much more relaxed and casual than the stiff, dressy peplums of several years ago (like my favorite black one, last seen here), I still love the look and think a good peplum can be extremely flattering. You can shop some cute summer options below! Including a red top that’s not a peplum but was just too cute not to share (don’t you love the criss-cross in the front?).

Best Trends: Tie-Dye

I fought the tie-dye trend for a really long time… but after a few months, I think I’ve finally been hooked. While I’m still super picky about which tie-dye I like, I think the pieces that look best (and not young/cheap) are ones in monochromatic color schemes. Rainbow tie-dye just isn’t for me, but grey and black tie-dye? Or sage green tie-dye? I could get on board with those styles. I also can’t deny that tie-dye loungewear is super cute, but considering I don’t wear loungewear much, I tried to find some tees and other blouses too that would pair perfectly with jean shorts or white pants during the summer. Check em’ out below!

Some Honorable Mentions…

Another trend I love are self-tie straps, like the ones on my palm top. I think the look of having the dangly straps is so cute and summery! Not to mention, it’s nice to be able to adjust the height of your top depending on your needs. Something else I’ve noticed popping up in stores are one shoulder tank tops… I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them come the hotter months. While I love tank tops and fun straps, my only problem is what bra to wear! I’m wearing a strapless bandeau with my palm top, but as you can imagine, it has no support, doesn’t stay up, and isn’t terribly flattering shape-wise. I really need to find a good sticky bra… Do you have any recs that you love? Let me know in the comments!


Worst Trends: Mom Jeans

I’m all for a flattering straight-leg jean, and I can get on board with lighter-wash denim… But to combine an extremely high waist, a light wash, and a baggy cut all into one pair of jeans? It’s just too much for me. That’s not to say I don’t think some people can pull them off—I have seen very cute, casual mom-jean outfits on some fashion bloggers. But I just don’t think the style will ever work for me.

Worst Trends: Biker Shorts

I will just never understand this trend. Maybe I’ll eventually be convinced to like mom jeans, like I was with tie-dye, but I will never ever convert to wearing biker shorts. Yes, I can imagine how comfy they must be. But no, I can’t justify it. What do you think? Are you all for this trend?!

Worst Trends: Fanny Packs on the Chest

I was skeptical when “belt bags” (just a fancy term for fanny packs) emerged last year, but I admit I have a snakeskin belt bag of my own. After all, the idea of a fanny pack is extremely functional, so why not make it stylish, too? Seems reasonable enough. But to then strap a fanny pack around your chest and boobs? Is that really comfortable? Is it flattering? How do your boobs feel about it? These are all questions I ask myself about the chest fanny pack trend. While it seems the biker shorts will be around for awhile, I don’t think the chest bag look will last (or even catch on). That’s what a crossbody purse is for, after all.


So which of these trends are your favorites or least favorites?? What other summer trends have you already noticed? I’d love to hear in the comments! And please understand that if you wear any of these “worst trends”, I still respect your style! Fashion is so subjective, so these are just my personal opinions. And I do always believe there are exceptions to every trend, so maybe you can prove to me that these are some of the best styles instead of the worst ones!


Thanks so much for stopping by today! Oh, and I almost forgot, this palm print top was featured in one of the episodes (I think the third one?) of the Netflix series “Outer Banks”. It was worn by Sarah’s younger sister. So yah, I feel kind of cool now.


Miles of smiles,



Palm Print Top: H&M, $15 // Black Shorts: JCPenney, $16 // Brown Sandals: DSW, $19 // Brown Circle Purse: Target, $40

25 comments on “The Best and Worst Summer Fashion Trends”

  1. Your outfits are always so beautiful and well put together! One of the latest additions to my wardrobe is something I never thought I’d ever wear – a jumpsuit. I was surprised by how comfy and stylish they actually are! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    1. Thank you so much, Aiva! I bought my first jumpsuit a little while back and I absolutely love it! They are surprisingly comfortable.

  2. I agree with you on these trends! I can’t get my head around biker shorts and mom jeans are a firm no for my figure! Your outfit is really cute!

    1. Thanks Kathrine! All I can think of is how on “What Not to Wear” Stacy and Clinton would always pan people for wearing mom jeans, yet now it’s actually a look people want! Crazy.

  3. Love this post!! I agree with your list- the biker shorts one…I’m trying to get used to- not a fave either…And- you look amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much, Lucy! Yah, we’ll see, maybe in time the biker shorts will grow on me? But honestly I hope NOT! Haha

  4. Lots of fun trends, Grace! The cool thing about trends is that there are so many so we can pick and choose the ones that work best for us. Smocked tops and puffy sleeves do not work well on me but I love them on other people! Tie dye is totally my jam and has always been. So it is fun when things I love come back into trend so I can buy new stuff! But I keep wearing my favorites even when they fall out of trend. They always come back around. I love this adorable top on you, by the way. Thanks for linking up!


    1. Thank you Shelbee! So true, I’m such a clothing hoarder because I know stuff will eventually come back into style!

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