Bloopers and A College ‘Mood’


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Yesterday, I lacked the time (and all motivation) to take blog photos, so I decided to dig into the archives and find some funny blooper pictures to post instead—it’s been a hot minute (as the kids say) since I last shared a blooper post! I love to do this every once and awhile to show some “realness” because trust me, the majority of the photos I take are not good. And given that students are extremely stressed this time of year with midterms/finals before spring break (depending on if you have a traditional semester system or a quarter system, like me), I figured, why not caption all of the blooper photos with college-related stressors? I got the idea from Meghan at She always posts blooper photos on her Instagram stories and lets her followers come up with funny captions—such a good idea! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post, especially if you’re a stressed out college student like me.

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When your professor does something stupid and you’re internally seething with rage, but try to fake smile anyways so it looks like you actually care about the class.

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When you look at all the crap you have to do before you can go on spring break.

~ the horror ~

blooper photos, keeping it real

No caption other than my friend John saying, “I feel that photo on a spiritual level.”

blooper photos, college student, midterm exams

Last final done? Hand me that (non-alcoholic) drink.

college student, University of Denver

Takes hardest test of entire life. Brain becomes mush. Eyes lose focus.

Alternative caption: Looks like Perry the Platypus. If you know, you know.

college student, midterm exams, Denver fashion blogger

Absolutely crushes final and walks out of classroom on Cloud 9. (Gotta have at least a little positivity in this post, ya know?)

blooper photos, college student, Denver fashion blogger

Runs for spring break. Cues dramatic music and Mel Gibson’s famous last line from Braveheart: FREEEEEEDOOOMMM!!!


Now it’s your turn: How would you caption some of these blooper photos?! I am writing this post decently late at night but with my eyelids half closed. I thought it would be easy, but as it turns out, being funny is hard… Don’t worry though, I won’t quit my day job to become a comedian. To read the really funny stuff, check out this hilarious Buzzfeed post that every college student will find painfully relatable.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful Thursday!


Miles of smiles,



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16 comments on “Bloopers and A College ‘Mood’”

  1. So many things in life we have to take seriously. Actually, too many things! But we are humans and funny/random things happen all the time and it’s great to laugh at yourself once in a while! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day, Grace ❤️

    1. Oh, I can definitely imagine the intonation! Thanks for the fun captions! Your comment for the first photo really cracks me up… definitely how I feel sometimes.

    1. Oh I’ve never thought of doing that! Honestly it’s probably for the best, then you don’t waste a bunch of space on your camera haha.

  2. #4 was my favorite! I also love the idea of adding commentary to the photos. It brings them to life! I look forward to more blooper posts from you. 😛

    1. Haha thanks so much Lizzie! Yes, it’s always an interesting time looking through all the rejected photos…

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