College Haikus to Spice Up Your Monday


floral t-shirt, fall outfit, black corduroy skirt

Hey y’all! Coming at ya’ today at 12:30 in the morning…nervous laughter. Let’s just say, the weekend was not as productive as I had hoped. Anyone else? Today’s blog post is a compilation of relatable Haiku poems summing up my college experience at the moment. Whenever I use Haikus for a blog post, it’s a desperate last-minute attempt to entertain you because currently I’m completely uninspired and out of ideas (maybe it’s just the fact that I have to pry my eyelids open again every five minutes). I’m really selling this blog post, I know. But to be fair, the last time I published a blog post about rainy day Haikus, it was very popular, so I’m hoping for the best…? That’s called operant conditioning, folks. Woohoo for my psych studying. And now, to put an end to these rambles, the poems:

farmer's market, casual style, corduroy skirt

Week four of college

Got me like: When’s Thanksgiving

Break again? Rough life.

sparkly espadrilles, Francesca's, Nordstrom Rack

It’s already 10

And I still haven’t started

Any of my work.

vision in purple, purple blouse, black skirt

Why do I do this?

I hate myself sometimes (often).

All I want is sleep.

college fashion, college student, fall style

I’m wearing purple

But only under my eyes.

What is sleeping like?

curled hair, striped sunglasses, floral top

The stress is rising

Midterm exams are coming

No, reading’s not fun.


Take 18 credits,

They said. It will be a good

Challenge, they said. Lies…

curly hair, college student, midterm exams

My two new best friends

Are Ben and Jerry because

Ice cream calms my soul.


But no ice cream will

Take my tests for me. Sad day.

I need to study…

college student, fall fashion, black corduroy skirt

We said we would plan

Something fun to do this week

But WHEN?! There’s no time!


Until then I will

Eat my sorrows, curl my hair,

And silently cry.

purple outfit, sparkly espadrilles, fall outfit

Oh, and I will wear

A cute black corduroy skirt

With a purple tee.


Maybe the color

Will distract from my eyebags.

I can only hope.


But I must fake smile

Because appearances are

Everything, yeah?

vision in purple, relatable poetry, college fashion

I’m teetering on

The edge of a *slight* breakdown



This post of Haikus

Is the best I could muster

At midnight, Sunday.


I’m trying to be

Funny. Are there pity laughs?

Have mercy on me.

black mini skirt, sparkly espadrilles, white bralette

Thank goodness for cute

Clothes reviving my spirits

Let’s get it, Monday.


Miles of smiles,


Purple Top: Nordstrom Rack, $20 // Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35 // Grey Purse: Charming Charlie, $16 // Sparkly Espadrilles: White Mountain via DSW, $40

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