Alternatives to Heels This Holiday Season


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Welcome to Thursday, y’all! The other day I was strolling through my favorite shoe store, DSW, to return some boots and browse the selection. Naturally, I tried on almost all the sample shoes… It’s just what I do! I hobble around with one shoe on and try on as many sample shoes as will fit my foot. In the process, I realized they have a killer selection right now of really cute flats, and I wanted to share them all with you today! Keep scrolling if you need to make room in your wallet (wink wink).

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I love cutesy holiday outfits as much as the next girl, but the tall heels can be a pain—literally. Since I don’t have any holiday parties to attend this year (what’s new?), I have to wear my fancy festive outfits out and about, which means heels just wouldn’t be practical! At least for me. I mean, if you can rock a six inch stiletto in the grocery store without falling over, you go girl!

Below I described and linked the cutest flats at DSW right now. Some of them are perfect for your holiday parties and others will transition from the festive season into the rest of spring. The best part? They’re all $40 or under. Happy shopping!

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  • First up are these pretty blue faux-suede flats. They’re not the same shoes that I’m wearing in this blog post, although my shoes are also from DSW. The point of these flats isn’t so sharp that it will cramp your toes, but hurry – there are only a few sizes left. Purchase these blue flats HERE.
  • If you want to spice up your flats, you can purchase sparkly shoe clips, and there are tons of cute options on Amazon! The flats I’m wearing in today’s post are actually just plain blue, but I wore these clips to add some much needed sparkle. Purchase similar ones HERE.
  • Here are some pretty loafers, perfect for everything from school/the office to a night out with friends afterwards. These loafers have a unique metal detail on the front that I love, and they come in a gorgeous forest green color to match the holiday season (they also come in a dark plum purple!). Purchase them HERE.
  • These plaid loafers are the CUTEST to pair with red dresses, blazers, even jeans and a cute blouse. You can’t beat plaid for the holiday season, but they’ll be just as great the rest of the winter too. I tried these ones on in the store and they were very comfy! Buy HERE.
  • Can you tell I’m really digging the loafers this season?! This pair comes in a silver sparkle, which would pair great with your fanciest holiday dresses, but it also comes in a gorgeous rose gold and faux suede pairing. Check them out HERE.
  • For a chic dark red flat, this scallop pair is simple but very pretty. It also comes in navy, black, nude, etc. They’ll transition perfectly into spring! Buy them HERE.
  • How SASSY are these patent studded flats?! These shoes will add a little edge to all of your holiday outfits, but what I love most is that they’re $40 Valentino designer dupes! I’m obsessed with Valentino shoes, and obviously these are a much better price than the $800 actual pair, ha! Plus, the nude will go with so much. Purchase them HERE.
  • These red ruffle flats would look absolutely adorable with a red plaid button-down layered under a beige sweater, don’t you think? Pinterest, here we come! Check the shoes out HERE.
  • These are probably my favorite loafers. They’re so old-fashioned, and both the silver and gold pairs would be seriously cute (and unique!) for the holiday season. Plus, you can’t beat that cute little bow! Buy them HERE.
  • While these flats are leopard, they’re so on-trend right now and would look adorable with a red plaid shirt and a skirt as a chic pattern-mixing outfit. You can wear these flats year-round, and how cute is that casual bow? Shop them HERE.
  • Last but not least are these patent rose gold strappy flats, which are SO chic and look way more expensive than they actually are. You’ll be the hottest street-style fashion queen if you rock these shoes with your holiday dress! Check them out HERE.

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I wore this sparkly outfit the other day while driving around Las Vegas with my mom, doing some chores. Was it fancy? Yes. Was it too fancy? NO because I was rocking flats. As much as I love all the red things during the holiday season, this sparkly blue outfit is a fun alternative if you’re not into looking like an elf or Christmas tree. Since I’m in all-blue, I feel like this outfit embodies the perfect winter wonderland. My sassy silver purse is actually extremely sparkly, even though it’s hard to tell in some of these photos, and you can purchase it HERE from DSW, my fave. Also notice my snowflake clip-on earrings and my reindeer brooch! Holidays, here I come!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and all the fun pairs of shoes! Let me tell you, I could do some SERIOUS damage at DSW… And keep in mind, I decided to limit today’s round-up to shoes $40 and under, but there are several gorgeous pairs for $50 and under too! I don’t partner with DSW or anything, I just really love their products.

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Thank you so much for stopping by today, and have a wonderful Thursday!


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Sparkly Navy Sweater: JCPenney, $44 // Bedazzled Textured Skirt: Francesca’s, $38 // Blue Suede Flats: Sam Edelman via DSW, $5 // Silver Sparkly Purse: DSW, $20, BUY HERE // Reindeer Collar Brooch: Amazon, shop similar HERE

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  1. DSW is the best! Such a huge selection. Also, FYI, if you have a plain pair of flats, and old vintage clip ons, you can use the clip ons to fancify the flats! I’ll try to do that on the break and send you some photos. How do you keep blogging? I can barely get my homework done!

    1. Right?! They’re oftentimes so affordable too! And oh my goodness yes, sometimes I used clip-on earrings on my shoes too – such a good idea! I’d love to see your pics if you get the chance. And let me tell you Leila, it’s not easy! I miss so many posts and sometimes even sacrifice studying in order to keep up with the blog (whoops)

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